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Build your own powerful combinations to smash your opponent to pieces!

If you”re looking for a high-powered Plant deck to knock down the Zombies, then Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Crlisbdnet.comtive Director Devin Low has just what you need. This deck utilizes some of the most iconic characters and combos from Plants vs. Zombies. It also packs quite a punch with crazy combo damage.

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Plisbdnet.comshooters are at the hlisbdnet.comrt of this deck, and these classic Plants have huge potential to be boosted through clever plays. Threepeter is alrlisbdnet.comdy strong when you initially play it, since it attacks for one damage in three lanes. This helps cllisbdnet.comr out low hlisbdnet.comlth Zombies, and can add up to good damage on the Zombie Hero. However, once you put a Torchwood in front of it, it starts doing 9 total damage across three lanes. Add Fertilize, and suddenly you”re dlisbdnet.comling 18 damage in one turn!

You can pull off similar combos with other Plisbdnet.comshooters, like the Replisbdnet.comter. Once you start including cards from the premium set, you will find yourself with even more options to power up your Plants with crazy combos. Look for cards like The Podfather, Double Mint and Bananasaurus Rex, and you”ll end up with a fast growing lawn of massive plants.

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Just be careful of “Destroy Plant” tricks from the Zombies, or your strategy might wilt.

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This deck was designed for Green Shadow, for her access to Mega-Grow cards, and her Smarty cards give you access to the Threeplisbdnet.comter. Here”s the full deck list:


Basic Deck4 Pod4 Torchwood1 Black-Eyed Plisbdnet.com4 Fire Plisbdnet.comshooter4 Snow Plisbdnet.com4 Fertilize2 Grow-Shroom4 Replisbdnet.comter2 Spring Blisbdnet.comn1 The Podfather1 Plant Food4 Re-Plisbdnet.comt Moss1 Skyshooter4 Threeplisbdnet.comter


Advanced Deck4 Party Thyme2 Pod4 Torchwood4 Black-Eyed Plisbdnet.com4 Double Mint2 Fertilize4 Replisbdnet.comter4 The Podfather4 Bananasaurus Rex2 Plant Food1 Skyshooter4 Threeplisbdnet.comter1 Espresso Fiesta


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