Best Mine Level To Farm Copper?: Stardew Valley Best Place For Copper Ore

Stardew Valley is a deceptively simple-looking game. In truth, there's so much to accomplish that it can get pretty overwhelming and convoluted quickly. Most importantly, the game doesn't hold your hand. It simply drops you down into your farm and the rest of it is up to you to figure out.

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With how many different crafting recipes and cool items there are in the game, it's important to know where to find the crafting ingredients and basic resources needed to make them. However, the game once again doesn't just tell you this. It's a lot of trial and error trying to figure everything out, which can feel frustrating for perfectionists. This handy guide will tell you the most common places to get the most basic resources.

Where To Find Wood In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Chopping A Tree
You can chop down any tree you find around town, in the forest, or at the farm to get some wood.

Trees outside of the farm will grow back on their own, and if you don't pick up any of the seeds at your farm, trees will grow from acorns and pine cones and the like.

Stardew Valley Hardwood Tree Stumps
Mahogany trees, large stumps and large logs all drop hardwood, provided you have the right axe for the job. A steel axe or better is always the best to have, though large stumps can be broken with a copper axe and mahogany trees can be broken with any axe.

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The Secret Woods is the best location to go back to for hardwood that respawns regularly. You can gather about 12 pieces of hardwood there daily. Those with a forest farm benefit from 16 hardwood respawns a day on top of that.

Stardew Valley Rocks

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Break any small rock or a large boulder to drop some stone. When you first arrive at your farm, there's a bunch of rocks around which can be broken.

You can also head to the mines and the quarry once they're unlocked to get some more stone. Rocks will respawn daily.

Stardew Valley Tree Farm
When cutting down any type of tree, the broken-down tree will drop some sap. You can also install a tap on a mahogany tree to get some regularly.

Stardew Valley Dust Sprites

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Head to the mines. Any rocks you break have a chance of yielding some coal. If you encounter Dust Sprites in the mines, slaying them will also drop a few pieces of coal.

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In a pinch, you can always purchase some coal from Clint the blacksmith.

Using a scythe, when you first arrive at your farm, make sure to start breaking down the weeds that are scattered all over the ground.

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