Skyrim Mount Mods – Skyrim Best Mount Mods? Top 15 Absolute Best Skyrim Mount Mods

Riding around Skyrim doesn’t have to be boring! Today, we bring you some of the best and the absolute badass Skyrim mount mods you can find. Our list features everything from hellish horses, mech suits, vehicles and much more, ensuring you’ll definitely find something to perfectly fit into your next playthrough.

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Arvak never looked better


One more mod for those who though the vanilla Arvak was underwhelming. As the mod author states, with this mod, Arvak becomes a true undead horse with bleached bones and cold fire for hair. The mod features new textures and meshes, and you can even choose from four different bone and effect colorations. Ultimately, the mod is done so well that it takes the forgotten Arvak and turns him into one of our favorite horses to ride around on.

Skyrim Mount Mods: Top 15 Absolute Best Skyrim Mount Mods


What if you could ride a majestic white stag across Skyrim? This simple mod adds a beautiful white stag mount that is perfect for nature-loving druid characters. When you first find the stag, it will be waiting to be tamed. It’s fast and agile, but not very strong.


We though vanilla arvak was a fun little insect, but it would have been even better with sound effects. Well that is no longer an issue thanks to this mod. Now there is a full range of sounds to make you feel more like you are riding a dinosaur.


When you finally decide to tame a skeleton, but you know that it’s kind of a pointless feature, this is the mod for you. This simple mod replaces the skeleton with a simpler and less detailed version, for a more lore-friendly feel.


This one is the simplest mod ever. It adds a single dragon saddle and dragon mount that you can mount with the /steed command. It is a simple way to quickly travel around while being able to use the methods of flying mounts from The Elder Scrolls Online. I think this is a must have if you have a dragon mount.


This mod adds an incredible sword and shield. Not only is the pommel ornate, but the blade is modeled after legendary weapon, one of the three weapons which will be found in the Halls of Colossus. The blade comes in two variants, each with its own enchantment that can change depending on the type of soul gems you use. As a reward for completing the mod’s main questline, you can wield a legendary sword and shield.

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It’s too bad that Bethesda didn’t get more imaginative when it comes to horses. Even though it was a paid DLC, even Oblivion had horse armor to make your companion a bit more attractive in terms of visuals. Well, luckily, we have mods like the Four Horses of the Apocalypse that brings some much-needed variety and visual splendor to our trusty steeds. War, Famine, Pestilence and Death are all uniquely designed to reflect their affinity and they even have specials powers to help you out in combat. War is on fire and burns enemies near you, Famine sends out locusts to attack enemies, Pestilence is all sickly and emits toxic clouds while Death instantly kills enemies under a certain level. Definitely an awesome mount mod worthy of being in your load order.



While you could argue that having an engine-powered vehicle in Skyrim is not lore-friendly, we’d argue that you don’t know what kind of crazy stuff Dwemer had when they were alive. They’ve might have driven around in blimps for all you know. Anyhow, as the name of the mod suggests, it brings you a dwarven motorcycle and a couple of other vehicles to ride around on. Not only do they look great but they are done in a very authentic way. Vehicles sound right and even move at speeds appropriate to their class with the motorcycle being the fastest. If you don’t care about the lore and just want to enjoy some cool “mounts” – definitely give this mod a go.


Much like Monster mounts mod, Creatures of the Hell mod embraces the crazy world of mount possibilities. Pirate sabrecat, armored vampire dog, death hound, spiderwoman, defective lich, and bone wheel are just some of the crazy mounts available in this mod. Most of them are already existing or modified creatures found in vanilla Skyrim but are nonetheless definitely worth checking out. The mod even adds some very unique followers so you aren’t all alone in spreading terror with your horrific mount.


Creatures of the Hell adds some truly terrifying monsters to Skyrim. Although these are not normal foes, they look like they should exist and even attack like they should. That includes fire breathing. The mod also adds “walk-arounds” for the creatures to let you get a closer look at them without having to go fight them. A unique thing about this mod is that it allows you to craft items and weapons made out of the hellspawns’ bones and flesh.



