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Lucian Manamune Build – A Complete Guide – Season 11

Lucian Manamune Build – A Complete Guide – Season 11

Lucian is a bursty adc and he needs items to help him in the early game.

Lucian Manamune build gives you extra health so it can be used as a tank or assassin.

Lucian Manamune Build – A Complete Guide – Season 11
Lucian Manamune Build – A Complete Guide – Season 11

You will get lots of critical hits from Muramana that will give you more mana for your spells, Manamune, Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force are all good items on lucian because they give you crit chance. Your passive makes your auto attacks do more damage when you have full life but with this build if u kill someone with one auto attack then ur passive wont proc any other time during the fight unless u go back to base or buy an item which restores ur life like aegis aura or banner of command. The only problem with this build is its expensive so i would not recommend it for people who dont have much money.

Manamune Lucian

The Manamune build is an effective way to use Lucian’s passive ability, Lightslinger. The upgraded Muramana allows him to proc its bonus damage twice every time he uses an ability which makes it more powerful than before because of how often you can get these procs in game without having any other items or effects boosting your critical chance with shots fired from a single weapon type like other heroes might have access too.

Lucian is one of the scariest champions in League of Legends because he reaches 40% cooldown reduction quickly. This allows him to use his spells and proc double attacks more frequently, which makes Lucian an extremely powerful champion with awesome abilities that also costs 9100 gold for just three items!

Lucin’s core build – Manamune + 2x Piercing Standards cost around 7k at most (depending on if you get Rabadon). Thats cheaper than any other normal champ except Skarner who starts out even cheaper but gets absolutely crushed by skillshot dependency while trading health stats.

Lucian is an unstoppable force in the early game and becomes even more powerful as time goes on. His high amount of damage output with few counterattacks makes him perfect for both objective fights or just straight up laning against any champion that isn’t tanky enough to withstand his blows!

Lucian is an awesome champion in the mid lane. His Q – Piercing Light and W – Ardent Ablaze make him really difficult to kill, while his passive makes it so he can freely farm up! Lucys also does well all over; if you don’t have this puppy on your team list yet get playing ASAP because its going nowhere without people knowing about how talented they are at steamrolling other players with ease.

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Let’s jump to the runes and items for Manamune Lucian!

Best runes for Manamune Lucian

Best runes for Manamune Lucian
Best runes for Manamune Lucian

Press the Attack

Manamune Lucian is a powerful fighter with an awesome ability that allows him to dish out some serious hurt. His passive, which bonuses his attacks when he hits three separate targets in one go – 12% more damage for each hit! This lets you keep on hitting them until they’re dead or running away from your terrifying blade (or whatever).

Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind is the most useful ability in gaming. It keeps your character alive and let’s you score more kills, which means that for all eternity they will never run out of mana!

Legend: Bloodline

With the old school set in mind, a build that revolves around getting Tear of Goddess early will help you survive better with Bloodline rune and its healing.

Again since this is an offensive oriented DPS guide for newer players qui want to get straight into playing ranked matches asap rather than doing Research like i do when building my guides without knowing everything there was about Vainglory yet (and still am), ive decided not include any runes or skill descriptions regarding Lifesteal Per Second values etcetera.

Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace is a rune with an interesting effect. When used on targets that have less than 40% HP, Coup de Grace does increased damage and can turn the tide of a 1v1 duel if you go all-in against them!

Magical Footwear

Magical Footwear is the key to getting your core items early and scaling. The free boots allow you focus on Manamune, which helps with its quickly-needed power spike before level 18 when other fighters start rolling in exponentially more powerful bikes or dragon shells!

Biscuit Delivery

If you want to stay in the lane and not have your money eat up by creeps, Biscuit Delivery is an excellent rune. Not only does it increase both health AND mana regeneration rate for laning phase – but what makes this option even better? The extra potion gives him enough staying power that he can pressure enemies without falling too far behind!


In order to survive the game, a champion needs some form of damage resistance and armor. But it’s not just about defense; attack speed is also crucial for speedy retaliation against enemies who might want you dead!

In-game mechanics such as these can often guide your decisions when choosing what kind of resistances/attack speeds are best suited depending on how aggressive or passive an enemy feels like being towards them(?).

