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Noen Eubanks is an American social media personality best known for his eccentric and funny TikTok videos. Noen started TikTok as a joke to send something to his brother, but later became hooked — and grew a massive following. 

The up-and-coming star quickly started to branch away from TikTok once he became popular and nabbed a number of high-profile deals, including a modeling campaign with French Fashion House Celine and an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming.

Noen Eubanks was born on May 2, 2001 in Loganville, Georgia. Growing up, he attended Loganville High School and worked at a local pizza shop in Georgia before becoming popular on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

As of September 2021, Noen has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram, 10.7 million followers on TikTok, 421,500 followers on Twitter and 493,000 subscribers on YouTube. He also has nearly 56,225 followers on Facebook Gaming. 

Noen first became popular on the video sharing platform TikTok when he joined in 2018. He had previously tried out YouTube, but he hit it big with TikTok and it just clicked. He joined TikTok in 2018 to make a joke for his brother and later uploaded the video onto the app. He checked the video a month later, and noticed it had gotten 100 views. Ever since then, he was hooked. 

Now, Noen has become an up-and-coming content creator on TikTok. His videos get millions of views and regularly generate over a million likes. Noen is well-known for his eccentric lip-sync videos and video gaming videos on TikTok as well as his ever-changing hair color. He’s often described as a “soft boi” on the app, a term for men who don’t mind showing their sensitive side. 

Noen has seen a great deal of success, though he doesn’t believe TikTok will last forever. 

“At some point I will have my last great video. That is factual information. Realistically, you never know when that is,” he told Nylon Magazine. “It could have been just now. And I could just not be trending any more. People lose interest and that could be it for me. But I also [believe] if you just keep on working for something, it will turn around. Realistically, anxiety is not grounded in anything.”

In October 2019, Noen signed with Kyra TV, a digital entertainment company that builds content for Gen-Z on platforms like YouTube; in addition, they handle deals between content creators and brands. 

The French fashion house Celine cast 18-year-old Noen in their campaign in December 2019. The fashion house normally builds their ads around celebrities and decided to go in a different direction in 2019 with Noen, a sign of fashion’s dive into TikTok. 

In 2020, Noen signed with Facebook Gaming for an exclusive livestreaming deal. Noen, unlike the other recent signees, is not an official gamer and does not exclusively make gaming content. “He’s always had a passion for gaming, but this is a brand-new opportunity for his brand,” a Facebook spokesperson told Tubefilter.

Noen has been linked to fellow TikToker and beauty guru Abby Roberts.

Noen has his own line of merchandise which features hoodies, t-shirts, beanies and more.

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