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Slime Rancher Rad Gordo is a new update to the popular game Slime Rancher. The update has been highly anticipated since its announcement last week. In this blog post, we will cover what the new features are and when it was released for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We will also list some pointers that may help you get started with your first play through!

Overview of the game farm owner gordos slime

1. The game is about a slime farmer

2. You start off with one wiggler and you can buy more slimes to grow your farm

3. There are different types of slimes that have different abilities – for example, the fire slime can light up dark areas

4. In order to get new slimes, you need to feed them certain foods which will change their color and type

5. Slimes also produce resources such as food or wood which you can sell for money

6. Your goal is to become rich by selling all sorts of resouces

7. There is a day and night cycle along with a weather system that impacts the gameplay

8. The main character gets tired and needs to sleep, just like a real farmer

9. You can decorate your farm any way you like it

10. And finally, there are different biomes (plains, forest etc) which will provide different types of resources – for example in the forest biome trees might give wisps instead of wood

slime rancher rad gordo

Gordos Slime Farm Owner is a game app for iOS and Android. The objective of the game is to grow your slime farm while making sure that all gordo slimes are fed, watered, and happy
You can buy new items to increase productivity or purchase materials from other players in order to make more money. There are three different modes available – hard mode, normal mode, and easy mode. In hard mode you will have less time so it’s important not to waste any resources because you won’t be able to afford too many mistakes. Normal Mode is slower paced with more time for production but there still may be some challenges depending on how difficult you want the game to

The game features the following elements

  • Slime-catching equipment, including nets and buckets
  • Slimes of different colors and shapes with unique abilities
  • A variety of overworlds to explore
  • Gameplay that can be customized to suit your needs or mood
  • Intuitive controls that allow you to play without any previous experience in gaming on touch screens, making it accessible for all ages

Pros and Cons of the Gordos Slime Farm Owner Game!

In this new game from the creators of slime farms, you get to be a big boss. You have access at all times not only your own creatures but also other players’ as well–so no one will know how many enemies lurk in each level or where they are located. However there is some upkeep involved since those cute little guys need food every so often (and who has time for cooking?) The pros definitely outweigh these cons though: with monsters coming out by threes like never before…you’ll wish YOU were mayor already!

Gordo Slime Location

The Gordo Siles are found in certain areas and can be hit with a weapon or items to break them open and get items. The actual Gordo Slimes do not respawn once you have defeated them, but there is a chance that it will release multiple other Gordos after you defeat it.

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Truvia Peak: After the third set of stairs up on Truvia Peak (where the jumping mushrooms are) you can find one gordo slime by walking right towards the mountainside. It takes around 3-4 hits with your starting sword until it breaks, though some might take more than others, so keep trying! Once broken, another slime may appear next to him or he’ll summon 2 – 3 different colored slimes that behave like normal slimes. Other times when you break the Gordo, it will summon a random slime (i.e. Tabby and Rock) and drop an item in the process (either a Hearty Truffle, Lava Chocolate or Flame Fruit).

slime rancher rad gordo

Gordo Forest: Another location is towards the exit to your right once you enter Gordo Forest where there’s a small clearing surrounded by tall grass with 3 gordos inside of it. Getting them can be tough since you make lure them out one at a time, but once broken they tend to do so pretty quickly! You can get around 2 -5 items per Gordo Slime depending on if more than 1 spawns after you defeat it or not.

Lake Cave: Lake Cave has a hand full of Gordo Slimes and you can get around 3-7 items per Gordo Slime here depending on how many spawn after defeating it. They tend to be pretty spread out within the cave, making them more difficult to locate and hit without getting too close – especially with the ones that are underwater. You will find one slime in each part of the cave (2 in the first room). The last two are found near the end where you’ll come across a black egg block before hitting an underground lake. Try using Irresponsible Lightning to speed up finding the second one!

Leide Peak: There’s 1 Gordo Slime located at Leide Peak that between some trees if memory serves me right. It should be pretty easy to find and defeat since it’s location is behind a small group of trees within the grassy area around them. This one can summon 3 slimes after being defeated, but only 1 at a time unlike other locations! You’ll commonly obtain many items from this Gordo Slime so I wouldn’t worry about having a ton of extra inventory space if you’re just starting out!

Scorching Desert: There are 3 total Gordos located in Scorching Desert – 2 that spawn towards the back end of the desert by an oasis and another next to a palm tree on your way up through the temple. Each Gordo has their own unique color (green, red & blue) and will always drop a specific type of item when defeated.

Scorching Desert Gordos: Green – Flame Fruit Red – Lava Chocolate Blue – Hearty Truffle

The only downside is that you need the Dromarch to get these, so if you don’t have her, you can either wait until Chapter 8 or try finding them through StreetPass. I wasn’t able to find anyone on my way up through the desert and was too lazy to grind it out ­čśŤ Leave a comment below if you’re looking for help!

Mount Myrneg: There’s 1 Gordo Slime hidden within Mount Myrneg inside a dead end abyss near some trees. You can tell where he is by using your senses which will show a small opening for you to drop down into. Beware, the difficulty of this slime is pretty high since it can take around 10 hits or more to break! I was able to gain 2 – 3 items per defeat however, so it’s not too bad.

