The Best Th8 Trophy Base Link (*_*) 2021 (New!), 30+ Th8 Trophy Base Link (*_*) 2021 (New!)

Here you will find the best bases for town hall 8 which are up-to-date. Every week I upload new bases with copy links.

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Let’s just jump stratight to the base






One of the best th8 trophy pushing base.

If you analyze this base, all the loot storage is bottom of the base.

So some players will attack from the bottom to get loot, and our town hall will be safe.

Players can get only 1 star, with giving only one star, minus of trophies will be less.

This is one of my favorite bases because of its trophy plus farming base for town hall 8.

Try this once or else below has a lot more farm base for you.


Here is the best TH8 Trophy Base Link for Clash of Clans. This base is done after a new update of the clash of clans. 

All base layouts here are up to date with the latest Clash of Clans Update.

This is a hybrid base, so what is a hybrid base.

A hybrid base is a base that can be used in war, farming, trophy.

With a combination of all this base can be called a hybrid base.

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Use it for war/trophy pushing.

If you use a base you find on the internet you should always try to change it a little bit. 

Here is the best th8 trophy pushing base with links.

Clash of Clans takes a look at this town hall 8 trophy bases. 

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Let us have a scenario where the opponent attacks with GoWiPe. In the Gowipe strategy, players funnelled first, so I made a base where funnelling doesn’t work.

Like in the above base, there are multiple compartments which will make funnelling challenging to do.

TH8 is well protected by wizard towers which give slaps damage.

This base looks pretty tough to me. Give it a try.

If you are finding some good attack strategy to 3-star trophy base of town hall 8 then you can do this:

Most higher-level th8 pushers use a combination of the golem, Valkyrie and Pekka, and quad quake to open up bases.

Bring something along the lines of 2 golems, 1 Pekka, 7 valkyries, 9 wizards, 6 wall breakers and the rest of archers and minions. For spells, bring 1 heal 1 rage and 3 quakes, with a high-level Pekka and an earthquake spell in the clan castle.

For the quad quake to work, you need to bring a clan castle spell every attack.

For the attack itself, you want to funnel using the golems to tank and wizards, use quad quake to open up a path to the town hall and funnel your main troops inside the base. You can hit into most th9s and even 10s with this strategy, as well as any base that has a town hall near outside. If you want to push th8 properly, I suggest watching YouTube videos of pushers doing attacks, giving tips etc.

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Ah, I use a classic gowivaho, so I’ve learned that if you need wizards to both funnels and to take out the cc, your wizards will take a considerable amount of space, and you want those wizards to go into the core as well.

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