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Builds for The Division 2 are being created every day now since the latest update and expansion. 

With everyone being inside, there is plenty of time now to try out specific builds with the new exotic weapons and gear that have been introduced. 

These builds come just in time for the new month and are the most recent builds to date, with the most updated stats and weapons that the community has gotten their hands on. 

We are going to be going over the newest PvE builds for May 2020 and look at them in detail.

1. Immunity to Fire and Bleed


This build provides immunity to bleeding and fire with its high level of armor. 

This build is capable of health regeneration and armor regeneration. 

What Immunity to Bleed and Fire Build Excels In:

Weapon damageHealth regenerationArmor regenerationBleed resistance 

Build Details: 

Stats: DMG: 2.5MArmor: 1.3MHealth: 302.3KWeapons: P-017 Launcher, Military AK-M, Eagle BearerArmor: Nightwatcher mask, Armadillo vest, Jackrabbit holster, Guerilla backpack, NBC gloves, Yukon kneepads

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2. One Shot Sniper Build


This one shot build is an exciting opportunity for marksman rifle players. 

Many players who main snipers would like the mods and stats to make their shots count. 

What One Shot Sniper Build Excels In:

Weapon damageHeadshot damageDamage to armor

Build Details: 

Stats:DMG: 922.6KArmor: 726.0KHealth: 285.7KWeapons: TAC-50 Sniper, Nemesis, Paratrooper SVDArmor: Lyudmila Snipers mask, The Sacrifice, Klavdiya Sidearm holster, The Gift, Heracies Dexterity gloves, Fox’s Prayer kneepads

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3. Best Pyro Build


This build uses the Pyromaniac exotic weapon as its centerpiece. 

What Pyro Build Excels In:

Weapon damagePVP Weapon damageHealth regeneration

Build Details: 

Stats:DMG: 2.8MArmor: 695.7KHealth: 274.0KWeapons: Pyromaniac, Surge, Backup Boomstick, P-017 LauncherArmor: Filter mask, PS 282 vest, “Didactyl” Pad holster, Plated gloves, Strategic Alignment, HX 02 kneepads

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5. Shotgun Shield Build


A shotgun build that has high armor damage and armor regeneration. 

This build is made up of shotguns from primary weapons, secondary weapons, and the side arm. 

What Shotgun Shield Build Excels In:

Weapon damageCritical hit chanceArmor damage

Build Details: 

Stats:DMG: 332.2KArmor: 1.0MHealth: 275.9KWeapons: KB-JetStream Flamethrower, Tactical Super 90 SBS Replica, Marine Super 90Armor: Javelina mask, Tactical 48h backpack, Zero F’s vest, Contractor’s gloves, Reconnaissance holster, Fox’s Prayer kneepads

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