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I am using 3×4 or 3×5 if I can. Usually first job is to get people shelter to quit their bitching.

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I usually start with 4×4 but I don't like the clutter so generally expand to 5×5 or larger:


1 x bed (single or double)

1 x torch – to the side of the bed

1 x plant – to the other side of the bed

1 x passive cooler – on the side away from the door

1 x 2×1 table – at the foot of the bed with a single square gap

1 x chair – against the wall and the table (looks messy)

I never go smaller than 6×6. Gives them a mood buff and more room to fit side tables, dressers and some art.

I too use 4×4 i build mountain bases and always have issues with space because I hate remodeling a mountain so I just keep them in the 4×4 and get them to slightly impressive eventually

3×4 or 4×4 for double beds but I don't add dressers or end tables. Statue, chairs and a decent bed will do you good.

My last colony didn't even have rooms

I kept everything together with no doors ( except the storage room and the butcher room)

I had a seperate sleeping area to the side but it was still connected. The whole base was technically a barracks.

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Because it was so big I got it to unbelievably impressive.

Despite being a barracks they all get + 3 plus huge mood buffs from such a good rec/dining room as well.

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I'm not saying this is better than individual rooms but it definitely saved space and is something I'll consider in the future.

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Also there's another tier after unbelievably impressive but I'm not there yet

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5×7 with a small partition for a toilet/shower/basin.

This gives room for a table/chairs, double bed, statue, heater, and 2 bedside tables

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Thanks for the inputs!


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