Top 10 Best Melee Weapons in warframe. Update 2021

I am looking for the best melee weapon in Warframe update 2021. What is the best warframe melee weapon?

The most important thing to note about this list is that it only includes prime weapons. This means that you’ll need to have completed a certain quest (or purchase them) before they can be equipped. If you’re not sure what these are, don’t worry! We’ve got an entire guide dedicated to Prime Weapons and how they work here. For now, though, let’s take a look at our top picks.

What is a melee weapon in warframe?

A melee weapon is a close combat weapon. Although the term refers to weapons used in hand-to-hand combat, it has grown to include almost all personal weapons used in close combat including knives, swords, batons, and grenades.

Some people like to go all out on melee builds, sacrificing range and/or damage, for the ability to take out opponents in close combat. Melee weapons are primarily used by Glaives (and their polar opposites, the Pendulum syndicate) and Krosmoglobes.

Top 10 Best Melee Weapons in warframe 

Kronen Prime 

KronenPrime - best melee weapon warframe
KronenPrime – best melee weapon warframe

Kronen Prime, a powerful war-scythe, is the very first primary scythe for any Tenno to master. It can be yours today if you have 35,000 standing with the Steel Meridian syndicate. Although it’s a rather simple weapon in design, using only a scythe blade and a handle, the Kronen Prime is actually quite special. It has two forms which you can switch between at will using your melee weapon button 

Nikana Prime 

Nikana Prime - The best melee weapon warframe
Nikana Prime – The best melee weapon warframe

The Nikana Prime is the best melee weapon in Warframe and therefore worth farming and making – and it doesn’t hurt that its design is pretty great too. Its stats are great too, so it will do pretty well for you even if you haven’t made it yet.

And the Nikana Prime is unrivaled as a heavy attack weapon. Blind Justice stances make it easy to rack up a high combo counter for your next heavy attack. If an enemy survives the initial hit, the Slash proc will undoubtedly kill them. Those looking for an effective counter to Steel Path Acolytes or Liches should consider the Nikana Prime.

Glaive Prime

Glaive Prime - The best melee weapon warframe
Glaive Prime- The best melee weapon warframe

Glaive Prime has the highest base damage of all Glaives, making it a very viable weapon for any faction in warframe . It can be researched in the Tenno Lab in the Dojo. This weapon does not share any polarities with other weapons.

The Glaive Prime is a throwing weapon similar to the Glaive and Kestrel. This weapon has very high base damage which compliments its high attack speed and status chance.

Gram Prime

Gram Prime - The best melee weapon warframe
Gram Prime – The best melee weapon warframe

Gram Prime is the newest melee weapon in Warframe introduced in the latest update. It is a Tenno-made Blade crafted from Orokin technology.

The blade’s exact origin and original purpose are unknown, but it is known to be a relic from the Old War. It features a micronized parrying dagger housed within the hilt which can be extended outwards, allowing it to parry melee attacks.

The Gram Prime is a powerful melee weapon that can easily dispose of crowds of enemies within seconds. It features higher base damage with a faster attack speed, and it comes pre-installed with the pure damage Corrosive mod. The Gram Prime also has innate 100% armor penetration.

Reaper Prime

Reaper Prime - The best melee weapon warframe
Reaper Prime – The best melee weapon warframe

Reaper Prime is one of the strongest Melee weapons in Warframe. These are Reaper Prime’s statistics:

Gameplay-Reaper Prime is a strong melee weapon, even though it’s slow, but deals huge damage. Gameplay-Rivens for Reaper Prime are somewhat special; instead of granting the weapon more damage, they grant it Status Effect procs.

Some of the Rivens you should consider for Reaper Prime are Pointed Wind, Chilling Grasp, Lethal Torrent, Drifting Contact, and False Repercussions.

Orthos Prime

Orthos Prime
Orthos Prime

Orthos Prime is a katana that has been out for a while now. The Orthos Prime is one of the best melee weapons in the game.

