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Excited about Riders of Icarus? Want to know which flying mounts are worth jumping off of another mount onto in an attempt to tame? Nexon America has shared with us the development team”s top 10 visually stunning flying mounts, presented to you in alphabetical order with lore included where applicable. I have also included my own pitch in an attempt to sell you on each of them.

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Agnas the Red

Agnas the Red is a Heroic rarity dragon that is sure to stop your enemies in their tracks. If the glowing eyes weren”t enough, Agnas has imposingly large wings and flaming red spikes on his appendages. Did I mention that he can breathe enough fire to engulf anyone that might stand in his way?

This is his story.

The red dragons were the fiercest of Kelgarigan”s forces during the War of the Dragons, and Agnas was the strongest of them all.

At the close of the war, Agnas and the red dragons mysteriously vanished. New research suggests that Agnas followed Velzeroth to Guardian”s Gate. It”s difficult to say why Agnas chose to follow Velzeroth, his ancient enemy.

It might be possible to tame Agnas, but it would be difficult. One would need to land a critical blow and suppress his fiery powers. A Dragon Emblem, crafted from all the red dragons of the Gate, would then be able to tame him. Jeranin may know more.


Blueflame Phoenix

The Blueflame Phoenix is but a Common bird that is less imposing than some others on this list, but I assure you that it is no less visually stunning. Featuring a complementary teal-orange color scheme, this bird is sure to be the best in show.

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Caldera Firebeak

The Caldera Firebeak is an Elite rarity bird that answers the question of “what if that bird I saw on the sidewalk today were more of a badass?” Featuring a striking red color with impressive head adornments, this bird may make your insurance go up, but it will also make everyone around you jealous. Disclaimer: Contrary to its name, this bird does not breathe fire.

Here is some more information about this stunning bird.

From Modi Fahl”s “Journal of Discrete Ornithology”

Though caldera firebeaks are born in flame, the birds are surprisingly weak to fire. Firebeaks can be hazardous as mounts as they are known to spontaneously combust.

To tame this bird, one must first craft a phoenix flare. Priests of Nerhes at the Broken Caldera should know the recipe.


Coral Hawk

The Coral Hawk is another common mount that looks much like any other hawk. It is a solid brown, with only one feature that makes it stand out from the rest—its antlers. It is rumored that, long ago, some hawks saw some mountain goats fighting, horns interlocked, and said “hey, that looks like fun.” Only, for them, it wasn”t. They collided in midair and fell to the ground. After centuries of this nonsense, finally, evolution granted them antlers. They are named after the color of these antlers.


Gilded Benthic

The Gilded Benthic is an Elite rarity…dragon. At least, we think it”s a dragon. Reminiscent of a seahorse with four legs, the Gilded Benthic is sure to turn heads. Scientists still haven”t determined exactly how it flies, but they are almost certain the answer is “magic.”

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Here is the history of this bizarre creature.

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From a sea familiar research log

No creature in all of Hakanas is more mysterious than the benthic. Throughout the ages, sailors have shared stories of shimmering serpents floating above the seas. The benthic was even a popular masthead for cargo vessels in the late Crowns Era.

Fortunately, the age of myth has passed. We now know that this creature is quite real.

Taming it requires a powerful sea relic. The great titan Attaius and the dragon Atadren are believed to have the components needed to craft one, but no one has managed to do so. Perhaps an enterprising adventurer will succeed one day.


Golden Laiku

Once believed to be baby dragons, scientists have determined that the Heroic rarity Golden Laiku simply doesn”t grow up. Because of that fact, this dragon is popular at parties and riding one will ensure that people want to take pictures with you. Just be careful not to feed it after midnight.



The snake-like Elite rarity Lynic is famous for its “ferocious cries.” Riding one will ensure that no one ever wants to come near you. If someone enters your space, simply have your Lynic yell at them. You should, however, be wary of riding one while you have a hangover.

Here is a bit more about this desert-dwelling dragon.

From Modi Fahl”s “Journal of Discrete Ornithology”

Lynics are often called “thunder howlers” because of their ferocious cries. The lynic”s primary hunting method involves bombarding its prey with sound.

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Ruby Bloodwyrm

While not quite as imposing as Agnas the Red, the Elite rarity Ruby Bloodwyrm is a good second choice for those who simply don”t want to risk having their faces fried off. Featuring imposing claws, giant feet, a barbed tail, and an impressive wingspan, this dragon will at least make some of your opponents think twice before attacking you.



The Elite rarity Vulkanus is perfect for those of you who reminisce about that time that Megatron was a dragon. Featuring a three-pronged mouth, a metallic look, and glowing red eyes, this dragon will let everyone know that you are pure evil.



At first glance, you may believe that the Elite rarity Windrunner smashed its face into a mountain or something, but I assure you that is just its face. This creature features beautiful blue and purple feathers, but surveys indicate that more people are able to identify it as “that bird that looks like it smashed its face into a mountain.” Scientists will try to tell you that this is a horse, but I don”t believe that for a second.

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To try and capture these bizarre and majestic mounts yourself, you can either grab a Founder”s Pack and play now or wait until July 6th when the game enters Open Beta.

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