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Quinton Griggs is an American TikTok star best known for his weightless, dyed hair and his lip-sync, dance and POV videos on TikTok. Quinton joined TikTok in 2019 and began to earn his following on the platform that summer when he was in a dark place. Since joining, he has acquired millions of followers. 

In 2020, he became a member of the Sway House, a TikTok collective formed by Talent X. He later left the house for the Sway Gaming House.

Quinton Griggs was born on September 8, 2003 in North Carolina, the United States. Not much is known about his early life. 

As of November 2020, Quinton Griggs has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram, 7 million followers on TikTok, 621,000 followers on Twitter, 186,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Quinton joined TikTok in 2019 and began to earn his following on the platform that summer. In a Q&A video, Quinton has said that he joined TikTok when he had torn his ACL running track, and he was in a dark place in his life. “At that time, honestly, I was in a pretty dark place,” he said. “I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to go out and do anything because all I knew was sports back then.” A friend told him about TikTok, and they started making videos for the app together. 

Quinton’s first viral video was a fluke: he posted a video of him dancing on his truck, when he did not know the sprinklers would be on. His phone got soaked, and the video got hundreds of thousands of views. 

When he first started going viral on TikTok in school, Quinton said, it became a problem in class. People would take videos of him in the hall and cause scenes. He now is finishing his classes online. 

Since joining, he has acquired millions of followers. Quinton is known for his lip-sync videos, dance videos and POV videos. In addition to his videos, he’s known for his signature weightless hair, often dyed different colors like platinum blonde or black. He has acquired more than 310 million likes on his TikTok account since joining. 

Quinton signed with the talent agency Talent X Entertainment once he became well-known on TikTok. In 2020, he became a member of the Sway House, a TikTok collective formed by Talent X. The house features popular TikTok creators and content creators like Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson and more. It’s one of the most up-and-coming collaborative houses. 

Quinton later decided to leave the Sway House and move to the Sway Gaming House with several other members. “As much as I love it here, we’re always in controversy. We’re always doing stupid sh*t, getting ourselves in trouble. I mean, we’re just a group of guys, we’re a frat. I just want to make sure my brand stays safe,” Quinton said in an interview. 

In May 2020, Quinton posted a video of himself wearing a MAGA hat and received a lot of backlash online for supporting Donald Trump for president. Quinton never addressed the controversy, but he did like a comment that defended himself. “Just because someone supports Trump doesn’t mean they don’t believe black lives matter,” the comment said. 

Quinton started dating fellow TikTok star Cynthia Parker. 

Quinton sells his official merchandise through District Lines.


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