Midnight Club La Best Cars, The Midnight Club La: Guide To Success

Your missions are paged to you and appear in the bottom of left corner of your screen. You can check which missions you have available, completed missions and tutorials by pressing the


button to access your GPS. Then press


to activate your mission log. Use /


to scroll through different tabs.

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I am going to inform you of each mission available to you, the vehicle the opposition drives, difficulty and the winnings. This is pretty much the best order to go through all the missions. Avoid any race that is not a mission until I say so. I will add any info for any vehicle the opposition use as much as I can.

When you race in races with multiple vehicles, the opposition vehicles change based on factors such as your vehicle, difficulty, vehicle Rep. and overall Rep.

Difficulty is in 4 stages. In the game it is Green (Easy), Yellow (Medium), Orange (Hard), Red (Hardest). I am going to be using the same colour system so you do not get confused. In some races, such as wagers, the difficulty is up to you. There are very few missions on the Red (Hardest) setting. The majority of the races are Yellow (Medium) so I am not going to be adding that to every race.

Unless stated, the race is a Yellow (Medium) race.

Your cash winnings vary, based on your Rep. and on missions of multiple races, dependent on how many races you win. The Prize will be the vehicle you win and its cash value when sold from your garage.

The details on each race will be set out as follows:

Mission number. Mission name

Information about each race.

(Opposition Vehicle; Difficulty; Prize)


The first vehicle you should take should be the Golf GTI.

1. First Impressions

After meeting Booke he tells you to go race guys on the side. Flash your headlights at Henry and challenge him to a race.


You will have your first achievement:

The BasicsComplete one of the missions you receive in the mission log.


1 guide


2. Sunset Strip Race

Booke calls telling you that Trevor is looking to race. Find Trevor cruising Sunset Blvd, and race him.


3. Hollywood Auto

Visit the garage in Old Hollywood and talk with Karol, the owner.

4. Red Light Racing

Karol tells you about Martin cruising Sunset Blvd. Guys like Martin race from the closest red light to landmarks in the city. They will even race you back.


After winning this, race him back and then look on your map for the traffic light icon. Select it and win 13 to unlock the achievement below.

Tip 1: Enter at least one race from each area: The Hills, Downtown, Beaches and Hollywood. This will unlock the races needed for some of the Goal Attacks later on.

Tip 2: Red Light & Freeway Racers will appear on your HUD / map when you drive past them on the road. The game will tell you that ‘you have discovered a red light/freeway racer’.

Go on GreenWin 15 Red Light Races.


3 guides


StreakerWin 5 races in a row offline.


2 guides


5. The Strip

Booke tells you to build your REP. in the city by racing guys on the Sunset Strip. The more REP. you earn, the more guys will want to race you. You need to earn 400 REP. points. No need to work on this immediately so continue with the other story races as they can be worked on together.

6. Hollywood Match

The Sunset Strip attracts racers from all over L.A. Challenge them and be the first to win two races.

7. Hollywood Hangout

Booke calls telling you about some guys that race out of the Great Palace parking lot in West Hollywood. Win the Series Race in Hollywood.

8. Bird on the Line

Booke’s friend Nikolai wants to race on the Hollywood Strip. Best of 3 keeps his car.

(Camaro; Nikolai’s 69 Camaro SS)

9 & 10. Get Tuned Up & Switch it Up

Win 6 races with a tuner and 6 races with a muscle car. Focus on the next missions and you will get these done concurrently.

11. Beverley Hills Hangout

Win the series race in Beverly Hills after Karol calls you.

I unlocked Group 2 Vehicles and traded my Golf GTI for the RX-8.

12. Step it Up

Karol wants to race on Sunset Blvd.

(280Z; Karol”s Datsun 280Z)

13. Hollywood Time Trial

Find Oswaldo around MacArthur Park and post the best time in the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX.

Tip: When on timed trials, if you have time spare at the end, slow down or stop. The closer you get to the time, the easier it will be for you on the next run. If you beat the first time by 30 seconds, then you have to beat it again by 32 seconds. If you beat it by 1 second, the next time trial will only require you to be 3 seconds faster. It makes it a lot easier.

14. Step it Up 2

Karol wants a rematch in a C-Class vehicle.

Tip: Vehicles can be upgraded or downgraded to match a performance class

(Boss 302)

15. 15 Minutes of Fame

Oswaldo calls you to tell your record has been broken in the Hollywood Time Trial. Go and beat it again in the Eclipse GSX.

