Minecraft extinguish campfire and How to put out a campfire in Minecraft

Setting up a campfire in Minecraft is easy, but putting it out can be confusing.

We all know that setting up a campfire in Minecraft is easy (just 3 wood and 4 coal), but what about when you want to put the fire out? It’s not as simple as just hitting “Q” like you would with a torch.

Solution: This guide will teach you how to extinguish your minecraft campfires quickly and easily! Here we go! (1) First, open your inventory and select the flint and steel. (2) Next, right click on the ground where your fire was set. Now look at those embers disappear! That wasn’t so hard now was it? You’re welcome 🙂



Campfires are a really cool item in Minecraft. They can be used to light up an area, harm mobs or opposing players and are great for decoration.

Unfortunately, unlike other items in Minecraft they cannot be thrown, traded or placed in a chest. In my opinion this makes them very underused. Campfires have been around since the Pretty Scary Update back in 2012 and have only started to see use from the community a few months ago. As a result there aren’t any water flow mechanics for campfires meaning that players must either wait for the fire to burn out or splash it with a potion of Fire Resistance. With this mod though, you can simply hook up a redstone signal to turn on an automated sprinkler system that will put out any fires that get too high!

No more smoke plumes blocking your view! No more waiting until the campfire burns out! Now you can enjoy your campfires with other players without fear of losing them to other mobs!

This mod was inspired by the Fire Extinguisher mod for 1.8 and is intended as a small joke mod to accompany it . This mod only adds one item, the Campfire Sprinkler that you attach to any fire source (including campfires, Nether portals and End Portals) using redstone. If there aren’t any nearby fires the sprinkler won’t be able to function but once hooked up it will automatically activate when needed. You can use this great alongside other mods like Combat Extended or Tinker’s Construct (with Iguana Tweaks installed) which always have lots of custom furnaces available for use!

What supplies do you need to make a campfire in minecraft?

You need 3 things to make a campfire in Minecraft: Fuel, a block to place the fuel on and a way to light the fuel.

There are many ways of doing these but some of the most popular methods include: – Using a furnace with coal inside it as fuel – Using wood from trees/saplings or planks from crafting tables – Using netherrack/end stone if you have access to them In order to light your fire you can use either Flint and Steel or Lighters depending on which items you have available. Once lit, your fire will last for a set period before going out naturally.

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How to put out a campfire in Minecraft

Knowing how to extinguish campfires can be very useful depending on what your’e doing. If you are trying to claim land then it would be best for you to learn how to put out a fire. The following tutorial will show you how.

1) Find wood and make some tools! Using the wooden pickaxe, shovel, axe or hoe; left-click on one of the logs of the campfire (not possible with coal). A menu should pop up telling you that ‘The Fire has been extinguished’. You now have successfully put out a fire using real life tools. Here is an example: [IMAGE 1]


2) Using water buckets Another method in putting out fires in Minecraft is by using water buckets. Using this method doesn’t require you to make any tools. Left-click on the campfire with one of your empty buckets in order to start putting it out. Clicking again will restart the fire. Here is an example: [IMAGE 2]

3) Using a sword or bow Another way to put out fires, only works for campfires and not furnaces, is by using a sword or bow. Hold down right click on one of the logs until the whole thing goes out (this way just wastes time). Here is an example: [IMAGE 3]

How do you extinguish a campfire in Minecraft?


  1. Campfires are lit by default when placed.
  2. Campfires can be extinguished by waterlogging it (placing water in the same block space), throwing a splash water bottle on it, or using a shovel on it.
  3. Campfires produce smoke particles that float up around 10 blocks before disappearing.

How do you get rid of fires in minecraft?

In vanilla minecraft there are only 2 ways of getting rid of fires. Either wait for them to burn out naturally or completely demolish the fire block either using your hands by left-clicking, or by using tools like pickaxes and shovels.

What if you could extinguish fires?

This is where this minecraft mod comes in! Once installed on a server/singleplayer world you will be able to extinguish any campfire by right clicking it while holding one bucket of water in your main hand. To make sure there’s no way around it, this ability can only be used when standing next to a lit fire and only while the mod has been loaded into memory (it would probably be possible to circumvent it with mods that allow teleportation).How does the extinguishing work?