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Best items for Manamune Lucian

Best items for Manamune Lucian
Best items for Manamune Lucian


The Manamune is the main item of this build, and it’s what we’re aiming to reach first. When you get ahead in levels or early game when facing an enemy laner that can bully with their superior abilities like haustion gravef 20% damage reduction passive buffed by Madred’s Razors (in addition) then consider building Pickaxes instead so they don’t have too much advantage over your champion pool.

The Main mechanic here relies on converting our maximum mana into high damaging attacks- which comes from Tear og goddess if possible; but If i gets really far out ranged its best just.

Essence Reaver

Essence Reaver is an amazing weapon for this build because it gives you crit and CDR, which are both essential to make the most out of your spells. Basic attacks also restore a small amount of mana in addition to restoring HP with every hit that can be invaluable during prolonged battles against powerful enemies or bosses who require repeated flights from one safe point back home before they finish off all their loved ones first!

Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is the third item to complete your core build. It excels at boosting crit chance and damage in all stages of mid-game, so you should prioritize it over any other items for a successful adventure!

Rapidfire Cannon

This gun is the perfect weapon for those who like to be up close and personal. With its 25% increased critical chance, it’s easy breezy when firing off shots at your enemies from range or up-close in hand-to front of them with rapid fire! The passive skill also provides an extra +15ft on first auto attack that will keep you safer than ever before while still being able go face – something no other class can say about themselves without relying too heavily upon kiting alone (unless they’re using a bow).

Mortal Reminder

You might think that if you don’t face particular threats in the game, then a grievous wound is not necessary. However, it can be great during team fights due to how situational sources are used such as Mercurial Scimitar or Maw of Malmortius for example- they help Mighty Killers survive against teams who focus on killing them first instead!

Ammunition attacks deal extra damage after equipping certain gear like Death’s Dance which makes these items perfect choices when fighting toe-to-toe with an enemy – so keep your eyes peeled for more info about this soon™.

Mercury’s Treads

Lucian can take different boots depending on the situation. Mercury’s Treads reduce CC, so they’re a good choice for reducing damage from multiple marksman champions such as Graves and Caitlyn. Ninja Tabi is also great if you face an assassin like Zed who needs to rely heavily on dash abilities with short cooldowns in order capitalize their ability usage during trades; Ionian Boots of Lucidity will help out your mana pool but lessens movement speed drastically while Berserker’s Greaves might be more beneficial because it provides some armor which helps against harassing attacks.

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Both types are viable choices when making decisions about what footwear would work best suited towards one’s gameplay style – whether that means spamming skill shots or running all day long!

Summoner’s Spells

Flash and Ignite are the most popular combo for Manamune Lucian, but they can be swapped out if a game demands it. Cleanse is also an option in lieu of Teleport to get you through tough moments more quickly!

Advantages and Disadvantages


Lucian is an incredibly strong jungler and farmer. He can clear camps quickly with his passive, Q waveclear brush in the early game jungle so you don’t get ganked as easily by at risk characters like Jarvan IV or Maokai when they first hit level 6+. With high AD items that give CDR forveniently towards late game Lucian becomes even deadlier since he’ll be able to use all 3 abilities off cooldown more often; clearing minion waves faster than most other junglers without pulling himself into dangerous situations where death may occur due.


Lucian is an interesting character to play because he doesn’t get as aggressive in lane early on, but it’s not due to the build; instead you have two options: Tear or Vamp Scepter. If I were starting out at rank 5 with only one stack from level 13 (I always max W first), then maybe getting Manta Style would be better for me and more balanced if they had double warrior matchups this season like last time since we’re all back playing again 🙂

The Lucian Manamune Build is designed to be a tanky, but still very squishy build. It has high survivability through the use of defensive masteries in order to stay alive for as long as possible. This means that you will have an easier time defending objectives or killing enemies when they are low on health because your shield and high armor should give you extra defense against their attacks. If this sounds like something that would work well with your playstyle, why not try it out? You won’t regret picking up these items if you want more control over how much damage opponents can do to you while also increasing your own damage output at the same time!

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