The words best friend become redefined

I"ve been hiding in this bed for weeks from thisThroats raw from screaming and also I haven"t shelp a wordThe skies is calling, and also the stars they allude to thisTo a chair we view your breath in the air, yet just for a little whileYour cold pale skin and also tainted purple lips Let me take on you with this kissAnd together we"ll float favor angelsWith Each Other... together we will certainly float, choose angelsHigher than the heavens the clouds component ways"Promise me to never before look down!" and we"ll stay prefer this foreverIf your stomach feels weak than my job-related below is doneTo hide from our twisted ways, I"ve been hiding in this bedBeen hiding in this bed for weeks

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The Words "Best Friend" Become Recharacterized Lyrics as written by Craigery Owens Bradley Bell

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General CommentThis is just my interpretation. I simply uncovered this website and I had some time so I went via each line (yer… lol). Most people are looking at this song as around his love for a bestfrifinish, something romantic that cannot be. I agree entirely. Sorry for the typos and also bad grammar. It’s kinda late.“I"ve been hiding in this bed for weeks from this”He has been trying to prevent his feelings for her in his “bed”. The bed represents a safe residence bereason the majority of world feel that their bed is a area of rest and also peace, it’s a area to hide from the events of the human being about you, a location to escape when you dream. So his usage of the bed as a symbol of a sanctuary to hide is perfect in illustrating simply how detripsychological the emovements are – he hregarding attempt and also block them out together with the world.“Throats raw from screaming and also I haven"t shelp a word”He’s completely frustrated and also what ever emotions he was feeling prior to are being blocked out by a scream from the inside, that is its not so much an actual scream, but more of a emotional plateau that he can’t obtain past and also is “screaming” so hard and trying to pressure via it that its beginning to have actually a physical effect on his body. This provides feeling because when you are mentally under stress and anxiety, your body deterioprices as well.”The sky is calling, and the stars they point to this”“The skies is calling” at him. This could be a recommendation to fatality but can also be around searching for an answer to his frustrations. The “sky” is seen as an boundless (I realise the sky isn’t unlimited lol) escape – unfavor the bed of course – and also its calling him to look with its endmuch less ranges to search for a response. If we take this notion of the skies being one more “escape” and a “search for an answer”, and also think about “sky” as a depiction of his mind, he is informing himself to uncover a response, bereason everyone “the stars” roughly him are pointing and also noticing whats happening to him, (not him individually however the events because he claims “this”) and its embarrassing.”To a chair we watch your breath in the air, but just for a little while”This “we” that he keeps referring to may not actually be appointed to a team of people, and not also him and also the “friend” that he’s in love via (im taking that assumption). It might just be him and also his mind if we look at “this” as his affections for his frifinish. Its his love and him staring at a “chair” that represents being settled dvery own (as soon as you sit), being settled down through him. She however, isn’t sitting on the chair, however bereason “we see your breath in the air”, she have to have actually been tright here at one suggest in time and spoke something (“breath”) that ended whatever before they were talking around. Perhaps he was confronting her around his feelings and also it wasn’t obtained well by her and shes gone now?”Your cold pale skin and also tainted purple lips” This line, he’s simply uglifying her bereason instantly after she dropped him (in the previous line), he’s currently hurt and also angry at her. Shes “cold” and “pale”, he feels she is a heartless bitch via these “tainted” lips that made him fall in love with her. “Lips” of course would be a metaphor for her actions, probably she led him on?”Let me adopt you through this kiss”But despite his hate for her at the minute, he still loves her and also he desires to “embrace” her. ”And together we"ll float favor angels”He’s just dreaming currently. “Float”ing favor “angels”. “Float” in the “sky”. Looking ago at the stanza prior to, if “sky” represents his mind, he is seriously just day dreaming now because they are “together” floating in the sky, “together” in his mind.”Together ... together we will certainly float, like angels”Ditto”Higher than the heavens the clouds part ways”He day desires so a lot that in his desires they inevitably reach the heavens. He can be arguing that he wants to die in his desires because of the recommendation to “heaven”, seeking refuge and comfort in the eternal bliss after death.”"Promise me to never before look down!" and we"ll continue to be prefer this forever”His mind is informing him to not “look down” bereason that would wake him and lug him earlier to “earth” and “reality” – he is not with her. As an outcome, the day dream proceeds “forever”.”If your stomach feels weak than my work below is done”Possibly something he feels that she would say to him bereason she is such a “cold” bitch. He’s looking at it like she played him as a fool and also the “stomach” being weak is noticeable of this because our stomachs are main to our body. The weak feeling that is being described can be a mix of a stomach ache, or something prefer heartburn where the vomit and bile may come back up and also burn your throat. “throat raw”????”To hide from our twisted ways, I"ve been hiding in this bed””Been hiding in this bed for weeks”

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