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Lancers are a tank class in TERA whose role is to mitigate damage from other party members unto themselves, buff allies, debuff enemies, and position monsters so the DPS classes can put out more consistent high damage from behind targets to complete dungeons more quickly and smoothly etc. will be doing a quick overview about PvE & PVP aspect of Lancer. The data is from Essential Mana to share with users, we paste it here. is a trustworthy seller. mainly offers service for selling TERA gold. We do our best to provide the best service and help you solve your problems with the game so that you can enjoy TERA thoroughly.

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Lancer PvE Guide

First let's go over the gear that you would want to aim for to avoid any confusion in later information.


When doing PvE content on Lancer the optimal stats you want to get are the following:


* Top Line: Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%

* Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.

* Increases damage by 6%

* Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%

* Fourth Line: Increases damage by 8.6% to the target with the most aggro toward you.

Ideally you want to use Icreases da mage by 6% as your fourth line but in the off chance that you struggle holding aggro, getting it back with this roll will be slightly easier.


* Top line: Increases Spring Attack damage by 15%.

* Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%.

* Decreases damage taken by 8.7% from the monster with the most aggro towards yo

* Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%.

* Fourth line: Decreases damage taken by 6%.


* Increases Power by 5.

* Increases Crit Factor by 9.

* Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%

These are your typical DPS Glove rolls. Every single DPS class uses these.


* Increases Endurance by 4.

* Increases Movement Speed by 6%.

* Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds.

These are your typical Boots rolls. Every single class uses these.


When using Crystals it's important to use the highest available level for your weapon, so at level 65 this means you should use Fine …. Niveots. Ideally you want to use Dyads, which are crafted by using Dyad Niveot Structures of Smart Dyad Niveot Structures.


* 1x Fine Wrathful Niveot

* 1x Fine Focused Niveot

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* 2x Fine Pounding Niveot

* 4x Fine Hardy Niveot


* 1x Fine Wrathful Niveot

* 1x Fine Focused Niveot

* 1x Fine Furious Niveot

* 1x Fine Slaying Niveot

* 3x Fine Hardy Niveot

* 1x Fine Resolute Niveot


* 4x Keen Vyrsk


For Lancers you want to normally get all Crit Jewelry, due to it not being possible (at this moment) to hit the 100% crit chance on Lancer for any skill that isn't Shield Counter, building Crit Factor is always useful.

However if you are getting close to Best in Slot jewelry, including etchings. You would want to use power Earrings when running with a Mystic. But if you are not sure what you'll be running with most of the time, I suggest just going full Crit Factor.


Stats for each piece of Accessories should be taken as following:

Earrings Necklace Rings Belt
4% Max HP 4 Power 4 Crit Factor 6 Crit Factor
4 Endurance N/A 4 Power 3 Power


For the Mask, which is obtainable as a rare drop from high tier dungeon, Cooldown Reduction stat should be taken. However, note that Mask's stat cannot be chosen, so this may take a while to obtain.


The etchings you'll want to use for PvE are:

Weapon Gloves Armor Boots
Energetic Energetic Grounded Grounded

PvE Glyphs

For PvE you'll want to use a glyph page that looks like this:


if you need more information on how to get the Glyphs with the Blue highlight, you'll have to farm Island of Dawn for Glyph Boxes.

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Priority List

Lancers don't have a real “rotation” so to speak. Since every boss attack will interrupt us. Even if we were to try to create one, it's instead better to remember priorities. Lancer is a class where you can actually /run out/ of DPS skills to use, so played correctly you'll occasionally find

yourself with nothing off cooldown except for your combo attack. This is also a reason why we build so much CDR.

The priority list looks something like this:


Shield Counter**

Super Leap

Spring Attack

Wallop = Onslaught

Lockdown Blow

Combo Attack

*Debilitate is a situational priority. If the boss does not have three Debilitate debuff stacks, it is the very top priority skill. At any other time it's your very lowest priority skill.

**Shield Councter, on the other hand, is the one skill you never have a reason to not use. If you have to block something (preferably with a dps-skill such as Wallop, Onslaught, Super Leap) and Shield Counter is available then you should Shield Counter, no matter what else is off cooldown. It's

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almost instant damage, cancels animation locks, and can chain into some of your higher priority skills. During your Adrenaline Rush burn this becomes even more important, as with perfect blocks its cooldown is non-existent.

