The best toilet brush of 2021, best toilet brush

A toilet brush is a very important part of your bathroom. It’s the one item that you use to clean your toilet bowl and get it looking like new again. The bristles on the brush are designed to scrub away all the dirt, grime, and bacteria from inside of your toilet bowl so it looks brand new! You should try using a microfiber cloth rather than paper towels because they can easily scratch up and damage porcelain toilets.
You should also avoid plunging your toilet or any other heavy duty cleaning while you have an active clog because this could cause it to break pipes which will lead to water seeping into the walls, floor boards, and even ceiling joists in some cases!

What is a toilet brush and why do I need one?

Let’s start with the basics. A toilet brush is a long handled cylindrical tool used to clean the bowl of your commode. Why would you need such a tool? Well, if you’re like most people who don’t like using harsh chemicals to clean their toilets (I’m looking at you, bleach and ammonia!) then it could very well be that you’re in need of a “broom” to get this dirty job done.

The best toilet brush to buy in 2021

1. Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brush with Rim Cleaner: Best for stubborn dirt

There’s nothing worse than a dirty toilet. That’s where the Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brush with Rim Cleaner comes in handy, providing you with all the right tools for success – from a sturdy grip to dislodge even stubborn dirt and germs, to a strong nylon head that resists clogging and flushes away dirt for cleaner-looking toilets round-the-clock. This heavy duty brush is fitted with longer bristles to deep clean bowls without scratching or damaging them*. For extra convenience, it can be mounted on your toilet tank as an accessory holder**. Plus, its size makes it ideal for travel*** making easier during those long road trips!

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Asobeage Silicone Toilet Brush

Clean your bathroom better with the ASOBEAGE toilet brush, silicone for deeper cleaning with long non-slip plastic handle. Made of premium grade liquid silicon it is 100% nontoxic, comply with EU standard and has soft-touch construction to avoid scratching. With 13 ounces in weight its 0.7 inches width make it easy to clean toilets or baths without using too much elbow grease! Comes in a nice package size of 6.46 x 5.39 x 2.6 inches and ships from China where quality goods are made at reasonable prices (this information will be public).


This silicone toilet brush can clean any mess you make with a deep scrubbing, while the non-slip grip lets you get in places others can’t. With versatile options and extra large capacity, this sleek find is sure to be your go-to container for all of your bathroom needs.

This product’s handle is easy to grip, even when wet or sudsy, ensuring that it won’t slip from your grasp. The plunger includes a bowl-shaped head that will loosen up tears and stuck on matter from both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This one has been designed to give off less nitrous oxide during use than traditional plastic brushes due it its more minimalistic design – made entirely out of high quality silicone material.

Sanimaid Boston Hygienic Silicone Toilet Brush

The Sanimaid Boston is a modern toilet brush holder. Made from a durable material called Plastic, it’ll withstand the day to day wear and tear of your sanitary ware use. Unlike other standard toilet brushes, our product will not have bristles that can be damaging for legs and feet. The design is sleek with dimensions at 45 x 9 x 7cm (HxWxD). It’s wall mounted so you don’t need an extra surface or bench space in the house anymore!

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Sanimaid Boston Hygienic Silicone Toilet Brush

No more scrubbing. With a Sanimaid Boston Hygienic Silicone Toilet Brush, you’ll have a sparkling toilet in seconds. This small, yet mighty brush is fashioned from plastic and silicone materials that will be hygienic for any bathroom usage. Fill the base of the handle with water then power it up by pressing down on its button before sticking it to your wall. When it’s dirty between usage, just rinse the head under running water and let dry to transform this already five star product into a six!

Professional tone: The Sanimaid Boston Hygienic Silicone Toilet Brush easily transforms your regular old unsightly toilet brush into one that is clean and sleek! Save yourself time every single

The best toilet brush is the one you like to use. For some, this might be a simple plastic stick with bristles on one end; for others it may be an intricately designed electronic device that spits out water jetting in every direction when activated. But whichever type of toilet scrubber you prefer—or if you enjoy scrubbing toilets manually (we won’t judge!)—you’ll want to make sure that your cleaner’s head is durable and can last through many rounds at cleaning before needing replacement or repair work done by hand.


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