Top 10 Best Secondary Weapons in Warframe [ 2021]

The Warframe game is well-known for its primary weapons. However, there are many players who do not know about the secondary weapons in Warframe.

Although the secondary weapons in warframe have a lower damage output, they can be used to complement your main weapon and make you more powerful! In this article, we will introduce several useful Secondary Weapons in warframe that you may want to try out on your next mission. 

Let’s take a look at them now!

What are the Secondary Weapons in Warframe?

The Secondary Weapons in Warframe are non-sentient weapons that accompany the Primary Weapon of each Warframe. They cannot be used independently and only become active when equipped with a Primary Weapon.

The secondaries have been chosen for their effectiveness in a variety of situations – from close-quarters to medium range, and even long-range. Additionally, all of these weapons can be obtained without spending platinum.

What are the types of Secondary Weapons in Warframe?

Secondary Weapons can be divided into two categories: Bullet Weapons and Melee Weapons.

Bullet Weapons are weapons that fire projectiles. They can be roughly divided into two subcategories: Shotguns and Pistols.

  • Shotguns fire at least two projectiles per shot, producing high damage at short range.
  • Pistols do not produce multiple projectiles when fired. Instead, they fire a single projectile that deals high damage and critical chance/damage, making them viable as secondary weapons even at long range.

Melee Weapons are weapons that do not fire any projectiles at all, instead only attacking the enemy with melee strikes. They can be roughly divided into two subcategories: Heavy Weapons and Light Weapons.

  • Heavy Weapons are weapons that deal very high damage, but they swing slow, preventing the user from using them to attack at melee speed. To compensate for this, players can activate combos that end in special finishers which produce extra damage.
  • Light Weapons are weapons that do not deal as much damage, but they swing very fast. They provide players with the ability to quickly dispatch enemies without having to rely on secondary combos.

How to choose the best secondary Weapons in Warframe

As of Update 19, the Secondary Weapons system was overhauled to make it more interesting and viable. Each Warframe now has two Secondary Weapons: a default one that is immensely useful in most situations, and an alternative one that is specialized in one or two different tasks.

Top 10 best secondary Weapons in Warframe

The weapons listed here are a few of the top secondary weapons in Warframe, based on their stats and abilities.

Kuva Nukor

Kuva Nukor - The best Secondary Weapons in Warframe
Kuva Nukor – The best Secondary Weapons in Warframe

The Kuva Nukor is a burst-fire Grineer shotgun, and since its arrival in Update 10, one of the best secondary weapons in the game.

The Kuva Nukor has, alongside the Acrid and Grinlok , the shortest effective range of any shotgun in Warframe, making its use most effective at point-blank range. If you want to get the best out of this weapon, it just requires a lot of practice. The learning curve for this weapon is a little steep compared to other shotguns, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be destroying your enemies in no time.

Kuva Brakk

KuvaBrakk - The best Secondary Weapons in Warframe
KuvaBrakk – The best Secondary Weapons in Warframe

The Kuva Brakk is a special version of the Brakk with its own exclusive mod, Draining Gloom, but it cannot be manufactured. It has higher base damage, status chance, magazine capacity, and charge capacity compared to the normal Brakk.

The stats are slightly better than Soma Prime, and its innate 50% damage to health makes it a great weapon against Grineer. The only downside is its low critical chance, which can easily be offset by its innate Radiation damage. It is the second-best weapon for dealing with Infested type enemies

Aksomati Prime 



Aksomati Prime is a precise, fast weapon that attacks in 4 successive strikes by default. It gains an additional strike for every melee combo rank. It is considered the best secondary weapon in Warframe because of its high DPS, however, it can have trouble hitting moving targets as its projectiles have a travel time.

Aksomati Prime has a very high critical chance, which means that the user should be stacking critical damage mods to further increase its power.

Pyrana Prime

Pyrana Prime
Pyrana Prime

Prime version of the Pyrana, with higher fire rate, multishot, and status chance. Pyrana Prime Stats can be purchased from the Market for 25,000 Credits. Is a Founders-exclusive weapon and is tradeable.

Hitting the status chance cap will result in procs that do an additional 50 damage per proc, and given the weapon’s already high fire rate it has a very strong status chance.

