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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 still has more to offer when it comes to their ARs. 

While we have been introduced to new weapons due to Warlords of New York, some things just never change when it comes to everlasting usefulness.

ARs continue to provide some of the best RPMs while dealing considerable damage, with some mimicking SMGs. 

They have become more than useful for particular build types like Crowd Control and Healer builds. 

Here are some of the best assault rifles the game has to offer. 

These weapons can be obtained through enemy drops in certain locations, randomly found during farming sessions, or bought if available from in-game vendors. 

*Note: The only exception is the exotic AR Chameleon, which is only obtained through drops during Bounty Events.

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1, Burn Out (FAMAS)


A named FAMAS 2010, this weapon is difficult when used at long range, but is an incredible hitter when applied to crit builds and when god-rolled. 

It remains one of the most favored ARs in The Division 2. 

The best AR for a variety of builds, this powerhouse weapon will surely shred mobs down. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 900Mag: 30 Critical Range: 10-45mReload Time: 2.2s

Why Burn Out (FAMAS) Is Great:

Powerhouse assaulter, when Assault Rifle Damage is maxed out. Famous Burn Out FAMAS 2010 became noticeable for it”s 40% weapon handling. While only an AR, one will notice considerable damage to the head with proper headshot damage mods. 

A Display of Power:


How to Get This Weapon:

One can get this weapon through various means such as farming or blueprints to create. 

2. Chameleon 


The Chameleon, compared to other ARs, has weak damage value but can become of use when it benefits from the buffs it receives to increased its damage. 

While it is technically an AR, the rate of fire, range, and accuracy mostly resemble that of an SMG. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 900Mag: 50Critical Range:Reload Time: 2.4s

Why Chameleon Is Great:

The Adaptive Instincts talents makes this weapon very valuable:Hitting 30 headshots grants +20% critical hit chance and +50% critical hit damage for 45s.Hitting 60 body shots grants +80% weapon damage for 45s.Hitting 30 leg shots grants +150% reload speed for 45s.

A Display of Power: 


How to Get This Weapon:

This weapon is dropped after completing Bounty Events of any difficulty. 

3, Police M4


In comparison to other assault rifles, the M4 bullet damage is at the lower end of the scale, but this is made up for by the excellent stability and accuracy as well as the rapid rate of fire.

This variant is one of the strongest of the M4’s according to most players, as it is designed for its stability and accuracy. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 850Mag: 30Optimal Range: 10-45mReload Time: 2.3s

Why Police M4 Is Great:

The stability on this variant is very tight and focused.Health DamageStrong close range damageDeadly accurate 

A Display of Power:

How to Get This Weapon:

This weapon can be found, dropped by enemies, or purchased sometimes. 

4. MK16


This assault rifle is iconic on its own. The Tactical Mk16 assists any player, whether primary or secondary. 

It can be very appealing when wanting to deal with the mess that is in New York City.

With a fast reload speed and heavy mag, this weapon can put enemies down in milliseconds. 

*Note: This is based on the real-life SCAR-L with about the same RPM as its in-game counterpart. 

High-End variants of this weapon can drop after defeating enemies or looting. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 625Mag: 30Critical Range: 10-45mReload Time: 2.3s

Why MK16 Is Great:

The accuracy with the Tactical variant is almost frightening. One of the best reload speeds of the AR category but can always be improved. Deals incredible damage as it is very favorable AR among players.

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A Display of Power:

How To Get This Weapon:

This weapon is available to players by defeating enemies and having this weapon dropped. High-end variants of this weapon can be found replaying beginning main missions or found in the Dark Zone. 

5. Carbine 7


The Carbine 7 is still one of the best hard-hitting fan favorite ARs in the game. 

*Note: It was added with an old update, and can be found when dropped after completing the Manning National Zoo playthrough. 

With it”s sleek, black appearance, it”s also a very nice instrument to look at. 

When dropped pre-TU8, it came with a permanent talent called Overflowing. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 790Mag: 30Critical Range: 10-45mReload Time: 2.4s

Why Carbine 7 Is Great:

Stability AccuracyHard-hittingControlled RPMWeapon handlingGreat appearance 

A Display of Power:

How to Get This Weapon:

Some can find this weapon at certain vendors, other than that, putting the time into farming and finding the weapon yourself will get you it. 

6. Eagle Bearer 


The famed exotic assault rifle, Eagle Bearer! 

This weapon is incredibly unique as it gets more accurate as the player holds the trigger. 

The weapon functions better at longer ranges.

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 750Mag: 60Critical Range: 10-45mReload Time: 2.5s

Why Eagle Bearer Is Great:

Eagle’s Strike Talent Accuracy increases as you continuously fire, up to +30%.Headshot kills grant Tenacity buff for 15s.The strength of Tenacity is increased by 1% for body shots and 5% for headshots.Tenacity Talent40-80% of damage taken is delayed until the buff expires.All of the total delayed damage is reduced for each enemy killed while the buff is active, up to 100% with 3 kills.

A Display of Power:

How to Get This Weapon:

This weapon is one of the hardest weapons to get in the game. Many players find it difficult to get it on their own and there many community members who have gone out of their way to help others to obtain Eagle Bearer. We”ll put a link down low shouting out one of them if you have gotten your hands on this. 

7. FAL-SA-58


The FAL-SA-58 is an unlikely AR that seems to be getting plenty of recognition among other players in The Division 2 community. 

Previously overlooked before, this weapon was in the first Division game and made a return to this one when The Division 2 came out. 

And while many have already known this, it has changed to being a fully automatic weapon from its predecessors. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 650Mag: 20Critical Range: 10-32mReload Time: 2.2s.

Why FAL-SA-58 Is Great:

This is known by most players for its stability and accuracy. Has been noted to be a great fully automatic AR. Is a reliable primary and secondary for a number of different builds.

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A Display of Power:

How to Get This Weapon:

If you”re new to the game, many players have noted that the P416 is a Dark Zone drop most of the time. 

9. AK-M


Previously in Tom Clancy’s The Division this weapon was the AK-47, but has since been renamed to the AK-M. 

This variant of the AK-M is the Black Market variant and while it has a low rate of fire and poor accuracy, it makes up for it by dealing immense damage per second.

Seeing that some players mentioned this weapon being more desirable during the pre-TU days of The Division 2, it was included albeit lower on the list. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 600Mag: 30Critical Range: 10-45mReload Time: 2.3s

Why AK-M Is Great:

Benefits from more damage per second. Accessibility 

A Display of Power:

How to Get This Weapon:

You can find this weapon or its blueprint from NPC drops or vendors. 

10. ACR


The ACR assault rifle is a weapon of accuracy and damage. 

While it works best when enemies are closer, shooting from long range will not be a problem for it as well. 

Many players mentioned that this weapon was one that they used because of how much damage it deals. 

Weapon Stats:

RPM: 650Mag: 30Critical Range: 10-45mReload Time: 2.2s

Why ACR Is Great:

Efficient reload speed StabilityAmazing health damageBenefits from more damage per second. Slower RPM but for focused shots. 

A Display of Power:

How to Get This Weapon:

Players have found this weapon among dropped goods after dealing with certain enemies. 

There were a plethora of honorable mentions that were casted out by others in the community. Honey Badger, Savage Wolverine, F2000, the SIG 556. 

Different preferences, of course and ultimately it is up to whatever kind of build you are desiring to run. 

For help getting Eagle Bearer: How to get the Eagle Bearer – Join our Community for Help with Dark Hours on The Division 2

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