Elder Scrolls Skyrim Best Orc Build, Skyrim: 15 Powerful Builds Everyone Should Try

I started a new character of an orc named apavir and I want a good start for a good build I hate archery because i made alot 9f builds with it,i don't want to use magic only restoration as a secondary skill.mention what armour and weapons do i get.

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To take full advantage of your berserk power damage potential you want to go two-handed. Two-handed weapons can apply poisons to multiple enemies at once. So even if you don't perk alchemy it would not hurt to make a few weak paralysis potions to use in tough battles.

Remember to cook vegetable soup.

You can use archery just against dragons or wait for dragons to land.

Major Two-handed Heavy Armor Blocking

Minor Smithing Enchanting Archery

Miscellaneous Alchemy Restoration Speech

2H/heavy armour is a fairly standard set up for an Orc given their stereotypical skills and history.

Obviously heavy armor. Orcs start with the best smithing bonus so you should be able to hit steel armor/weapons quickly. If you are looking for restoration on your off hand maybe heavy armor/one hand/restoration in your off hand.

The other option is to go heavy armor/two handed weapons (my favorite combo). This goes well with Orc role-play as well.

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Take full advantage of the racial benefits. Go 2 handed weapon, heavy armor, smithing, block.

If you want some ranged attacks and don't wanna carry a bow w/ you, you could go with the Bloodskal Blade.

I'd recommend getting the Elemental Fury and/or Whirlwind Sprint shouts for more mobility w/ both attacks and movement.

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If you wanna go mad w/ power, dual wield 1 handed weapons for smaller enemies (bandits, draugr, etc.), and carry a 2 handed weapon for bigger game (trolls, dragons, etc.)

There's always the option to build a “Tank Mage”, just straight up magic and heavy armor.

SIDE NOTE: a fun thing to do is mix Elemental Fury w/ the Longhammer to get the fastest swing speed possible with a warhammer.

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