Best Shotgun? :: Payday 2 Best Shotgun In This Game? Please Explain Why

As discussed in our previous article about Payday 2 stealth builds, there are a lot of ways that you can take on heists in Payday 2. The game allows you a huge degree of freedom on how to play the game and each of the maps can be taken on with a variety of play styles.

Stealth is only one of the ways that you can play Payday 2.

There are other immensely fun ways that you can play the game. One of those ways involves using one of the loudest weapons in the game. It only makes sense that since we made the last guide about stealth, we make this one about loud firepower, the shotgun builds.

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This article will focus on the use of shotguns as they are one of the most powerful weapons in the game and allow you to brute force past every enemy that you come across.

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With the number of shotguns in the game, and the various perk decks and skills that compliment them, there are a lot of builds that are possible focusing on shotguns.

We’ll go through all the builds from advanced to newbie so that you can have the full shotgun experience. We hope you enjoy our guide on the Top 5 Best Shotgun Builds in Payday 2!

Table of Contents

Advanced Shotgun Build – Payday 2Intermediate Shotgun Build – Payday 2Beginner Shotgun Build – Payday 2Newbie Shotgun Build – Payday 2Conclusion

Advanced Shotgun Build – Payday 2

This build focuses on being a tank that deals an incredible amount of damage. This is one of the most powerful builds in the game as it can carry you through just about every heist in the game.

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The build works well solo as well as with other people. Just like the previous build article we’re going to go over the weapons, perk deck, skills, deployables, and armor.

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