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This post is rated O for Optimization. This post contains scenes of min/maxing and optimization that are not suitable for all audiences. This post also contains gratuitous and explicit scenes depicting math, calculations, and formulae. Viewer discretion is advised. Caveats
As with any guide on optimization, I would like to caveat that while this is a fairly optimized display, that does not give it any inherent superiority to any other layout, save from a gold per day perspective. Also, there may be some minor tweaks that can be done to this layout to eek out a bit of extra cash, but I find this layout to be the most practical optimal layout that I”ve come up with, hence the title of “fairly optimal” instead of “most optimized”. Also, the optimized layout shown below is functional on the PC, but may not be as functional on Mobile or Console versions of the game, depending on how your particular version handles diagonal corners.

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With that out of the way, let”s get down to business, shall we? Now, the Greenhouse unlocks when you complete the Kitchen bundles, and generally speaking the earliest for this to occur is your first Fall, barring either Joja Route to purchase it earlier or certain highly optimized (or very lucky) strats that go beyond the scope of this guide. However, you only get one Greenhouse, with strictly limited real estate within it. You can, for example, put Crystallariums anywhere that townsfolk don”t walk, with the bus tunnel and quarry being favorite locations, however the primary advantage of the Greenhouse is that it is always the optimal season for any crop within, and with this in mind I set about how to maximize the utility of this trait for profits.
The first layout I”ll discuss is a fairly simple one… 116 Ancient Fruit with 6x Iridium Sprinklers. This is a no-frills least effort for your money solution for the farmer who wants to enjoy the finer things in life, and actually have enough time in his day to do so. And all you need is a single seed to get the ball rolling. If you want this to happen much faster, use Deluxe Speed Gro to reduce the initial growth time by a full week. If you are *really* concerned about maximizing how fast the greenhouse fills up, you can also use the statue in the Sewer to swap your Artisan perk (which, let”s be honest here… if you”re at all remotely concerned about profits, this is your only realistic option) to the Agriculturalist perk for a further reduction in iteration time. Your first seed goes down. At this point, you can utilize the rest of your greenhouse however you like, many people enjoy using Starfruit, some like to plant some Beets for a… certain quest… that requires them. The choice is yours. After your Ancient Fruit fully grows and produces its first fruit, it will then produce one fruit per week thereafter. These fruits go into a Seed Maker for 1-3 additional seeds, with an average of 2 seeds per fruit, give or take (which is the number we”ll be using in our calculations). Therefore, we will experience a geometric progression of ancient fruit planted. With Agriculturalist and Deluxe Speed grow, I”ve been able to fill my greenhouse in as little as a month (although I started with multiple seeds, as I got one in my first mining dive in Spring, and grew it throughout my first year, starting with several fruits by the time my greenhouse unlocked), but even at the slowest rate, it shouldn”t take you more than 2-3 seasons to fully fill your greenhouse.Combine this with either two sheds or one big shed full of Kegs for brewing, 116 in total, and you have a total of 116 Ancient Wine produced per week, once fully in production. At 2,310g/ea, that gives you a weekly income of 267,960g or a seasonal income of 1,071,840g. This also only requires one day per week in maintenance and work, harvesting the crops, collecting last week”s wine, and starting the new fruit brewing, meaning it can fit in even the most casual gamer”s playstyle, if you so decide. If anything, this lets you plant whatever you”d like in your gardens outside while still bringing in over a million per season in profits, reducing the stress of worrying about the aesthetics of your farm. Unless you wish to use your greenhouse for other purposes, of course. As an extra bonus, you can plant fruit trees around the perimeter if your greenhouse for some extra cash, or just some extra decoration if you prefer. So, why not Starfruit? Starfruit wine is the single most expensive item in the game, after all. And you”re not wrong about that. However, there”s a couple of problems with Starfruit. First, it isn”t a multi-harvest crop, and as such will inevitably fall behind multi-harvest crops as crops will never expire in the greenhouse, meaning you don”t have to pay every time to replant them. And second, it takes longer for starfruit to grow than Ancient Fruit. In the short term? Absolutely, while you still only have a couple of Ancient Fruit, you can fill the rest of your greenhouse with Starfruit, either for tempting Junimos to live in your farm to be your migrant workers corporate town workers slave labor most industrious and cute little guys, or just for profits. However, ancient fruit is definitely more profitable. Let”s look at the numbers, shall we?As stated previously, Ancient Fruit has a weekly yield of 2,130g, which brings daily profits to 330g/day. Starfruit, on the other hand, takes two weeks to grow and yields 3,150g/ea. But we also have to subtract the seed cost from the gross to find our net profit per unit, so 3150-400= 2,750, which brings the daily profits down to 196 and change per day. Even if you use Deluxe Speed Gro and a 10 day cycle, you”re still only looking at 275/day, compared to Ancient Fruit”s 330g/day. So while it”s not bad, it”s also not competitive in the face of Ancient Fruit.
All right, this is what you came here for, isn”t it? So, this is going to be a slightly more complex setup, and furthermore is going to require daily tending to keep up with. However, the upside is over a 50% increase in profits per week! As a result, instead of trying to explain how to set it up, let”s use an image instead. The stumps are fruit trees, the rest should be fairly self-explanatory.

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Jack Of ShadesFarmer
Jul 14, 2020
I do believe riverlands would benefit most from this, as it”s one of the least farming intensive maps. Otherwise, I could not keep up with this and every other thing going on in my farm. LolVery interesting post, shneekey.

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Jul 15, 2020
I absolutely agree that this setup does require more micromanagement. When I was playing on the Forest farm, I”d put the Big Sheds directly under the entrance to the greenhouse to minimize transit times, and managed to generally get done with my “morning chores” by around 9-10 AM, assuming I beeline for the greenhouse as soon as I wake up. This still gives you plenty of time to do other things, such as mining to obtain the copper and iron necessary to continue keeping up with your keg production or doing Skull Cave dives. It takes a bit to get into the rhythm, though and to find the optimal path. Also, this was done on a PC, so console or mobile players may find it taking far longer, because I can just run past with my RMB pressed and harvest everything without stopping.

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