Neverwinter Artifact Recovery Best Artifact Facts ( Under Level 70 )

Artifacts are a new type of equipment introduced in Mod 2. Each artifact offers stat bonuses, and a power that can be used in combat. They are important part of a character gear. Here are ways to help you get your first artifacts and extra artifacts.

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Ways to get the first artifact

New players' first artifact will come from the quest Artifact Facts /Artifact Recovery at level 21. Start the quest, walk through a short dungeon and voila. Choose your first artifact from the 3 kinds of choices. Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue, Waters of Elah'zad and Lantern of Revelation. Besides, here are also some other easily obtainable first artifacts:

1. Globe of the Third Eye – Purchase from Sybella Artis, as part of the Sword Coast Chronicles Campaign. This can only be upgraded to purple.

2. Bruenor's Helm – Obtained through chapter 9 of the Underdark quest series, “The Dwarven King”.

3. Beacon of Simril – Only obtainable during the Christmas event, but can be upgraded without the use of regular refinement and instead used special refinement also only available during the event.

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Ways to get extra artifacts

It is kind of harder to get, so here are options for you below. It is rare to get a specific artifact from a lockbox, so it is recommended to instead get them of the AH.

1. Sigil of the Controller / Devoted / Great Weapon / Guardian / Hunter / Trickster / Scourge / Oathbound Paladin. Basically there is one sigil for each class. You need to have at least 2 characters above level 60 and then get the quest “Vault of the Nine” from Jarlaxle Baenre. This might sound like a lot of work for a artifact but trust me it's not. During double XP events, you can level to 60 in a few hours. The quest can be hard to complete at level 60, but get in a guild and ask for someone to help you and I almost guarantee someone will help you with the quest and it takes about 5 minutes. Some of the Sigils are the most powerful artifacts in the game.

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2. Tiamat's Orb of Mastery – Temple of Tiamat

3. Sphere of Black Ice – Auction House or Lockbox

4. Heart of the Black/Red/Blue/Green/White Dragon – Auction House or Lockbox

5. Shard of Valindra's Crown – Valindra's Tower or Auction House

You can still get from pvp / zen market and so on. Any guide or tips you can see on our website. Except this, you can still get cheap Astral Diamonds and items here. Come here to get.

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