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Tana Marie Mongeau, known as Tana Mongeau on social media, is an American social media personality and singer best known for her failed event #TanaCon and her “Storytime” videos on social media. The event #TanaCon, a competing event to VidCon, was canceled the day it was supposed to happen and left many people upset and unhappy. 

In addition to her social media work, Tana has released multiple singles. In 2019, Tana starred on her very own MTV reality TV show called “MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21.”

Tana Marie Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada to parents Rick and Rebecca. Tana had a strained childhood, she later revealed on “MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21,” where she added that her parents lacked proper parenting skills when she grew up.

As of October 2020, Tana Mongeau has more than 5.4 million followers on Instagram, 2.4 million followers on Twitter, 5.46 million subscribers on YouTube, and 4.6 million followers on TikTok. 

Tana first launched her YouTube channel in 2015 and began uploading a variety of personal and comedic videos. However, her most popular videos are her “storytime” videos on her channel where she discusses a number of personal topics. Over the course of her channel, Tana has received millions of lifetime views on her account. One of her most popular videos of all-time is the video “ROASTING YOUTUBER COACHELLA OUTFITS,” which received over 10 million views on her channel. 

The YouTube star has ventured into the music industry, as well. She released her debut single “Hefner” in 2017 with a video featuring Bella Thorne. Later that year, Tana worked with Lil Phag and Dr. Woke on her next song “Deadahh.” Her second solo single, “W,” was released in 2018. Later that year, she released “Fuck Up.” In 2019, the star released her single “FaceTime.” 

Tana has also been featured in an episode of “Maury.” In 2019, Tana starred on her very own MTV reality TV show called “MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21.” 


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In 2018, Tana faced her first controversy when she announced #TanaCon, an anti-VidCon event. The event came to be after VidCon refused to give her the spot as a featured creator at VidCon. The event was held the same time as VidCon and canceled the same day. More than 80 fellow stars were set to hold panels, including Thorne, Shane Dawson, Casey Neistat, Miranda Sings, Ricky Dillon, Elijah Daniel, Jenn McAllister, Gabbie Hanna, and more. 

Tana claimed that more than 20,000 people tried to attend her #TanaCon event, but the Marriott where the event was hosted could only accommodate 4,000 to 5,000 people. Many people stood in line for hours without food or water in the sunlight. Tana later issued refunds to everyone. 

#TanaCon was featured in fellow YouTube star’s docuseries vlog titled “The Truth About TanaCon,” made by Shane Dawson; Tana opened up about the entire event to Shane. 

Two years later, in 2019, VidCon invited Tana as a “Featured Creator” at the annual convention. The co-founder of VidCon, Hank Green, said in 2018 that he had “100% screwed up” in not inviting Tana to VidCon 2017 as a “Featured Creator.” 

#TanaCon was not the only controversial moment for the content creator. In 2017, Tana posted a video titled “The N Word,” which got millions of views shortly after. She talks about how a person on tour with her, later revealed to by YouTube star iDubbbz, told her to say the n-word in a response to a tweet. In response, iDubbbz made a video outlining all the times she had used the n-word disrespectfully. Tana released an apology video, but many found it insincere. 

Tana has been open about her personal and dating life; she is bisexual. In the past, she has dated Bella Thorne for nearly two years as well as Brad Sousa and rapper Lil Xan. Tana then began dating Jake Paul and later announced they were engaged in 2019. 

The couple got married in Las Vegas later that year, though the marriage was not legal. She changed her names on her social platforms to Tana Paul for a period of time before the couple broke up. In 2020, she began dating fellow influencer Francesca Farago. 

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