If you thought a Dwarven centurion was overkill, with until you see the Dwarven Colossus. This Skyrim mount mod gives you access to a literal Dwarven mech that you can ride or have following you around Skyrim. It’s basically Mech Warrior meets the Elder Scrolls. The colossus is very detailed while its movements are weighty and impactful. You can even choose to summon it in different sizes ranging from smaller than a horse to a one bigger than a house. While I would have like for your character to somehow physically enter the colossus so he isn’t visible sitting on it, it’s still an amazing mod that is sure to give you a good time.

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Don’t write off Permafrost as just a simple white horse mount mod. Frost is a horse found during Promises to Keep quest and this mod takes his name and thematically changes him to be all about the cold. Not only does it give the steed white textures, a frosty aura, and glowing eyes but it also gives him special stats and abilities in line with his element. 100% resistance to cold and 100% weakness to fire goes without question, but he also has access to frost cloak spell, ability to walk across the surface of the water, more stamina, stat bonuses in the cold weather and rain and much more.


Blaze of Eventide is definitely one of our favorite Skyrim mount mods. Opposite to Permafrost, it brings you a beautifully designed fiery horse with superbly designed and immersive fire effects. He glows at night and his flames illuminate his surroundings, he leaves fiery footprints, he’s immune to fire damage, burns attackers and can even explode like a nuke to deal massive damage to his enemies. Not only that but he also has some custom mechanics and unique summoning effects. All of the above hopefully makes you understand the statement of why this is one of our favorite mount mods out there. I mean just look at it.


Blaze of Eventide adds several types of plants to Skyrim. All the different kinds are found at different heights in the world. The creepers and spores are so small that you probably won’t see them unless you have very good eyes. If you go to a cave and find them, you can pretty much bet that it’s all part of the mod.

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Snaefax is essentially a frost, more spectral version of the Blaze of Eventide. Knowing that you should already know that it has to be an amazing Skyrim mount mod. It’s one of the best looking horse mods out there and is more functional in the game thanks to the fact that it doesn’t affect sneak, has increased speed, and is an essential character that can’t die.


If you’ve ever played Darksiders 2, you’ll know that Despair is the horse ridden by the titular character Death. Well, now we can go full lich and enjoy this steed in the world of Skyrim. While it mechanically behaves in the same manner as Shadowmere, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more detailed and badass design than this one. From the exposed muscle tissue to thematic armor and even the green spectral glow, it’s definitely one of the most amazing mount ports. It even comes with a 4k texture option if you really want to crank the visuals to the absolute max.

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Here is another mod that features more than one mount. This one is a cut above others in terms of quality and brings 5 armored, high-quality mounts for you to ride around on. There are the armored sabrecat, armored wolf, armored deer, armored lizard-hound and armored bear. They are even somewhat lore-friendly with armor on the beasts not being over the top and in line with the designs seen on some races enhabiting Skyrim. A definite recommendation and a good example of how a simple mount mod can be effective without overdoing it.


Despair the Pale Steed is a mod that adds many types of horses to Skyrim. From hardy draught horses and tough war horses to fast coursers and spirited stallions, there’s something for everyone in this mod. Although the horses are neat looking, you probably won’t notice them until you are in your horse and have no options for other steeds.


Tumbajamba’s Mounts of Skyrim adds over 40 types of mounts to the game. From giant bears and dragons to giant wolves and fireflies, these guys come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike most of the other mods on this list, Tumbajamba’s mounts don’t have too many different types. They only add three steeds each to Skyrim.



When Dragonborn DLC was announced, many were looking forward to the ability to finally ride the dragons they’ve been slaying for the entire game. Unfortunately, the DLC largely disappointed, and mounting a dragon turned up to be nothing more than a clunky gimmick that failed to impress. Luckily, we knew it was only a matter of time for the talented modding community to step in and once again fix Bethesda’s game for them. Fully flying dragons mod brings the ultimate Dragonborn fantasy to life, enabling you to summon more than 60 different kinds of dragons and fly them around Skyrim with full control. It’s not a polished as we would have liked but it’s still the closest thing we have to ride a Skyrim dragon.


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