Which Is The Best Bow Rise Of The Tomb Raider Best Bow Parts

Trinity has located you, you gotta get out of the area and fast. You can’t be too noisy or they’ll find out your location.

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You need a weapon, perhaps one that is silent but deadly, a bow.

There are 7 bows to choose from in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but you don’t want just any bow you want one that will get the job done.

Here are the top 3 best bows that will surely help you pick off those trinity soldiers with ease and how to get them.

3.The Atlatl Bow


The Atlatl bow is a neatly handcrafted and well put together bow in appearance that is almost like a sniper like as it helps Croft to pick off enemies from long range distance.

Weapon Stats:

 Damage: 25- Can increase 15% by upgrading with Hardwood x3 + Hide x3 + Jaguar Hide x1. Rate of fire: 75- Can increase 20% by upgrading with salvage x1 + fat x4 + jaguar hide x3.Draw Speed: 50- Can increase 15% by upgrading with hide x6 + jaguar hide x1.Hold Time: 75- Can increase 60% by upgrading with cloth x7 + hide x6 + jaguar hide x2.You can get this bow in the Hidden City from a merchant for 5,800 gold..

2. Viper Bite Bow


The Viper Bite Bow is a sinister looking bow that is reinforced with animal bones making it the strongest and most durable out of all bows. It is another form of the re curve bow, but it has the additional perk of venomous arrows that you can shoot enemies and ensure a swift, painful death. It is as silent and deadly as its name as enemies can not hear when an arrow is fired.

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Weapon Stats:

Damage: 25- Increases 40% by upgrading with hardwood x4 + jaguar hide x3.Rate of Fire: 75- Increases 45% by upgrading with hardwood x6 + jaguar hide x6.Draw Speed: 50- Increases 30% by upgrading with fat x3 + cloth x2 + hide x1.Hold Time: 75- Increases 60% by upgrading with hardwood x4 + hide x2.

You can get this bow after you complete the story mode and unlock the Serpents Path, asshown in the link below.

1. Heart of the Eagle


The Heart of the Eagle is a longbow made from the Heart of the Eagle warriors in Paititi. It was made to be upgraded and excels in damage and range making it easy for Lara to get one-shot kills. It has the highest hold timeout of all bows, including the Atlatl which was built for long range and distance as well.

Weapon Stats:

 Damage: 25- Increase 40% by upgrading with hardwood x8 + jaguar hide x4. Rate of fire: 75- Increases 40% by upgrading with hardwood x6 + jaguar hide x6. Draw speed: 50- Increases 30% by upgrading with fat x8 + cloth x5 + jaguar hide x2. Hold time: 75- Increases 70% by upgrading with hardwood x8 + jaguar hide x6.

To get this bow you would have to complete the Ancient Studies Quest in the Hidden City.…

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These 3 bows pretty much all start out with the same base stats, but it comes down to the hold time and the rate of fire that makes them excel over one another. So, the next time trinity finds and corners you, shoot your way out with one of these.

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