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drakkar Sep 08 2015 3.50 stars
After i started getting into music in 1980, the first thing i heard by Robert Palmer was “Looking for Clues”, the video to which i saw on 'Night Flight' or some such something. I was quite the new-waver back then, and i loved it (“Every Kinda People” and “Bad Case of Loving You”, US Top 20 singles in 1978 and 1979, respectively, were before my 'time'). He followed it up with “Johnny & Mary”, but then fell off the radar a (as far as i knew) before returning in 1985 as the vocalist for The Power Station. In the interim i finally figured out what “Every Kinda People” and “Bad Case of Loving You” were all about, and once i saw the videos for The Power Station's “Some Like It Hot” and “Get It On”, the guy was 6 for 6. So i tracked down The Power Station and Clues, which included both “Looking for Clues” and “Johnny & Mary”. Both albums were a bit iffy, but had their bright, shiny moments here and there. Then, on the heels of his stint with The Power Station, his solo career revived and flourished, starting with his next solo single “Addicted to Love”, which hit #1. Its parent album, Riptide, was a smash hit, and he also hit the Top 40 with “Hyperactive” and “I Didn't Mean to Turn You On”. I picked up that album as well, and somewhere along the way picked up a used vinyl of Double Fun, which included “Every Kinda People”. But none of them were very consistent to me. A few good songs on each, with the good songs usually being the singles. So when i went through a phase of replacing many of my vinyl records with CDs, i decided just to go for The Very Best of Robert Palmer, which pretty much included everything i liked from the guy, and leave it at that. All of the songs listed above are present, as well as some other good tunes like “Simply Irresistible”, “She Makes My Day”, “Know by Now”, “Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You”, and “Some Guys Have All the Luck”, which was very very different from (and a million times better than) Rod The Bod's version. The only things really missing were his cover of Gary Numan's “I Dream of Wires” from Clues and “Harvest for the World” from The Power Station. So i was able to pretty much sum it all up in one nice, pretty package. If you're a casual fan of Palmer's work, you really can't go wrong with this collection. It's solid and proves the guy did some great music along the way, even when some of the singles never really made it onto the radar. Such as “Looking for Clues”, which, after all this time, is still my favorite.

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performance credits varyproduction credits vary1995 Guardian Records (7243 8 55312 2 4)highs – Simply Irresistable, Some Guys Have All the Luck, Looking for Clues, Some Like It Hot, Johnny & Marylows – Respect Yourself, Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You, Addicted to Lovelike this, go for: The Power Station, Clues, Riptideacquired some time at some placeoriginally reviewed 02 February 2005 #1539939kenzied 26 November 2007 #12424552
SimonTheSignGuy Dec 15 2006 4.00 stars
In less capable hands a lot of these songs would fall flat on their face. But, despite his non-descript image, Robert Palmer's vocal style really brings most of his best material to a level well above the average popster's capabilities. Highlights of this best-of set are definitely “Looking For Clues,” with its weird synth pulse, and “Johnny and Mary,” a gorgeous relationship song that technically has no chorus. But, for whatever reason, the song that really sneaks up on me here is “She Makes My Day;” a downtempo love ballad that hits all the right, understated notes.A very good overview of Palmer's career, reminding the casual listener there was more to the man than a handful of memorable video clips featuring robot-like females.

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