16. Hot Pink

Find Annie at Pink’s Hotdog Stand in Hollywood. Talk to her and she gives you details on the next race.

17. Century City Hangout

Win the Series Race in Century City.

I unlocked Performance Level 2 for D-Class Vehicles on the second race.

18. Double Cheese

Annie wants you to earn a total of $5,000 in wagers at the Mack Burger in Hollywood.

19. Tricks of the Trade

Karol invites you to install a special ability. Pick from ROAR, AGRO, ZONE or EMP.

I went with EMP as it is best to have this installed when racing for pinkslips and in harder races.

20. Beach Match

Laticia calls and tells you to challenge guys in Santa Monica. The winner is the first to win two races.

21. Time in the Spotlight

Oswaldo wants you to beat the time again.

(1999 Eclipse GSX valued at $9,600)

After completing this race you will unlock:

Father TimeCompletely unlock a time trial by completing all 3 missions.


1 guide


I then bought a muscle car so I can work on the ‘Switch it Up’ missions (win 6 races with a muscle car). I bought the Dodge Challenger R/T and installed all upgrades available to me for a total cost of $23,500. DON’T FORGET TO INSTALL A SPECIAL ABILITY.

22. Hollywood Tournament

Karol calls you about a tournament in Hollywood. Find Leon cruising in Century City and win it.

23. What Women Want

Annie is cruising in Hollywood. Again, it is the best of 3 races, wins.

(Solstice; Orange)

24. Mack Burger

Meet Dave at the Mack Burger in Hollywood and win 3 wagers.

25. Delivery

Karol needs you to deliver 5 vehicles for him. Go to Hollywood Auto for more info on each destination.

After 5 successful deliveries, exit and return to the garage. You can now select whatever difficulty you want and after 10 more successful deliveries, you will have made about $20,000 (on easy) and unlocked

Here for a PickupSuccessfully deliver 15 vehicles out of the Hollywood garage.


1 guide


26. Racin’ for Pinks

Chung Hee wants to race you for pinkslips. Go to the Mack Burger.

(Firebird; Chung Hee’s Pontiac Firebird valued at $12,800)

I also unlocked Group 2 Vehicles: Performance Level 1.

27. Built Rough

Marcel is looking for a challenge, best of 3.

(Focus; Red; Marcel’s ‘04 Focus valued at $13,600)

I also unlocked Level 2 EMP. Expect it soon.

28. Hills Tournament

Find Tommy and win the tournament.

29. Beach Babe

Head over to the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica and find Annie.

30. Valley Match

First to win two races over in Ventura Blvd.

31. Beach Cleanup

Annie wants you to win 6 races off Ocean Ave. and then she will call you. Move on to 34, we will come back to this.

32. Hollywood Lookout

Win 3 wagers on Mulholland Drive in the Hills.

After winning my 2nd race, Group 3 Vehicles are unlocked.

I traded my RX-8 in for the Evolution and bought all available performance upgrades. Total cost was about $8,000. This is the best tuner available.

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33. Hollywood “DUB” Tournament:

Win this tournament on HARD difficulty and win a new car!

After winning this, I sold my Challenger for $28,544

(Orange; Camaro Concept “DUB Edition” valued at $36,160)

Around this sort of time, if you have been using EMP (or any other ability) as much as you can, you may unlock your first Level 3 achievement. If not, keep using it as much as you can and you will get it soon.

Set To StunUnlock Level 3 EMP.


I then equipped AGRO.

34. Beach Overlook

Visit the rooftop of the Parking Garage off Arizona Ave and challenge Lester to a pinkslips race. This also counts as 1/6 for #33.

(RX8; Lester”s Mazda RX8 valued at $20,799)

35. Beach Tournament

Best over 3 races.

Two of these races count towards #31. If you win both, you should be on 3/6

36 & 37. The Beach Front & Payback’s a Beach

Visit Karol at the Beach garage. Watch the cutscene and jump in the payback vehicle.

After you complete the mission, quit payback and you should get mission #37.

38. Payback

Same as the last mission but you have to destroy 5 cars.

During this, I unlocked Group 2 Vehicles: Performance Level 2. Restart after completion of the mission and keep going until you unlock

Destroyer of WorldsSuccessfully destroy 15 opponent vehicles using the Payback vehicle at the Beaches garage.


2 guides


45. For Old Times Sakes

Find Booke cruising Downtown. Have a chat with him.

