The Best Money Shots (Video 2009), The Interview (2014)


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Comment by Ryan Rodman

Just watch app is great for finding stuff or just watch dot com

Comment by CHOPFYT

some people dont like Drive!?

Comment by CirrusMinor

I respect Barrett's talk about mood and smoothness when he refers to Son Of A Preacher Man, but I must insist that Dusty Springfield's “Spooky” is even worse that way.

Đang xem: The best money shots

Comment by CirrusMinor

When the basis of one's “joke” is “haha, you trust me, you doofus”, it's just a bad joke. That's why I usually hate pranks.

Comment by CinemaSins

user-111526966: There are dozens of us!!!

Comment by Dan Harvey

I somewhat agree with you on that scene in the Matrix, though I think that's more a combination of Money Shot and Heart of the Movie. I would be more tempted to go with the Lobby shoot-out scene as the pure Money Shot for The Matrix. Or as just an individual shot, the Bullet Time rooftop dodge by Neo

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Comment by Shaggynuts

big fan of Jericho

Comment by CinemaSins

t6nsp6hddikh: I can't get behind it. I appreciate what the guy's doing, but it's not for me.

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Comment by Hunters Hub

LOVE the replacements

Comment by Dumahim

mark-ritz-437627014: The one thing that really annoys me about it, though, is when I'm looking at the home page of the app looking for movie recommendations is it recommends way too many movies I have marked as seen, and TV shows. I really need a filter for recommendations. It's also odd to me that I purposefully ignore the TV show stuff, but it still knows what TV shows to recommend as “watch again.”

Comment by User 992462533

this Bad Trip thing keeps getting recommended to me by Netflix, and I could not be less interested….

Comment by Mark Ritz

user-467928577 Just Watch is what I use too. There's the app and website. If something is on Shudder or BritBox it's there and not under Amazon.

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Comment by Dumahim

Just Watch is what I use to find out where I can watch a movie. As far as the Amazon thing, I think it tells you up front which Amazon channel it's on, so you're not mislead, but I cannot seem to find one of those movies right now to confirm. Another thing I like is that I can tell it which services I subscribe to and it can show me what's on only those services to watch.

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