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I noticed that I bought Dragonfall sometime ago, even installed it, but never got around to actually play it.Now I”m thinking about giving it a try, but given that my knowledge of Shadowrun extends to “isnt” it something like cyberpunk with D&D fantasy races and takes place on earth?”, I”m not really sure where to start. Therefore I”m a bit hesitant to simply dive head-first into the game. seeing that you have to create a character and I don”t know if the game features any “build traps” (e.g. a game lets you play as a mage but the later parts of the game have been designed with a melee warrior build in mind, turning any progression into a chore).So, any tipps for a first-timer?Is there anything I need to know about Shadowrun the setting in general before getting into the game?Is the game tailored towards a certain play style or does it favor certain classes/races/builds? Anything that I should try to avoid?I know those are some very vague and general questions…but I”d be glad for any hints and any advice given

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I played the hell out of the Shadowrun series (Shadowrun Returns, Draognfall, Hong Kong) about a month ago, after buying them bundled. It was great fun. I think Hong Kong is actually my favorite I”ve ever played; and Dragonfall has individual missions that are better than most of Hong Kong”s, to be honest.I came into it knowing pretty much nothing about Shadowrun beyond “cyberpunk with trolls” and it worked out well for the most part.~This is kinda complicated but it”s maybe more than you really need:1. Shooting things is good. You will find the game easier but also considerably more fun, imo, if your main character can shoot things well. This involves raising Quickness, Ranged Combat, and at least one weapon skill. (Weapon advice: Assault Rifles are really solid, Shotguns and Pistols are both pretty fun and good enough to be playable, SMGs are best for non-specialists who just need a little bit of firepower.)2. Melee fighting is harder than shooting things, because you have to worry about positioning *more.* I”d save it for a second play-through (or for Shadowrun: Hong Kong, which also makes it more fun since you can make be a real razor girl if you want).3. You will almost always want a decker (hacker), especially if you like finding “optimal” solutions. Just the one; two is *very* redundant. There is a dedicated decker NPC you can pick up pretty early, but a good alternative is to play a decker yourself.4. The protagonist is the only “face” a party will have, so picking up some Charisma is good. 4 points is pretty cheap and lets you take two etiquettes. I recommend Shadowrunner if you want to be a “professional,” and Security if you want to be good at lying to guards. IIRC, Academic has some good roleplaying value for “I can hold my own in a philosophical conversation” kind of stuff.5. If you go for magic, really go for magic. Magic conflicts with cyberware.6. The system tends to reward specialization more than dabbling, but you can combine two things pretty well in one character. Also, it”s usually worth it to raise Body to 3-4 so you”re not super fragile, and put some spare points in the bio skill so you can see enemy health %.7. The core party (NPCs with the most backstory and stuff) includes a pretty good support caster.8. Honestly, if you really want a true “jack-of-all-trades?” Look up the console commands and cheat yourself some extra character points. Running around with 4 in Ranged Combat and 4 in Swords instead of just 4 in Ranged Combat probably won”t ruin the game for you.In summary: If you make a character that can shoot things really well and has a bit of social ability, you won”t regret it.

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