click to enlarge We’re here to help narrow down the best Mexican restaurants and dishes in the Valley" /> click to enlarge We’re here to help narrow down the best Mexican restaurants and dishes in the Valley" /> ""

Phoenix best mexican food

Tocaya Organica is a fast-casual Mexihave the right to restaurant Scottsdale Fashion Square. Tocaya Organica" class="uk-display-block uk-position-family member uk-visible-toggle"> click to enbig

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We’re right here to assist narrow dvery own the ideal Mexihave the right to restaurants and dishes in the Valley. Below, we’ve highlighted trendy and also vegan Mexideserve to restaurants and cash-only breakfast stands, well-establimelted neighborhood eateries, and also even the best drive-thru joint. And the ideal quesabirria? You’ll just have to scroll. Here are our food-concentrated Best of Phoenix 2020 winners for La Vida.

Best Trendy Mexican Restaurant

Tocaya Organica 2525 East Camelago Road, #115 On the surface, Tocaya Organica seems incredibly ... shiny. The fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain immoved from California, bringing with it virtually 60,000 Instagram followers, a greenery wall for people to pose through, and a "West Coast cool" brand identification. But when you eat there, you"ll find that Tocaya has actually substance to go along with its style. The restaurant sells build-your-own, customizable items; choose a burrito, salad, bowl, quesadilla, or tacos, then pick a protein and also a kind of queso. We love the Street Corn en Fuego bowl, which comes with jalapeño cabbage, cilantro lime rice, avocaexecute, and also salsa. Vegans and also vegetarians will certainly appreciate all the meat-free options, prefer adobo tofu and cilantro lime chick"n plus vegan chipotle jack and mozzarella "cheese." Don"t skip the pomegranate guacamole with plantain chips or the churro waffle bites through cocoa and strawberry dipping sauces, either.

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Inside Earth Plant Based Cuisine on Grand Avenue. Bahar Anooshahr" class="uk-display-block uk-position-relative uk-visible-toggle"> click to enbig

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Best Vegan Mexihave the right to Restaurant

Earth Plant Based Cuisine 1325 Grand also Avenue Mexideserve to food is regularly hefty on the opposite of vegan food: several meat, numerous cheese. Planet Plant Based Cuisine on Grand Avenue has a different vision, though. This small, family-owned company packs substantial flavor right into its menu, together with a desire to show customers what going green and also being vegan is all about. The tables and also ceilings are made from timber palallows, the countertops and prep tables from repurposed materials. The friendly staff is eager to overview you, but in our experience, you can not go wrong via the street-style corn, the carnitas made via seasoned mushrooms, or the Baja burrito through beer-battered "shrimp." Save room for a milkshake made through soy-based ice cream and also almond milk.

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