46. Pinkslip Challenge

Karol tells you about the Hollywood Lookout where Pete is racing for pinkslips. Do not forget to activate your preferred special ability to race with. Change it back to the one you are trying to get level 3 on, after #47. You should sell the prize.

(Lancer Evolution; Pete”s Mitsubishi Evolution valued at $46,328)

47 & 48. All that Glitters & 10 Carat Breakdown

Booke tells you about Andrew who is racing for pinkslips at the Diamond Lot. Andrew is not willing to race you but Jin is. As soon as the race starts, Jin”s car stops and he blames you for tampering with his car. Race is less than a minute long and it is extremely hard not to win. Again, sell his car.

(350Z; Jin”s Nissan 350Z valued at $29,600)

49. Beach Time Trial

Find Andre cruising in Santa Monica. Post the best time in the time trial with the Boss 302.

50. Downtown Andrew

Find and beat Andrew.


Also, I unlocked Group 4 Vehicles. This also counts as a race for #31 – 5/6.

Then I went and bought the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG and added the basic upgrades I had unlocked for a total of $199,120. Not cheap but it is a Luxury vehicle. Now we can put some effort in to #41.

51. Time to Race

Go Downtown and find Miguel to hit up a time trial in a Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

Take another achievement as well:

Uncle TimeFinish the first mission for each of the 4 time trials.


52. Downtown Match

Challenge the guys on Figueroa St and be the first to win two races.

2 Wins will counts towards #41 – 2/6.

53. Times Up

Andre calls to tell you your time has been beaten. Go beat it again.

54 & 55. Hugo”s There & Downtown Underground

Booke calls and tells you about Hugo. Find Hugo on Lower Grand St. Hugo tells you to race Miguel, first to 3. He is awful. I am not sure he knows how to drive! It does not say the difficulty but I was beating him by 30secs with little effort. On the two lap race, my time was 03:53.18 and his 04:52.21. I gave him a head start so I could find out what car he drives and he went and crashed. So I let him overtake me and still beat him by almost a minute. Piece of cake, guys!

3 wins will take #41 to 5/6.

(Charger; Green).

56. An Old Friend

Beat Karol in a best of 3 races.

(Challenger Concept)

The first race counts for #33 – 6/6 and #41 – 6/6.

Unlocked Level 3 AGRO after race 1. Moved on to ROAR.

Anger ManagementUnlock Level 3 AGRO.


The first win unlocked me Group 3 Vehicles: Performance Level 2.

57. Valley “DUB” Tournament

Switch back to the Evolution and spend $38,000 on the above upgrades.

Win this tournament on HARD and win a Challenger Concept “DUB” Edition

(Orange; Challenger Concept “DUB” Edition valued at $41,920)

58. The Knockout

Damage out Jin”s car.

59. Time Out

Beat the Beach Time Trial again.

(1969 Boss 302 valued at $14,480)

60. Over the Hill

Post the best time in the Hills Time Trial.

61. Fast Times

Win 6 races with an Exotic Vehicle. Do this concurrently with the next races.

62. Downtown “DUB” Tournament

Win this on HARD and receive a new car.

(Orange; 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago “DUB Edition” Roadster valued at $311,688)

Sell it and buy the Cobra Concept and purchase all the available performance upgrades. We can now do #61.

63. Beach “DUB” Tournament

Win this on HARD and receive a new car.

(Orange; 2006 Mercedes-Benz S600 “DUB Edition” valued at $144,000)

Sell that as well. #61 – 3/6

Unlocked Group 1 Vehicles: Performance Level 1

64. It’s About Time

Go Downtown and find Miguel to beat the Downtown Time Trial again in a Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

(1999 3000 GT)

65. Concrete Jungle

Win 6 races on the Downtown Strip. We can do this concurrently with other races.

Was #73

66. Downtown Andrew 2

Find and beat Andrew in a B-Class Vehicle. Remove two upgrades from your Evolution and then you should be a B-Class. This also counts as a win for #65 – 1/6. Watch the cutscene where he goes crazy and kicks his car a few times. He wants you to win some races on a bike (#69).


67. Times a Tickin’

Miguel is calling again about the Downtown Time Trial.

(Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4 valued at $22,400)

68. Tag Team

Team up with Booke to race Andrew and Jin. Watch out for the police at the end. I was on my bike and smashed in to it which resulted in my arrest and a failed mission. It won’t give you the option to restart either. You will be back in free roam.