Once you have extinguished the campfire, the fire block will disappear and spawn a pile of ash where it used to be. The change is immediate – no waiting necessary! This is different from vanilla minecraft in which fires burn out naturally, leaving behind only smoke particles to indicate that there was once a fire here.

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What are the advantages over simply removing lit fireblocks with tools?

There are several advantages to this approach: – It saves time since you can extinguish all nearby unextinguished campfires while standing in one place. – Extinguishing happens much quicker than waiting for a lit campfire to burn down because there’s no animation involved and an entire block will simply disappear. – Fire blocks tend to cause huge server lag when many people are around them at the same time. by removing them, this can be avoided (the amount of lag that is still caused will probably be reduced with future optimizations). – If you extinguish fires during an Enderman attack they will simply teleport away since there’s no longer a fire around to destroy!



How does it work?

The mod uses simple blockstate changes to accomplish its task. The animation of the blocks changing state is done using existing animations for similar blocks/items in vanilla game so there shouldn’t be any extra load on your client or server. Also, if the player is holding mining fatigue in his hand, he won’t be able to extinguish campfires by right-clicking them which means that players who are only interested in preventing Enderman attacks have a built-in defense mechanism to avoid being tricked into extinguishing fires.

What are the disadvantages?

There’s no way of knowing how many campfires you’ve extinguished other than by using other mods that add some form of HUD, or by looking at your achievement book which should be able to tell you the total number. Also, if another player demolishes the fire block he will get ash in his inventory so make sure to empty it before adding water or else all hell could break loose! 🙂

How did you make this mod? I’m glad you asked! I started out by adding event handlers for “block right-click” events on both lit andit fire blocks. For simple blockstate changes the key is to handle all possible cases. In my implementation, if a player right clicks a lit fire block with any kind of bucket (empty or full) in his main hand, no matter which slot he currently has selected, it will always extinguish the campfire. If you simply left-click on the fire block it will work too but instead of two blocks disappearing there will be only one so it’s usually not as efficient. Also, I wanted players who are using mining fatigue to be able to extinguish fires since they’re obviously interested in doing so – this is why I specify that only buckets can do this for them! For now there’s also an “extinguish” functionality works just like lighting fires except that the lit fire blocks spawn ash instead of smoke particles. This functionality can be disabled in the mod config file if it ends up causing any problems. I’ve also added some messages to inform users that they may be standing too close to a campfire (the messages will only appear once per minute unless you’re really standing next to one – this is done so as to not spam your chat window so much). The messages should only appear when the player is standing near where fires are usually lit since there’s no need for them otherwise.

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Tips for building your campfire so that it looks realistic and makes your game look more immersive :

– Make sure there is enough room around your campfire to warm up and cook your food. If you forget and put your fire right next to a door, well… let’s just say it would be bad for the player opening the door. 😉

The green square depicts the area where you’re able to place logs onto the fire; made possible with Minecraft 1.8’s new physics system (you know, that thing that makes everything float). (See image)

– The amount of space between each log should never be greater than one block . This may cause certain players problems as they can’t find suitable wood for their survival games or roleplays. Don’t worry though because we always have options: You could substitute normal sticks with 2/3 planks placed vertically or horizontally. Alternatively, you could build your fires out of diagonal logs to make it look more natural and less blocky.

– How should I light my fire?

Without flint & steel, this is the only way to get your fire started in Minecraft 1.8! Although this may be a bit frustrating at first, there are plentiful amounts of materials that can still set your wood on fire without any tools: Bow – The easiest method by far! Simply shoot an arrow into the campfire while holding a flint in your other hand to ignite it immediately. Flint & Steel – I honestly don’t recommend using this to start your fires anymore because bows are so much easier . If you do insist on using the flint and steel, you must first light a regular fire with just logs and then wait for it to become a coal. Once it is covered in soot, right-click the coal with the flint and steel to start your campfire.


Can be made by surrounding a torch or redstone lamp with 4 planks (on all sides)

If you want to set an area ablaze for longer than 10 seconds, surround it with torches/redstone lamps rather than sticks! It’s also guaranteed that this will not burn down any surrounding forests if players make a mistake lighting their fires. 😉

The Minecraft extinguish campfire command is a useful tool for the game. It can be used to put out fires in your campsite so you don’t have to worry about being set on fire while sleeping, or it can also be used if there are trees that are burning and need to be extinguished so they do not spread any further. If you want to know how this command works just read our guide where we explain what each word means.

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