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So I decided to expand my arsenal and branch out into LMG's, and am having a great time. I have a micro uzi as my secondary and am going back and forth between the KSP LMG and the Buzzsaw. As I am new to the weapon type, I was wondering how the different guns stack up in comparison to each other and, more importantly, when to use what gun. What are each guns strengths and weaknesses and how do they compare to each other in different situations. Any info would be greatly appreciated and just for clarification, I have ultimate edition, am at level 90 no infamy and have enough cash and continental coins to do whatever when it comes to mods.

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Generally, the LMGs go like this:

KSP – The best, all-rounded LMG that you can never go wrong with, pick this when unsure. Good damage, good stability, good accuracy, good reload animation, good everything, but doesn't excel at any of it.

Buzzsaw – The best LMG for straight-up damage, it spews out 100 damage bullets at 1200 RoF which is insane, and it is the only LMG that can hit 100 accuracy without Fire Control Aced. The downsides are its funky recoil pattern and that its crippling reload animation, the latter which you can fix with skills. The Buzzsaw will basically murder everything in its path if you can control its recoil, especially if you run Body Expertise.

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RPK – The choice to go for when you want a 120 damage LMG, it's easier to control than the Buzzsaw due to its lower RoF, but in order to hit 100 accuracy with this you have to ace Fire Control ontop of every other accuracy increasing skills in the game. It's actually a very good LMG for popping heads if you can use Fire Control properly, but it can also function with Body Expertise if you want to go that way. It also has the fastest reload speed out of all the LMGs so you can safely give up some reload speed skills, just make sure you're in cover safely before reloading.

KSP58 – Basically an inferior version of the KSP, but still functions very well (if you have no DLC) and only loses to the KSP's best possible stats by something like 4 or 8 points of accuracy/stability depending on how you mod it.

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Brenner – Basically the RPK but worse, lower RoF, worse stability, nearly twice the reload speed, all for a marginal increase in accuracy and 50 more capacity. It's the worst LMG of the bunch, don't use it if you have access to the others. Doesn't mean it's absolute trash though, as the worst weapon of a broken weapon class is still good.

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