Tool Lending Library At The Temescal Tool Lending Library (Tll)

Lending Guidelines

Lending period is seven (7) days. Some tools are not renewable due to high demand.Fines: $1.00-$5.00 for each day a tool is late, depending on the value of the tool.Holds are made through Tool Lending Library staffTools must be returned to the Tool Lending Library during open hours.New tool patrons are limited to check-out of two tools, valued under $200 each. After first checkout is returned on time, 10 tools are allowed (no more than three power tools) per checkout.

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Fees and Fines

Please return library materials on time. Late fees are $1-$5 per day, depending on the value of the tool. You will be charged the current replacement cost for each item not returned. There are no refunds for replacement fees, even if the lost material is recovered. If the item is returned damaged, you will be charged a damage fee.

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Please clean tools before returning them.

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Finesand fees are payable at any Oakland Public Library location by cash or check. You can alsopay your fines online.

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Tool List

The Tool Lending Library has over 5,000 tools available for lending. The following list of tools is not comprehensive or always reflective of current inventory. If you cannot find a specific tool on this list, please search the library catalog and limit the branch location to “Tool Lending” or contact the Tool Lending Library staff. Note: Tools with an asterisk* are non-renewable.

Carpentry and Woodworking

(see also: power tools)

AwlBars(cat”s paw, crowbar, pry bar, ripping chisel, tack puller)Butt marker(3 1/2″ & 4″)Cabinet scraperChalk lineChisels, gouges & parting toolsDado setDoor installation kitDoweling jigDrillsGutter cleanerHammers (brick, drywall, ballpeen, dead-blow, framing, mallets, shingle hatchet, sledge, curved claw, tack)Hinge TemplateLevels(torpedo, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, laser)Marking gaugeMeasuring wheelNail puller, nail setPlanes(block, bench, spokeshave, rabbet)Roofing spades(shingle remover)Rasps(surform tool)Saws(back, compass, coping, crosscut, hacksaw, jab, keyhole, miter , rod, shortcut)Screwdrivers(off-set, Phillips, Robertson, slotted, Torx, Yankee)Screw extractor & drill bit setSquares(combination, rafter, carpenter”s, Tri-square, Universal square)Stapler, tack hammerStud finders(stud sensor)Tape measureWater level


2-Way Edging ClampAssembly SquareAngle clampBar clampC-clampCabinet clampEdge clampHand screw clampQuick grip clamp/spreaderSliding arm clampSpring clampSteel pipe clampsVise grips

Concrete and Masonry

(see also power tools)

Brick hammer, joiner, trowelBull float, magnesiumCement finishing tools(edger, float, groover, hawk, joiner, trowels, tuck pointer)Cold chiselsConcrete Cutting Saw*Dust pump(blower for cement dust)Fresno trowel(with handles)Leaf blower*Mason”s layout tools(line winder, stretchers, blocks)Mixing paddleMortar hoesRebar bender/cutterRotary hammer drills and bitsRub brickScreedSledgehammersStar chiselSteel placer


AnenometerArmored cable ripperCircuit Breaker FinderConduit bender, offset benderExtension cords(25″-100″)Fuse pullerGFCI (portable)High leverage cable cuttersKnockout punch setMultimeterNetwork tool kitPliers (crimping, diagonal side cutting, linesmen, long nose, needle nose, stripping)Soldering gun and ironTelephone jack toolVoltage DetectorWire stripperWire tackerWork light, halogen

Floor and Wall

(see also power tools)

Drop clothDrywall(hand sander, corner knives, taping knives, extension handle, mud pan, screw gun, T-square)Float, rubberFloor and wall scaperKneepadsLinoleum knifeNotched trowelPaint scraper, shieldPower Steamer (For wallpaper)Putty knifeScreening toolSeam roller (for wallpaper)Tile cutterTile nippersCeramic and Marble FileTile saw(ceramic & vinyl)Utility knifeWindow openerWallboard saw

Gardening & Digging

AeratorAxesBow sawBroad ForkBulb planterDemolition Hammer* Digging/tamping barFruit pickerGarden clawGrass hook(sickle)Grass shearHedge shears(manual)Hedge shears(electric)*Lawn edger(manual)Lawn mowersLawn rollerLopping shearMuttPick mattockPole pruner/saw/lopper (manual)Posthole diggerPruning sawPruning shearsRake(leaf, bow, grading)Shovels(round, square pt.)Sidewalk scraperSod knifeSpading forkString trimmer(“Weedeater”)*


Articulating ladder up to 15″*Step ladders up to 8″*

Material Handling

Appliance truck*Furniture dollyHand trucks*Light-bulb changer(telescoping)Magnetic pick-up stickMaterial estimator/calculatorMini flexible pick-up clawPush broomWheelbarrow

Mechanical Tools

Bicycle toolsBolt cutter, extractorCable cutterCable/wire tackerCaulking gun(single & double barrel)Chanel lock pliers (tongue & groove)Electronic water levelGrindersFilesHacksawsHex key setHeat gunInspection mirrorMicrometerPliersPunchesRetrieving magnetRivet gunScrewdriversSocket sets (various)Soldering gun, ironStaple gun, hammer tackerTapping tool(6 in 1)Tin snipsTorque Wrench(3/8, 1/2)Vise gripsWater & gas meter keyWrenches(allen, box, combo, crescent driver, open end, socket, adj. spanner)

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Faucet handle pullerLong stem reseating toolNipple extractorPipe cutters, reamers (galvanized)Pipe threading tools(1/2″ – 2″)Pipe stand and vise(hold pipe to vice)Propane assemblyRambitShower valve socket setSoil pipe cutter(cast iron)*Spark lighterSump pumpTub drain removerTubing bender, cutter & deburring toolWater meter keyWrenches(adjustable, basin, basket strainer, faucet, garbage disposal, internal pipe, offset hex, pipe, plug, seating, slipknot, spud, stem, strap)

Power Tools

Drills and Bits

Close quarter drill (3/8″)Counter sink (1/2″)Demolition Hammer (Jackhammer)*“Dremel” (small rotary tool)Drills, VSR (3/8″. 1/2″, also cordless)Drill bit extensionsDrill bit sharpenerDrill bits (auger, glass, spade, HSS twist, self-feeding, Forstner, masonry)Drywall/deck screw gunsEasy-outHole saws, mandrelsImpact Wrench (1/2″)Magentic drill holderRight angle drill (3/8″, 1/2″)Rotary Hammer”Rotozip” (cut-out tool)


Edge guide(for fixed-base router)Fixed-base router(1/4″ and 1/2″ collets)Plunge router(1/4″ and 1/2″ collets)Router bits (various)Trim Router


Belt sander(3″ x 18″, 3″ x 21″, 4″ x 24″)Buffer(10″)Detail SanderGrinders(4 1/2″, 7″, 9″)Random orbital sander(5″)Stationary belt sander(1″ x 30″)Vibrating finishingsander(1/4 sheet, 1/3 sheet)Oscillating multi-tool


Abrasive cut-off machine *Band saw ( metal and wood cutting)Chain saw(12″, 14″)Circular saw(Skilsaw 5 1/2″, 7 1/4″, 10 1/4″)*Compound miter saw*Cutout tool(Rotozip)Planer(hand held)Plate joiner(biscuit joiner)Portable table saw(10″)*Reciprocating saw(Sawzall)Sabersaw(Jigsaw)Tile saw(wet, dry, 7″ blade)Trim saw(4 1″2″)

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