The Orthos Prime is that the normal version of the weapon only has two damage types, while the primed version has three.  In fact, the Orthos Prime was the first Prime variant to be released after the initial three Primes. This means it’s essentially a three-in-one weapon. You can build it to deal corrosive, slash, or impact damage. Both the normal and primed Orthos have a good critical hit chance, which is great when you want to increase your damage

Galatine Prime 

Galatine Prime
Galatine Prime


Galatine Prime is the current top contender for the most powerful melee weapon in all of warframe. The sheer range, damage, and speed of its attacks are unmatched by even its prime counterpart. However, it takes a lot of effort to acquire this weapon – you must farm 3 rare relics on Elara, mercury.

 The Galatine Prime is a huge greatsword, featuring an equally large blade with a golden color scheme. The hilt of the blade features a guard in the form of a crescent moon and is adorned with blue jewels. The sword’s plasma edge emits tremendous heat, resulting in a fiery visual effect during attacks.

The full stats of the Galatine Prime are as follows: 80 Slash Damage per swipe (highest in-game), 65 Impact Damage per slam (second highest in-game). Galatine also has the 8th longest attack range in the game.



The lesion is a Corpus and the first new Damage to be introduced in 2017. His abilities are puncture that fires a projectile at enemies that will hurt them in the next 12 seconds

If this grenade does not explode within 2.5 seconds it will spawn a pod that will shoot infested missiles at enemies

Lesion projects an aura of Virulence for 6 seconds. Enemies within the aura take 600 Viral damage per second. This is really good melee weapons you should choose.



The Sepfahn are blades forged from a mysterious metal native to the Orokin era. They are roughly hewn, but still sharp enough to cut a Warframe in half. Their unique design allows them to be folded when not in use, making for easier transportation. The ancient armor worn by the Grineer during their conquest of Earth is said to have been forged from this same metal.

The Sepfahn is the only Warframe Melee weapon that scales with Crit chance and status. It is a Primed Blade and as such, it is the only non-Primed melee weapon to have an animated blade.

Sepfahn has very high base damage, on par with the Amphis and Scindo. With a status chance of 30%, it can inflict both slash procs and proc corrosive for both factions.



Stropha is a powerful, short-ranged Tenno rifle that shoots bolts of plasma (it is not classified as a shotgun and it does not use shotgun mods). 

It deals damage similar to that of the Ignis, but it has no limit on its projectiles like the Flux Rifle or Ignis. Instead, it has a battery that the player must reload after so many shots have been fired. 

Unlike most rifles, its critical chance multiplier is lower than normal, at only 2.5x compared to the usual 3x. This is a very effective weapon against enemies with high health


Types of melee weapons in warframe

Here is a list of some of the melee weapons you can find in Warframe:

Swords – Cronus, Ether Daggers, Heat Sword, Jaw Sword, Mire, Skana, Skana Prime

Scythes – Galatine, Glaive

Hammer – Fragor, Jat Kittag, Magistar

Spear – Tipedo, Zakti

Sceptre – Amphis, Bo, Boltace, Ceramic Dagger, Furax, Halikar

Axe – Galatine, Glaive Prime, Jaw Sword, Mire

Fists – Furax, Jat Kittag, Ogris

Glaive – Glaive Prime, Fragor, Furax, Halikar

How to find the best melee weapon?

The melee weapon is the left arm of a warframe, and it serves as a close-range secondary attack. Each warframe has 4 different melee weapons available to them, each of which is unique. They can deal melee damage or elemental damage, and they can also provide additional effects. 

You can choose one of the best melee weapons in warframe as this post has mentioned

What is the best melee weapon warframe for beginner?

Tenet Livia
Tenet Livia

Tenet Livia is the most popular choice for low-level players who want to perform Radiation Elemental Damage. This is an exceptional weapon, with a boost to status chance and damage. 

Tenet Livia is a one-handed whip, in which has a high-status chance with modest damage. It has a one-of-a-kind mechanic in which blocking attacks increase blocking angle. Critical chance and status chance are both 28 percent.

The Tenet Livia stood out among the many great melee weapons released in the recent Sisters of Parvus update. 


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but we know that some melee weapons are better than others. It comes down to your play style and what you’re comfortable with. Take a look at our list of the best warframe melee weapons for more information on how they compare against each other!


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