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Im looking for new ideas on how to house prisoners efficiently can you post pictures in the comments?


This is the design I usually use.

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All cells are 2×2, you could go 3×1 if you don't mind mildly cheating by putting showers on top of toilets.

All prisoners have a shower, because it eliminates fighting.

All cells are identical with the exception of Max Sec, who have double doors for a wider arc of taser fire. This means no faffing with the cell rating system, no cell is too good or too bad for anyone.

Drains and sprinklers are under the doors and in the corridor respectively. This means inmates can't hide contraband in them, and they won't be counted in a cell block search.

Each group of three blocks can be covered by one small pipe line.

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Each cell block is separated from the other by one tile, so that tunnels are predictable and dogs only need to cover a small area.

Each group of three is separated by three tiles, so that dogs can patrol and there is room for a boiler.

Guards always at the entrance, dogs also there during the day but patrolling outside by night.

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Do the small cells not have a negative effect?

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As much quality-improving stuff as possible crammed into 2×3 cells. Cell quality is turned off, though, since it just causes problems. The showerhead, toilet, and drain are all on the same square. All cells (even solitary cells, which are 1×1) have this, and the prison has no shower rooms. The outdoor spaces between cell blocks attract tunnelers and have dog partols, with J.W. Periwinkle as the warden it becomes IMPOSSIBLE (so far) to tunnel out. The space just inside the perimeter wall has dog patrols as well.

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I use this design for all three security levels. For Protected and Supermax, I make 4×3 cells that have all this plus a TV, Office Desk, Prayer Mat, Weights Bench and Phone Booth.

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