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Salice Rose is an American Instagram and social media star known for her comedic videos and lifestyle posts across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. The star, of Peruvian descent, has risen to popularity by sharing her personal life with fans through social media.

Salice Rose was born on November 20, 1994 in California, USA. Salice is of Peruvian descent. She has several siblings: two brothers and a sister. 

As of August 2020, Salice Rose has more than 2.17 million YouTube subscribers, 11.1 million Instagram followers, 2.3 million Facebook fans and 15.6 million TikTok followers. At the moment, she has no known Twitter account. 

Salice has been active on social media for many years and though her TikTok account has millions of followers, Salice is known for sharing her life on the internet through YouTube, Instagram and now the video-sharing platform TikTok. 

Salice started her Instagram account in 2013 and has since grown the account into one of her primary social media accounts with millions of followers. On YouTube, she shares vlogs of her life with her millions of followers. 

The social media star has been open about her struggles with her mental health and depression. In 2019, the star posted a vulnerable video talking about just how much she struggled in the past year. “It sucks that this past year, 2019…I got so mentally unstable and weak, that I tried to end my own life,” Salice admitted in the video. She did not open up about what triggered her or caused her to get to that point, but wanted to share her story in case others were feeling the same. 

Salice has a number of tattoos across her body, and many of them pay tribute to her Christian heritage and her close-knit family. For example, she has a tattoo of a rosary, a Crucifix, and the Last Supper on her body.  On her Instagram account, she posts a variety of photos and videos, including mirror shots, modeling shots, videos from her day and more. 

Salice has always been private about her love life and her relationships. However, in 2019, she introduced her new girlfriend Brilynn to her family and her social media friends. Before that point, Salice had never introduced anyone she dated to her social media fans. 

However, at that same time, a person who claimed to be Salice’s ex started his own YouTube channel and made claims about their relationship, saying Salice was emotionally and verbally abusive. Salice responded with an hour and a half video refuting the claims, saying: “A message to my ex: I hope lying on my name all over social media made you happy. I hope you got all the fame you wanted. Because of YOU I’m in waves of depression. You spoke, my turn.”


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