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Fort Farthest: There are a total of 6 gordo slimes in Fort Farthest which will always spawn at specific locations with 1-3 Gordos in each depending on how many actually spawn. They are located in various places within the fort with most being found within the dungeons themselves (2 dungeons). The final one will be balanced out by the boss fight that comes after it, but if you’re struggling against him, try using Irresponsible Lightning here as well! By the time you finish this fort, you’ll most likely have the Dromarch so it shouldn’t be too bad!

Fort Farthest Gordos: Dungeon 1 – Dungeon 2 – Boss Fight (Dromarch Required) –

Foggy Hills: This is another location that’s easy to miss since it’s surrounded by fog and can only be accessed after beating the main story chapters of the game. You will find one gordo slime located here which can drop anywhere from 5-8 items per defeat! The only downside is that it takes a pretty high amount of damage to defeat it, so use irresponsibile lightning or other elemental buffs if you can.

Foggy Hills Gordo –

Nostalgic Steppe: There’s 1 gordo slime located at the Nostalgic Steppe which tends to drop around 5-7 items per defeat! You may need to defeat some other enemies in the area first before finding it but it shouldn’t be too difficult depending on your level and abilities. The Nostalgic Steppe isn’t far from where Hervis and Reynardo spawn after starting Chapter 3 (indicated by the blue marker). Just follow the dirt path up towards a small green area with a few trees.

Nostalgic Steppe Gordo –

slime rancher rad gordo

Ashen Falls: The only gordo slime located here is inside of a cave close to a sulphur puddle which can be found at the end of the waterfall itself. I haven’t been too lucky with this one as it’s location seems rare for me to find, but one thing to watch out for is that it may attack you from range if you’re not careful! You will probably need some other elemental buffs as well since these slimes have pretty high health and defence so make sure to take them out quick!

The Ashen Falls Gordo –

Narrow Ravine: There are 2 gordos located here which are found at the end of the ravine itself (one to the upper right, one below). Although you can find them both in the same small area, they don’t tend to appear together so keep that in mind! You may need to wait until later levels or use other buffs depending on how tough it is.

Altar Threshold Gordos –

Art Gallery 1 (Blue): This first Art Gallery contains 3 gordos with only 1 spawning at a time but always in the same spot. You can defeat them by attacking from range or melee, but you will want to have a high amount of health and defence since they hit pretty hard! Try using elemental buffs to make it easier if needed as these slimes cost a lot of damage.

slime rancher rad gordo

Art Gallery 1 Gordos –

Art Gallery 2 (Red): There are a total of 5 gordo slimes in this Art Gallery which spawn randomly throughout the area. Although there’s only one spawn location for all of them, you may not find any until near the end as some seem rarer than others. Keep an eye out behind boxes and hidden areas as well as other paths leading back towards previous rooms.

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Art Gallery 2 Gordos –

Art Gallery 3 (Green): This Art Gallery contains 4 gordos which are found in various spots throughout the area. However, they all have the same spawn location so once you find it, clearing them out should be easier! The only thing to look out for is that 1 slime spawns inside of a locked room so if he isn’t there yet, try waiting or finishing off other enemies first.

Art Gallery 3 Gordos –

Fort Deadend: There are 2 gordo slimes located here with one being near the upper left entrance while the other is near the exit to Fort Deadplains. Although you can find both of them pretty quick, they tend to have around 6-10 items per defeat so it’s definitely worth defeating them if possible!

The Gordos here are especially easy since you can just walk right by them and attack from range without too much trouble. The only downside is that if they get aggro’d, 1 gordo may attack while the other just tries to get away so take note! Make sure to still bring some buffs/items in case something goes wrong though.

Gordos at Fort Deadend –

Fort Deadplains: There are 2 gordos in this area that spawn at the end of the fort itself. They are both pretty quick to find but can be rather dangerous since they often aggro you when you get close so make sure not to chase them too far!

They tend to drop around 6-10 items each so it’s very profitable if possible, especially since these gordos don’t hit too hard and have low defence/hp so it should be an easy battle. Just keep in mind that they will attack if you get too close which can be dangerous even for mid-level players!

Fort Deadplains Gordos –

Withered Heath: There are 3 gordos in this area located on the lowest level. All 3 spawn near the same place but one is much more common than the other two so if you can’t find it, just wait a bit and they might show up.

The Gordos here are pretty tough to fight since they have a lot of health and hit really hard especially while at range! I would highly recommend going to Fort Deadend or even Fort Deadplains instead if possible as these gordos give a bit less profit/items while being extremely dangerous in return. If nothing else, make sure to bring some elemental defence buff items for an easier time!

Withered Heath Gordos –


slime rancher rad gordo

These artifacts are dropped by the two gordos in Art Gallery 1 and they can be quite rare. They appear to have a higher drop rate if you use melee attacks, but you will still want at least 20+ defence before even trying these out. The best place to farm them is definitely Art Gallery 1 since it is so small and easy compared to other places.

Artifacts from Gordos –


Rad Gordo is a slime rancher, and he’s not afraid to let you know. He’ll tell you his secrets for how he makes the best rad gordos in all of the land! His blog posts are full of tips on where to find rare slimes or what type of bait might work best at different times during the day. If you want your own set-up like Rad Gordo has, check out this article about building your very own ranch! Happy Slime Ranchers!!


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