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Kansas regional library systems were established under Kansas Law (K.S.A. 75-2547, K.S.A. 75-2548) in 1965 as agents of support for local public libraries. The primary goals were, and remain, the improvement of existing library services and programs and the extension of library service to areas where it was previously unavailable.Today, virtually all residents of Kansas have access to quality service through local libraries and the network of cooperation and initiative that includes those libraries, the systems, and the state library.Library membership and participation in systems has evolved to include libraries of all types. Each system is governed by a board of individuals who are appointed by local libraries (to represent their districts) and by the governor (to represent Kansans who reside outside local public library districts). Under this guidance, systems develop and customize the range and depth of services provided. For more information, visit each system”s website below.

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Kansas Regional Library SystemPopulation ServedPublic LibrariesSchool districtsAcademic LibrariesSpecial LibrariesOther LibrariesTotal membership
Central Kansas Library System (CKLS) 184,629 55 25 5 1 86
North Central Kansas Library System (NCKLS) 234,415 40 7 4 1 6 58
Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) 1,294,301 48 51 11 8 118
Northwest Kansas Library System (NWKLS) 37,110 19 21 2 4 1 47
South Central Kansas Library System (SCKLS) 796,250 72 56 14 3 145
Southeast Kansas Library System (SEKLS) 204,727 54 41 7 1 103
Southwest Kansas Library System (SWKLS) 160,990 35 16 3 2 56

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Source- 2018 Kansas Regional Library System Survey- compiled results2017 Kansas Regional Library System Survey- compiled results2016 Kansas Regional Library System Survey- compiled results2015 Kansas Regional Library System Survey- compiled results2014 Kansas Regional Library System Survey- compiled resultsIncludes: Membership Counts, Income and Expenditures, Paid Staff FTE and State Aid Report

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