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Keep Breathin' InJohn Davenport4:04Damn thoughts of youJohn Davenport5:38Slip AwayJohn Davenport4:08Same Old You3:46Antidote.05_065:20Give a Damn BluesJohn Davenport4:17ChangeJohn Davenport5:15GONE TO FAR.05_116:20FlawedJohn Davenport5:01DreaminJohn Davenport4:04OrdinaryJohn Davenport5:22Window PainJohn Davenport4:37Will We Ever KnowJohn Davenport3:42Two Inch HoleJohn Davenport4:31Last Day of my LifeJohn Davenport5:50

We just finished my newest album of more serious music. Check out all of the songs under Records/Music from the Home Page. You can now find 3 of my albums on Spotify and ITunes under John Crash Davenport. A special thanks to Mr. Shawn Daley who produced the album at the Mohawk Studio in downtown Sandusky, Ohio. Next up is a iced album of raucous and serious music. We should start the recording process in the next 3 months. Every time I think I have my best song, another comes along and tops it. I will give you a sample soon.


My producer, Mr. Shawn Daley has begun the process of uploading this new album to music outlets. So far, I have released 9 of the 15 songs in the album. The last 6 songs are still waiting to be mastered. There was some confusion on who the songwriter was on all of my music. The albums were listed under “Island Song Trio” and are being changed to John Crash Davenport. This has caused some delays. I hope you can find them.

New Song/“Waitin”
on June 27, 2021July 29, 2021by Colonelcrash

This is a practice post as I learn to upload and post videos to my site. I recorded this song in my home office using a Shure desk mic and my IPAD. Once I refine the process, I will be able to introduce many of my new songs that I have written. I am always looking for someone with a better voice to take them to the next level…I am a song writer, not a recording artist.

Taking Off!
on June 25, 2021June 25, 2021by Colonelcrash

I feel like our Island Song Trio is finally taking off as a serious contender for local entertainment venues. We have received very good reviews with a unique blend of sound and music selection. Mixing our original songs with island favorites, Island Song appeals to venue owners as an entertainment package that keeps the customers’ interests and has them asking for repeat performances. As an example, after listening to us play at Paddle and Climb on June 24th, the owners asked us to perform there every Thursday through Labor Day. An incredible compliment to our hard work and hours of rehearsals. We booked every available Thursday with them. Thanks for reading this and spread the word please.

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Music as Poetry
on May 26, 2021May 26, 2021by Colonelcrash

When it is 4:00AM and you can’t sleep, your mind begins to wander. Sometimes these meanderings take you where you really don’t want to go. When my brain tends to dwell on the bad things in the world, incredible political aggressionism (I made up the word), and the wrong decisions I have made throughout my life, I seek refuge in my music. Or the thoughts surrounding music. Or what I believe music to be. For me, music is poetry. It is a way of expressing the feelings that I have that are based on my life experiences, all of the bad decisions I have made, politics, and the state of the world. Here is an example:

The last day of my life. Last day of my life,

Back where I began. Forgiveness in my heart.

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I’m just a mortal man.

The best day of my life. Best day of my life.

My thoughts of holding you. No words can ever voice.

A love, that’s oh so true.You were my only love. You my only love.

I gave you everything. Just wanted you to know.

You made this old heart sing.

Those are partial lyrics from my song called, “Last Day of My Life”. A beautiful, yet haunting melody describing, perhaps, the final words to his wife from my best friend as he succumbed to the ravages of cancer.Try this next one:

Should I take a drink, or take a pill?

Answers that I seek, testing of my will.

Call me crazy, border the insane…

Drunk or sober, feel the same.

I lose my trust, want to be alone.

Scratching through this life, facing the unknown.Smiles I seem to wear, mask a hidden frown,

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Ordinary people, weigh me down.

They offer little hope, placing chains on me.

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What I am today, is what they want to see.

World surrounding me, changing once again.

No ordinary peace found within.

Making me so angry, living life this way.

Now I wonder, can I make it through the day?

Crawling through this world, praying things will change,

Oh so ordinary, oh so strange.

Sometimes I’m happy, mostly I’m just sad.

Find myself alone, somehow makes me glad.

People say, give thanks for what I’ve got.

Deep inside, I know I’m not.I wrote this song called “Ordinary” for a friend of mine (also a musician) who is a recovered drug addict. His music is wracked with the same pain and anger. Recovery is a lifetime journey.

Well, I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift…think of music as poetry and listen to the words that sometimes come from a place where few people would choose to venture. Thanks for reading. I’m sleepy…think I’ll go back to sleep.

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Max Beal and Shawn Daley


The Island Song Trio just added its 27th gig for this summer. There is no excuse for not getting out and enjoying great music throughout our region. All three of us in the trio have had both vaccinations and we are ready to entertain you at numerous fun music venues. Check out our gig schedule and come support your local musicians.

Shawn and I met again (every Monday at 6:00 pm) at our own recording studio (The Mohawk Studio) in downtown Sandusky to work on several of the 15 tracks on the upcoming album, Gone Too Far. The photo above was taken from the second floor recording alcove, looking down onto the main floor of the 106 year-old church wherein lies HALO and the studio. BTW, anyone can stop in and watch the studio recording process first hand…just give me a call. All of the vocals are done except for several harmony tracks that John is working on. Mastering is a long and tedious process, selecting the best tracks from the many that we record for each song on the album. Shawn is able to fix my sharps and flats (to some degree) from my vocals while adding several specialty instruments for a fuller and more vivid sound. Remember, my goal through this musical hobby of mine is to sell a song to someone. You will hear a variety of music from across several genres, demonstrating (I hope) a flexible song-writing talent. I certainly don’t expect to be discovered as a singer ( I don’t like my voice) or a musician (my guitar playing is mediocre at best. Much of what we do in life can be called excellent if our hearts are into it and we go after our dreams with gusto and fervor. Thanks for reading. Please spread the word to get more followers on this site.

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After nearly a year off to recover from the COVID issues, the trio met again for the first time in nearly a year for a 3-hour practice session at John’s airplane hangar (nope…too poor for an airplane). We started with a few cover songs and then moved to some old and new John “Crash” Davenport originals. It was especially great to have our elder citizen, Dave, back adding twin Ashika African drums to the hot island sound that we have created. John just added a 22nd gig to the list of performances coming your way this year. You don’t want to miss some of the fun and new songs that we have created just to make you smile and forget about your troubles for a while.


I called my son, Max, last night and asked him to help me with the album cover art for my new album. As the lead concept artist for Gearbox, he is very busy. He took the time to create this concept album cover for me. Thanks Max.

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