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The cards in Mabinogi Duel are divided into various decks similar to the ever popular Magic: The Gathering. As a result, you can take part in exciting duels with medieval fantasy characters like elves, orcs, and the other usual suspects. Mabinogi Duel is an excellent card game that brings with it the Nexon seal of quality found on all of their.

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PC REBOOT:What is Mabinogi Duel?Mabinogi Duel is a mobile TCG (Trading Card Game) developed by devCAT, and published by Nexon. The game ties in to official Mabinogi lore and involves collecting cards and using them in a deck of twelve to battle against both AI and other players.SUBREDDIT CHAT§1 Remember to follow.§2 All LINK posts should be directly relevant to the TCG Mabinogi Duel.
TEXT posts can be indirectly relevant.§3 All submissions that are NSFW must be marked as such.§4 Any visible genitalia or breasts is not allowed.§5 Heavy gore, such as entrails or cut off limbs, is not allowed.§8 Image macros are not allowed.§9 Non-descriptive titles and comments are not allowed (DAE, TIL, TIFU, MFW, etc).▾.USEFUL LINKS ▾. So I”ve been pretty lucky with my pulls, and I”ve gotten a lot of cards that synergize with creatures dying. Specifically:Demon: ParnokPersona: MercedesG2 Skeleton KingI really like the idea of milling my own creatures to do damage to the enemy, and I just picked up an Arrow of Revenge+1 which I wouldn”t mind working in there.I guess I”m at a loss for how to make the deck smooth though. Right now I can summon Mercedes or Parnok as soon as I hit level 2, which I find is a really great time to summon one of them, but then I”m kind of out of Dark, and I don”t have enough dead stuff to get my Cats working.Any tips guys?

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I”m new to MbD, and I would love some general advice on deckbuilding. Some things I”m thinking of/struggling with are:.Taking mercedes out of the deck (. Just some general tips:First of all there are different metas for live duels (PvP) and reg duels (PvAI). I”ll focus a bit more on PvP because that”s the arena I play most often and always get plat with multiple decks. I don”t play PvAI arenas often because the meta is super stale and boring to play against.For live duels, tri-resources decks best because they offer more variability to adapt to the many different decks real players will throw at you. Dual-resource decks are not as good unless you have some cards to build around i.e hellgate/magician:jurh; these decks basically have a single win path every game and usually require rare cards.
Mono-resource decks are even less viable but there are some cheese decks such as the goblin chieftan +1 w/ infinite feathers.Some good PvP cards that you already own:. Arrow of revenge. Ritual of darkness. Betrayal (esp combined with ritual). Hellhound. Goblin bomb squad. Goblin gravedigger.
Skeleton knightOverall I”d strongly recommend you going with a tri-resource deck for live duels because they can be just as the more expensive dual/mono-resource decks but easier to build with cheaper cards. If you want, you can give me a list of other cards you have and I can point out which cards are good and give you tips on an actual deck.For PvAI, the meta is very stale.The key to a strong PvAI deck in arena is to make a deck that”s easy for AIs to use. A lot of the time I see players with strong PvP decks in an AI arena which doesn”t work because the AI is too stupid to properly play the deck. You might win 90% of the games you play but your AI will lose 90% of the games they play which will bring your pts back down.Therefore it”s ok to make a simpler but “weaker” deck if it means your AI will lose much less. This also means duo-resource decks are much more viable because an AI will always go for a tempo/midrange playstyle.Some cards that AIs use well are:. Wild boar.

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Holy Spear. Drag to hell. Skeleton knightI didn”t only include cards you owned because the PvAI meta is honestly very stale and the cards I listed are so overused they”re basically the only ones you need to be concerned with. These cards are basically good value cards you can blindly drop without a fear of horribly backfiring. I”m a fairly new player, but veteran of many other TCG/CCGs. I think that your current deck has a couple issues:1) Cost Ramp/Resourcing. Dual colors are hard to play, and tend to do better with quick decks and not ones reliant on long term gameplay.
I don”t have the card pool yet to pull it off I think, but all the dual color decks I”ve played against are designed as rush decks. Whereas Parnok is a long term type of card. You also have 8 Dark to 4 Gold, which means you probably have an excess of Gold mid game.
I”m new to the game, but so far try to keep an even balance between factions. If you are going to have unbalanced cards, make sure that the bigger faction either has more cheap cards, or make sure the smaller faction is something that can consistently generate resources (not one off cards like Gravedigger or soulstone), and the smaller factions should probably have mid/high priced cards as you will have an excess of that resource.2) Doesn”t have enough early game pressure to fend off quicker decks. Black Cats are cheap, but then your lacking mid-game black resource and the Black Cats don”t level as well (good L1″s, average L2″s, bad L3″s).3) Parnok is a tricky card for a finisher.

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He”s expensive, relies on other cards dying, and can also damage you. I think that you”d be better off concentrating on Mecedes as your big cost finisher. If your dead set on creating a Parnok deck, you”ll need Goblin Chieftain, Alraune”s, or Ghost Stalkers. Things that create tiny little creatures on their own that block/die at the same time.If I was going to do a Parnok deck, maybe this (off the top of my head at work here using cards I know about/own):Gold1 x Gravedigger1 x Goblin Bomb Squad1 x Goblin Chieftain1 x BetrayalBlack1 x Skeleton1 x Ghost Stalker1 x Death Sentence1 x ParnokGreen1 x Hunt1 x Alraune1 x Wild Boar1 x Lion: Kroa or Wolf King Boro or 2nd Wild BoarJust some of my thoughts:).

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