Newfangled Confections Acquires The Best Chocolate In Town Indianapolis

Let”s be real — factory made, off-the-rack Valentine”s Day chocolates don”t hit like they used to.

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This year, we”re sharing secrets and sliding into your DM”s with fresh knowledge of the best chocolates in town to give to your sweetheart. From out-of-this-world flavors to dreamy confectionary creations, here are your best bets for locally-made chocolates.


Best Chocolate in Town

Mass Ave / 880 Massachusetts Ave

On the far east end of Mass Ave, you’ll find this cute little chocolate shop packed to the gills with everything from truffles to chocolate-covered pretzels and toffee, to coffee drinks. We’ve bragged on their chocolate pies before, but the stars for Valentine’s Day are the caramels and the peanut butter treats, especially if your beloved is a fan of salted caramel.



Carmel / 228 W Main Street

Owner and chocolatier Joann Hofer has perfected the art of the perfectly-formed truffle and chocolate, and each creation is finished with a beautiful detail. This is a great place to buy your chocolate from if your lover is addicted to the spicy-sweet combo of chili-flecked chocolate. Xchocol’art’s chili truffles are award-winning.


Newfangled Confections

Lockerbie Square / 613 E North St

For lovers of the classic Butterfinger, Newfangled offers a seriously upgraded version that’s presentable in a ribbon-wrapped box. Their flagship product, the crumbly, nutty Frittle is made with real peanut butter and kosher salt, and they envelop the bite-size squares in milk and dark chocolate. They also will make you some chocolate-covered bacon if you order in advance.

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Chocolate for the Spirit

Shelbyville / Online Only

Another strong contender in the Cutest Shapes/Most Instagrammable category that we just made up, CFTS makes chocolates that wow right out of the box. We love the gold-brushed Buddhas filled with salted caramel ganache and packaged in mini takeout boxes — a luxe-looking, delicious gift that’ll only cost you four bones.


Litterally Divine

Fountain Square / 1114 E Prospect St

Suzanne Litteral’s business started in a shared kitchen in Greenwood, and has since expanded to occupy a storefront in Fountain Square, on the same block with New Day and Turchetti’s. She specializes in making some incredible vegan truffles, as well as a variety of flavor infusions from cinnamon to pink peppercorns.

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

Keystone Crossing / 8685 River Crossing Blvd

This Ft. Wayne-based company only has one of their five shops in Indianapolis, but that one makes a strong case for DeBrand’s total domination of other Ft. Wayne chocolate companies. Their signature egg-shaped truffles are ideal for the total chocoholic, and they also carry a whole line of exotic-looking, exotic-flavored chocolates for the gourmand in your life.

Endangered Species Chocolate

Trader’s Point / 5846 W 73rd St

This Fair Trade Certified, Indy-based chocolate company has donated more than $1.4 million to conservation efforts working hard to preserve some of the globe’s most vulnerable animal species. While they no longer sell directly to customers, their website will redirect you to one of their many retail partners who will ship directly to your door, or search for brick-and-mortar shops.

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Gallery Pastry Shop

SoBro / 1101 E 54th St G

Gluten Free Options

Located in SoBro, these locally-made European pastries will knock your socks off. Loaded with marvelous mousses and eclairs, after you try these sweets, your Valentine”s Day will *Drake Voice* never be the same. We recommend the chocolate pillow cake, stuffed with flavors like crunchy hazelnut and smooth caramel.

Rene”s Bakery

Broad Ripple / 6524 N Cornell Ave

Rene Trevino grew sick of the small ranges of sweets other local shops were offering, so he started his own bakery. This shop in Broad ripple serves European-style sweets ranging from tarts to truffles. The heart-shaped raspberry mousse dipped in chocolate is sure to surprise and satisfy your sweetheart.

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Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Traders Point / 6010 W 86th St #136

Sugar Free Options

Forget chocolate squares, what about chocolate handcuffs and roses? Schakolad Chocolate Factory sits right off 86th Street in Traders Point and boasts 3D-molded chocolate of all shapes and sizes. The shop even creates inventive flavors like dark blueberry chocolate, raspberry and cheesecake. Toast your loved one with a chocolate champagne glass this Valentine”s Day.

Truffles & Creams Chocolatier

Zionsville / 55 E Pine St

Sick of the usual chocolate flavors and looking for something a bit more peculiar? In Zionsville, Truffles & Creams is imagining a whole new world of flavor. If your love swoons for chili pepper or cinnamon-speckled chocolate, this is the shop for them. Not only do the chocolates defy the laws of conventional taste, but the colorful truffles are totally Instagrammable.

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Sweet Things Chocolates

The Pyramids / 2299 W 86th St

Kosher / Sugar Free Options

For all foods dipped in chocolate, Sweet Things Chocolates should be #1 in your heart. Munch on chocolate-dipped pretzels, peanuts, malted milk balls, and crispy rice treats. If you”re wondering if it”s something you want to check out, the answer is yes, you fon-DO!

See”s Candies

Keystone / 8702 Keystone Crossing, The Fashion Mall

Sugar Free Options

See”s Candies wants to remind us that winter is still a marshmallow world with their signature honey marshmallow and caramel chocolate hearts. Not into something sticky-sweet? Enjoy a milk chocolate marshmallow heart minus the caramel. You can find these fluffy treats in the Fashion Mall at Keystone.

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Mass Ave / 530 Massachusetts Ave, Ste. 110

Downtown and craving some sugar? Kilwins on Mass Ave offers unique treats to gift your loved one this Valentine”s Day. Our favorite sweets are the nutty chocolate truffles and the smooth chocolate and peanut butter fudge.

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