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Hosting an event and want to send event invitation emails that would get tons of people to take part? This is the guide for you.

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Except…as an email marketer myself, I know how complicated this can be.

Days deciding on an event announcement flow, hours organizing your email timeline, looking at a blank email page thinking where to start and what to write… Not counting the coffee and energy drinks included in the process.

It’s not a good feeling.

So how do you write an event invitation email that would get people to participate?

It has a lot to do with what people actually want to read and know before deciding to attend your event or not.

Stay with me, I’m about to cover:

Here we go!

What You Need to Know About Event Invitation Emails

Running events is about logistics, agenda, speakers, venue, etc. You know about it all because you’re hosting, what does your audience know?

Like Jon Snow, they know nothing.


Once you have your contacts imported or connected you’re ready for your second step. Create your event invitation drip campaign.

Step 2: Create a drip campaign

Now that you’ve imported your contacts, you have to craft your emails’ content and set up your event workflow.

You can add your drip emails into real quick with a couple of clicks.

Make sure that your emails are coherent and consistent so you reach your drips’ full potential.

You can create your drip email campaign workflow visually in’ visual automation campaign builder, and it would look like this:

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Also, apply “waiting periods” between your drip emails. You don’t want to send all 3 or 4 emails in the first 24 hours. That’s spamming.

Once you have your drip emails ready, click on “Publish” to start your event invitation drip campaign.

Choose “Yes, pull in old & new contacts” to start sending emails to your contact list.

Step 3: Confirm attendance for your event participants

Confirming attendance and reserved seats for your event attendees is a common case for webinar email campaigns.

Even though webinars are held online, it is always considered an event for you.

When you send your webinar invitation email, you want your contacts to click the CTA to book a seat and confirm their attendance.

It would help you learn about the expected number of attendees, or maybe you want to verify your contacts email address with double opt-in emails.

In such a case you need to set up a webinar invitation email workflow with conditions.

Important: Apply a “wait period” before you set your condition.

Give your contacts some time to interact with your email. It will also help you to be more accurate when it comes to segmentation.

After the promised confirmation period, apply the condition “Has clicked a link in email” and split your automation for the two branches “Yes” branch and “No” branch.

Since your first email would include a CTA to confirm the registration, apply a condition to segment those who confirmed and those who didn’t.

Users go on the “Yes” branch if they’ve clicked on the confirmation CTA in the first email. In this branch, contacts receive a webinar confirmation email with further information.

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Also, a reminder email on the day of the webinar to make sure they attend it.

Contacts who did not confirm registration, receive a different email with dates of the upcoming webinar.

That is one event invitation email sequence from It is completely customizable and you can always adjust it to your event goals.

Create an event email sales funnel for recently acquired leads

When you’re promoting your upcoming event, interested prospects would register for it through:

Your website forms, page, popupA landing page you’re runningLead adsChatbot, etc.

It would be one acquisition channel or more, depends on your lead generation efforts.

At we help you connect your different lead generation sources to your email list, and put your event registrants into an email marketing sales funnel to increase your event’s participants.

Here is the whole process in steps.

Step 1: Create your event registration form

You can easily create an opt-in form in in which prospects who are interested in your event can register.

The forms you create in are fully customizable to match your brand, and you can easily embed it to your website or have it as a stand-alone web page.

To create your event registration form, register to for free and benefit from our free built-in form templates.

Absolutely effortless.

Or you can connect your CRM tools to your email list and let your leads go directly to your triggered event email marketing campaigns.

Step 2: Trigger you event invitation emails

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First thing first, you need your choose your triggers and select when you want to send your emails.

In, you can create personalized and automated email workflows that can get triggered when a contact:

Gets added to your event opt-in list,Submits a registration form on your website,Clicks a link in an email, orGets a tag.

Triggers allow you to start email automation and apply actions to event registrants. That’s when you put your event registrants into your email sales funnel.

Step 3: Nurture and motivate your leads to take action

Your desired customer action in your event email marketing is:

Prospect registrationRegistrants’ confirming their attendance.Leads converting to paying customers (ticket sales), etc.

It always depends on whether you are running free or paid events.

The magic is, whether your event is paid or it is an online webinar you need to nurture and qualify your leads to maximize your event attendance.

After you did set up your email automation trigger on contact joining “Event registrations” email list, you need to put your leads in a well-designed event email sales funnel.

By the end of this event email drip campaign, your leads would know all the details related to your event.

At this point, your leads are more likely to convert to customers and attendees.


Now that you’ve seen the recipe to cook your best examples of event invitation emails.

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I hope the event letter templates we shared inspired you and helped understand how you can persuade people to convert and show up at your event.

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