Shield Barrage, Charging Lunge and Shield Bash intentionally aren't listed. Their purpose is to chain to other skills.

Chains (prioritized):

Charging Lunge -> Super Leap

Wallop -> Super Leap*

Shield Barrage -> Spring Attack

Shield Counter -> Spring Attack

Spring Attack -> Wallop

Shield Bash -> Onslaught

Combo Attack -> Onslaught

Debilitate/Lockdown/Shield Counter -> Wallop**

*Wallop can chain into Super Leap, but must first be chained-into itself.

**Veeery situational. Acceptable if for some reason you have no better options.

Basically you're just putting the skills from the priority list on cooldown by whatever means possible in order of priority.

Shield Barrage is Spring Attack's best bud though. Try not to chain into anything other than Spring Attack with it.

In Adrenaline Rush it's basically the same, but since you have a monstrous amount of CDR within Adrenaline Rush it's easier to think of everything as revolving around the Shield Barrage -> Spring Attack chain. Opening up during Adrenaline Rush, you always start with Charging Lunge into Super Leap. This is to put Super Leap immediately on cooldown so that you can fit four into one Adrenaline Rush. After that though, think of it as ->-> and just loop like that repeatedly until Super Leap forces you to break the loop again. Though, don't forget Shield Counter. If you perfect block, use it.

Lancer Tips and Tricks

Don't Wallop too fast. A lot of lancers wonder why they don't do much damage, and why their Spring Attack hits-per-minute is so abyssmal. It's because you wallop too fast. Spring Attack has four damage ticks, but by spamming wallop before spring attack finishes you reduce that to three, or even two. You're essentially nerfing your own potentially highest damage skill.

Learn boss mechs and get used to tap-blocking. Tap-blocking is as it sounds – instead of holding block, you only tap it. Even if multiple attacks are coming at you, if possible, it's best to individually tap-block all of them rather than hold block. This used to only be a quick way of gaining

Hold The Line stacks, but now with perfect blocks it even deals damage, and buffs your shield counter thanks to the Retribution Shield passive. There's no reason not to!

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One Shield Barrage is all you need. Lancers are a class based around speedy reactions, and dpsing in the short intervals between boss attacks is how we both deal serious damage and maintain aggro. Sacrificing the second hit of Shield Barrage allows you to get your Spring Attack out in full before you have to block the next boss attack. This used to be one of the key things behind the discrepancy in Lancer DPS. Some were amazing at “block-cancelling shield barrage” – that is, to “tap block” between the first and second hits of Shield Barrage, creating one instant skill – and some weren't. This meant that the former could do much more damage during tinier intervals of time than the latter. An example would be the latter just barely getting two hits of Shield Barrage off before having to block, while the former would get both hits of Shield Barrage, all ticks of Spring Attack, and then maybe even block the incoming attack with Wallop. The damage just wasn't comparable. That's no longer true as you can chain from one hit of Shield Barrage now, and though you are in effect sacrificing 5% of your damage by not using the second hit, the benefits outweigh that.

Contrary to popular belief, unlike Adrenaline Rush, Guardian Shout is to be used off of cooldown and not necessarily saved for enrage.

It wasn't mentioned, but block cancelling should be habitual. Tap-block after every “chain” to eliminate any animation locks.


Prime Battle Solution


This is a consumable you should always have active. On every single classs.



vs Canephora


Bravery Potion is superior as it adds more attack speed to allow you to put out your combos faster. Allowing you to get more skills off in between boss attacks.

Other Consumables:

Other optional consumables consist of Noctenium Elixir, Lamb Bulgogi, Feast, and Lein's Dark Root Beer. These are considered more of luxury, but they provide buffs that will help you maximize your performance.

Noctenium Elixir improves skill's Noctenium effect as well as skill damage. The duration varies by the tier of the item used.

Lamb Bulgogi grants additional 20 Crit Factor.

Feast grants various buffs at once, including Lamb Bulgogi. However, note that “Friendly Feast” does not include Lamb Bulgogi.

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Lein's Dark Root Beer grants 20 Attack Speed for 10 seconds, but note that this will distort your screen a bit.

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