Top 10 Machine Head Best Songs, The Top 10 Best Machine Head Songs

Machine Head is an American heavy metal band from Oakland, California. The band was formed in 1991 by vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce. The band’s aggressive musicianship made it one of the pioneering bands in the new wave of American heavy metal, and it is also considered to be part of the second wave of thrash metal bands from the 1990s. Machine Head’s current lineup comprises Flynn, bassist Jared MacEachern, guitarist Wacław Kiełtyka and drummer Matt Alston. Duce, guitarists Logan Mader, Ahrue Luster, and Phil Demmel, and drummers Tony Costanza, Chris Kontos, and Dave McClain are former members of the band; Mader and Kontos are currently touring with the band as part of the 25th-anniversary tour for its first album, Burn My Eyes (1994). Machine Head has released nine studio albums, two live albums, one video album, 13 singles, and 15 music videos. Four of the band’s studio albums have been certified silver in the United Kingdom, and the band’s highest peak on the Billboard 200 came with Bloodstone & Diamonds at number 21. As of 2013, the band has sold over three million records worldwide. Here are all of Machine Head songs ranked.

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20. This is the End (Unto the Locust, 2011)

“This is the most epic song I have heard in my life! Brilliant riffs solos and the chorus is just unreal. Powerful since the beginning to the end.”

19. Be Still and Know (Unto the Locust, 2011)

“Machine Head impressive production. But if I had to choose one, I’d go with “Be still and know” : amazing guitar work, brutal verses, pre-chorus that makes you pump your fist in the air, and chorus that burns itself in your mind like a flamethrower through butter.”

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18. Wolves (The Blackening, 2007)

“Deadly combination of thrash and heavy metal in this song, so amazing and wonderful! I wondered when I hear this song for the first time, full of riffs and melodies including of pounding of drums like an animal”

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5. Imperium (Through the Ashes of Empires, 2003)

“This record pleases from beginning to end adding Phil Demmell was monumental. Is it any surprise that he is a huge Randy roads fan. also if you remember at that time soloing was scarce for all bands. This song has no solo but it doesn’t need it rest of the albums have great solos. Everybody likes lamb of god slip knot,etc. They are great but lets remember who was writing these nasty riffs first!”

4. I Am Hell (Sonata in C#) (Unto The Locust, 2011)

“This is the heaviest song they ever made, awesome acoustic solo, awesome vocals, this is all a fan need to have a great time listening Machine Head with the friends!”

3. A Farewell to Arms (The Blackening, 2007)

“Just perfect! Great vocals, super melody, and awesome guitar and drums, with smooth bass. This song is what makes me get into machine head

2. Locust (Unto the Locust, 2011)

“I have heard some songs before Locust but this song is what made me fall in love with them! It’s song which combine the brutal and the melodic side of Machine Head with excellence”

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1. Halo (The Blackening, 2007)

“Musically, this song is amazing and easily one of the band’s best. Lyrically, it doesn’t do much for me on a personal level. Without getting into a debate on the specific issues Robb brings up, I’ll just say that while it’s undeniable that Christian values play a large role in our society (which is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes a bad thing), the idea and usage of the phrase “Christian conspiracy” is a little much for me.”

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