This also counts for a couple of other missions: #65 – 2/6; #61 – 1/6.

Once the race is done, get ready to bust a nut and lose the cops.

I also unlocked Level 3 Roar and the following achievement. Time to move on the final ability, Zone.

Hear me Roar!Unlock Level 3 ROAR.


70. Tar Beach Payout

You need to win $30,000 in wagers from the Santa Monica rooftop parking. I bet on medium races, at a cost of $9,520 each time. That means I need to win 4 races. Also, you should have won 6/6 for #61, once you win two races. Change to your Ninja and start on #69 by winning the last two races (2/6).

71. I Know You Got Sol

Beat Annie in a C-Class Vehicle. I took the 3000 GT and added some engine upgrades. Do not Auto Upgrade as you will make the car a B class. I wasted my money


. This also counts as 1 towards #65 – 3/6.


72. For the Money

Win a total of $20,000 in wagers from the Diamond Lot, Downtown. I raced on Yellow for the max amount of $9,890. That means winning 3 times. #65 – 6/6. #70 – 5/6. Do one more so you have 6/6 for #70. Choose easy if you wish.

After this I went to my garage and sold all of my vehicles. I then traded the last vehicle in for the VW 1983 Golf GTI which cost only $3,000. That gave me a total cash amount of $1,005,362. After several seconds (as always in this game), it gave me the achievement below. DO NOT SAVE. AFTER YOU GET THE ACHIEVEMENT, DASHBOARD YOUR CONSOLE. IF YOU EXIT THE GARAGE, THE GAME WILL AUTO SAVE AND YOU WILL HAVE LOST YOUR VEHICLES. RELOAD THE GAME AND CARRY ON.

Even though you have the achievement, do not worry about visual upgrades. You still need $1,000,000 to buy the garage later on.

Rags To RichesHave $1 million dollars in the bank while playing in Los Angeles.


73. The Rivalry

Beat Andrew whilst racing a motorcycle.


74. Classic Italian

Head down to the Third Street Promenade and beat Karol in an Exotic 1-on-1.


75. Another Helping

Find Hugo at the Pantry restaurant Downtown and race him. Best of 3, wins the challenge. This is super easy as you have some of the best vehicles in the game at your disposal.

(Golf R32)

76. The Champ is Here

Head to the Standard Hotel, Downtown and talk to Booke.

77. Hills Champ

Beat Leon – best of 3.


You should have now won enough races on a motorcycle to unlock:

Winning With LessWin 10 races on a motorcycle.



Now you have beaten the City Champ, you want to beat each class champ. There are 5 classes: Exotic, Luxury, Motorcycle, Muscle & Tuner. I have tested every single theory that I could find on the internet. I have completed two playthroughs on the 360 and my brother has tested it on the PS3.

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The way to unlock a Champ is to win 35 races in the same vehicle once you have unlocked the Group 4 Vehicles. That is then when you have unlocked the Exotic class. There are still a few more missions that you need to do but if you have none of the missions below available when you access your pager, do not worry. I have a quick way of getting wins, 1 per minute. However, the following is important:

Do not do any of the following races in your pager if you have already completed them before:

Hollywood Match – Mack Burger – Hollywood Tournament – Valley Match – Hollywood Lookout – Hills Tournament – Downtown Match – The Diamond Lot – Downtown Tournament – Beach Match – Rooftop Parking Garage – Beach Tournament

The quick way to win races

From any cruise or race, do the following:



to bring up the Pause menuPress to move to the Modes menuPress to select the Arcade menuPress to bring up the list of tracksScroll down to the track named Welcome to Hollywood and press Set the number of opponents to 1Set the difficulty to EasySet the traffic level to NonePress to start the raceAt the end of the race, select Race Again

This race is less than 60 seconds including loading time. My best time is 00:42.57. Keep racing. Occasionally, the police will chase you. At the end of the race, let them arrest you and pay your fine of about $1,000. You will return to the single player free roam. You will receive a message on your pager. Ignore it unless it is one of missions below.

So, just to reiterate. If any of the following missions are actively available to you, do them. If they are not, use the quick win method that I detailed above!

81 / 82. Payday / Franchise Player

Karol says you need to have $1,000,000 and once you get it, you can become a partner in the garages. That means you get everything for free. Sell as many of your vehicles as you need to get you to the big number. After you buy the garages, you can get anything you want without spending a dollar. So head to the Chateau Marmot and spend that paper!

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