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Hey all Im a returning player from launch. What is the fastest way to level a new toon? I”ve heard of xp boosts and double XP days. Currently I”m sitting around 14 after 3 hours played. I feel like that”s pretty low for that time commitment. Thanks all Subpar

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02.21.2018 , 12:00 PM | #2 IDK for sure, but sounds about right for nowadays. In the beginning it took 100s of hours to reach level cap on your first character.Later on ( around 2.0- ish it took about 50 hours to get to level 50, since you had buffs, credits and knew what you were doing and some of the shortcuts.Best indicator is the level of the planet you are on and your own level. If they”re about the same, you”re on track.But it isn”t a race, so enjoy the ride. – If you”re so desperate to do max level stuff, buy a character boost that skips all the story and puts you at top level. – You can always use a max level character to smooth the ride of the lower level one, by providing credits, companion gifts and such.Welcome back.
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02.21.2018 , 03:45 PM | #3 Quote: Originally Posted by tricthrower


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I”m going to go on the assumption that you”re not using the Victorious Pioneer Armor set from the DvL event.Do your class story, planetary arcs (optional), heroics, and solo flashpoints as they unlock. At level 15, you can add in PvP and veteran flashpoins. Although I would personally recommend waiting for veteran flashpoints until level 19 or 20 when you get your interrupt ability. Flashpoints and PvP can be found in the Activity Finder interface (Solo tab / PvP tab). Also make sure to stop by the Combat Section of Fleet to pick up the missions from the Priority Terminal. You can”t do the Flashpoint Weekly until level 50 IIRC.I wrote up this guide, with the assistance of others, back after 4.0 released. Some of the info is now outdated (such as mods and commendations don”t exist any longer), but the premise is the same. There”s also a planetary progression list there as well.Welcome back and enjoy.



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