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The Stokes Twins are brothers Alex and Alan who create funny and viral videos on social media. In addition to their viral videos, the twins have appeared in a number of TV shows and are a part of the YouTube group Sunset Park. 

The Stokes Twins are made up of brothers Alex and Alan. The twins were born on November 23, 1996 in Hollywood, Florida, just several minutes apart. Alan was born first, and then Alex. The twins are half-Chinese and grew up with a husky named Sheeba that they loved. 

The twins, who now live in Los Angeles, are nearly identical, and even have the same hairstyle, except that Alex has a mole on the right side of his face since birth, which helps fans tell them apart. 

As of July 2020, the twins’ joint social media pages have more than 4.76 million subscribers on YouTube, 24,000 Facebook fans and 25.2 million TikTok followers. Their individual Instagram pages have 4.2 and 5.9 million followers. 

Since joining social media, the twins have posted a majority of their videos together. The pair regularly post their videos to YouTube and TikTok, where they have a majority of their followers. 

The twins collaborate with a number of other social media personalities, including social media star Brent Rivera and skateboarder Ben Azelart. The skateboarder has appeared in a number of their social media videos and starred with them on the show “Brobot.” 

In addition to their own social media pages, the Stokes twins are a part of the YouTube group Sunset Park. The group uploads challenges or interesting videos to their page, though not every member of the group will appear in every single video. The group includes Okaymoe, Coby Persin and Ethan Bradberry. The Sunset Park group was formed in 2017. 

Since their rise to popularity, the Stokes twins have appeared in several TV shows. They took roles in the shows “Afterschooled” and “Brobot.” They also got roles in the second season of “Light as a Feather” playing two new characters that didn’t exist in the first season. 

In addition, the Stokes twins have released a compilation album featuring some of their favorite songs. The album cover features the twins and has been popular with their fans, who get an insight into what type of music the twins listen to.  

In 2019, Alex’s appendix burst and nearly killed him. The social media star had been feeling bad for several days before he was rushed to the emergency room and had to undergo emergency surgery to remove his burst appendix. If he had waited any longer to get the surgery, he could have developed an infection that would have killed him. 

In regards to the twins’ personal lives, Alex has been linked to Leslie Contreras, a popular model and social media personality. The two have posted a number of videos together on social media.

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