Kuva Twin Stubbas 


Kuva Twin Stubbas 
Kuva Twin Stubbas 

Kuva Twin Stubbas: This is the first and only secondary weapon that has a chance to proc both Corrosive and Viral, and as such it is THE BEST. It also has a 2.5x Crit Multiplier, which is excellent for being an Opticor that shoots energy projectiles, allowing you to use it for anything. Not to mention, they stack on each other so you can proc both Viral and Corrosive with every shot!



Athodai is the boss on Ukko – Saturn. He is a “Galactic Boss”, which means that he will only spawn if the player has accomplished an event on the planet; in this case, it is by scanning 10 data points and defeating 40 of each faction’s Moa at least once.

The event must be done by all players in the squad; if a player has scanned 10 data points but another player still has 9, Athodai will not spawn.

Once the boss is activated, it will be in its “alert phase” for 15 minutes. A red skull icon will appear on the star map, and the boss will remain at his spawn location until he is killed or the timer expires. 



Atomos is one of the most useful weapons that you can get in Warframe, on any rank. It is quite cheap to acquire as well. Secondaries are typically used when you don’t have the time or the resources to load your primary. If your prime is too energy-intensive, it will also make your job a lot harder.

They have a high DPS, and usually a quick reload against groups of enemies.

Sporelacer Kitgun

Sporelacer Kitgun
Sporelacer Kitgun

Casting speed of projectiles is halved. Decreases the projectile speed of orbs by ~10%. You can find this weapon in a safe room on the first mission.

This seems like a nice weapon to have at the start of the game since you can simply use your secondary weapon to kill enemies that are out of range. It also increases the range to ~30m, allowing you to use it as a sort of quick-firing shotgun as well.

Lato Vandal

Lato Vandal
Lato Vandal

The Lato Vandal is a modified version of the Lato Prime, which was released in patch 13.0. While it still uses the Lato skin, its stats are vastly different. It has incredible status chance and damage values, but it loses the larger magazine capacity of the Lato Prime. It also has the same critical chance stats as the regular Lato, at 15% base and 30% when modded appropriately. The Lato Vandal has the highest base status chance of any weapon, at 35% total. It also deals more damage per shot than other secondaries, and it can be extremely deadly when modded for crit.

Mara Detron 

Mara Detron 
Mara Detron 

The Detron Mara is definitely one of the best choices for your primary weapon. It starts off with a bang! You have to get this weapon.

It has high damage, piercing projectiles (high chance of penetration), high-status chance, critical Chance, multishot, and fire Rate mods add onto it already.

Its cons is the Lowest accuracy compared to other rifles. One polarity slot for use of hybrid elemental mods (Ex. Point Blank, Hellfire, Incendiary Coat, etc.) Can’t use polarities (Ex. Serration)


Why choose the Secondary Weapons in Warframe?

Each Secondary Weapon comes with a weapon’s innate polarity and different ranks that add stats such as extra damage, critical chance, fire rate, etc. They can be reconfigured in polarities by using an Orokin Catalyst or Orokin Reactor.

Polarity is divided into two groups: Positive and Negative Polarity. Having weapons of the same polarity in a Conclave loadout or Syndicate weapon build will grant you a higher damage multiplier.

Tips for players to choose the Secondary Weapons in Warframe

The best secondary weapon in Warframe is highly subjective, depending on the user’s playstyle (solo vs group) and their ability to use a particular weapon. 

For new players, you may want to consider the following:

If you plan on playing solo, a high-damage, single-shot secondary is ideal.

If you plan on playing in a group, burst-fire or rapid-fire weapons are more ideal for team play, as it decreases the likelihood of friendly fire.

Weapons with radial damage (such as shotguns) are best used in close-quarters.


Secondary weapons are important to Warframe. They can enhance or replace your primary weapon with different mechanics and abilities, depending on the secondary you equip. The choice of which weapon to use is up to you based on what suits your playstyle best. Do you want a gun that shoots faster but has less ammo? Or one that fires slower but does more damage per shot? It’s all about finding out what works for you! We hope this blog post helped answer some questions about these lesser-known parts of Warframe gameplay – let us know if there’s anything else we should cover in future posts by commenting below.

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