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Pat Green is one of the greatest country musicians and singers of our generation, and yet, outside of Texas, he's never received the commercial notoriety he deserves. Even without the acclaim, glitz and glamour, however, Green has created a canon of songs that will stand the test of time and likely outlast many of his contemporaries.

Born in San Antonio and raised in Waco, Green is a Texas boy through and through — he even attended Texas Tech University, where he was a member of the FarmHouse fraternity — and his love of the Lone Star State shines through in all of his music.

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With countless singles under his belt and a wealth of studio albums to his name, The Boot has picked out the Top 5 Pat Green Songs of all time. Scroll down to see what we've been listening to:

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“Drinkin” Days””

From: “Drinkin” Days” (2017)

Though Green's been making music for nearly 25 years, he shows no signs of slowing down, and his latest single proves just that. Opening up with the lines “I can still toss 'em back / I can go all night long / I can burn a candle at both ends / But I'll be burnt up in the morn',” the Texan firmly plants his feet in the red dirt of his world. As he looks back on his life of partying, though, he acknowledges he's a different man, singing about those drinkin' days, “We still have 'em, but not like we used to have 'em.”

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“Carry On”

From: “Three Days” (2001)

Instantly catchy, it was an easy decision to put “Carry On” on our list of the Top 5 Pat Green Songs. From the opening lines that lament too much time in the big city to the finale of Green belting out, “I'm okay, I'm alright,” this song holds up as much now as it did when it first hit the airwaves near the turn of the millennium.


“Wave on Wave”

From: “Wave on Wave” (2003)

We're not in the business of simply choosing an artist's most popular song and saying it's their best, but when it comes to the title track of Green's Wave on Wave, we didn't really have much of a choice. The song is a staple at Green's live shows, and, years later, it still sounds like something that could and should be blasting from every radio up and down I-35. Give it a listen and we're confident you'll agree, “Wave on Wave” is definitely Green's best!

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