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Lucian Build Aram Guide, Runes in Season 11

Lucian Build Aram Guide, Runes in Season 11

You want to play a fun game of ARAM, but you don’t know which champion is the best.

It’s hard to find information about new champions and what they’re good at, especially if you’re not experienced with them or don’t have friends who can help you learn.

Lucian Build Aram Guide, Runes in Season 11
Lucian Build Aram Guide, Runes in Season 11

Lucian Build Aram Guide, Runes in Season 11 will teach you how to play all 10 of the most popular AD carries on an ARAM map. We’ve included everything from champion guides for each one as well as some general tips that apply across all AD carry champions in League of Legends!

Lucian Build Recommendation

If you play ARAM and are struggling to keep up with your mana, then the Essence Reaver item is for you. This will help in a number of ways including giving back some power when struck by an enemy or restored through harvesters like Twitch’s Ultimate ability! The passive that grants bonus damage based on critical hit chance just makes things even better as well so don’t overlook its benefits – especially since there isn’t much cost associated either way (other than one slot).

Solaris Chargeblade builds provide Lucian with a quick and powerful one-two punch that can quickly overwhelm opponents thanks to its own Sunburst passive, which adds 25% more crit chance plus bonus true damage on critical hits. The Navori QuickBlade’s Deft Strikes ability allows players spamming without limits as they utilize their basic attack cooldowns refunding some of them when landing crucial strikes against tanks or high HP stacking enemies like Tryndamere in battle! If you are up against multiple tanks or heavyweight foes who would take too long if not impossible just try using Blade Of The Ruined King paired with Black Cleaver instead –

Lucian Build Aram Guide, Runes in Season 11 – Strengths and Weaknesse

Lucian has been on a tear recently. His high damage output in ARAM makes him one of the best carries to go for in season 11, and with Kraken Slayer as an item he can output serious hurt!

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Lucian is a frontliner that likes to get into the enemy’s face. He has one of the highest burst abilities in League with his Q – Piercing Lightning and passive Lightslinger, which help him smoothly do some serious damage before any retaliation can come back at him. Lucian also makes up for fleeing by having an easy escape through Relentless Pursuit as well as taking their health low with The Culling ultimate ability; this lets you beat almost any other Ultimate out there!

Lucian is a champion that can be very slippery to play, but with the correct build and execution he’s an effective damage dealer. This guide will help you learn how bests practices playing as Lucian in season 11 ARAM so if your looking for some advice on this character then let’s jump right into it!

Best Build for Lucian in ARAM in Season 11

Summoner’s Spells

When it comes to picking out a Lucian’s summoner spells in ARAM, the best ones are Flash and Heal. If your team already has lots of healing then Barrier may be an option for you instead but Mark also makes sense because enemies will often push past where they should if you don’t have someone who can guarantee their deaths from range alone!

Best runes for Lucian in ARAM

Best runes for Lucian in ARAM
Best runes for Lucian in ARAM

Press the Attack

Press the Attack is an excellent keystone for Lucian as it triggers his passive ability, which doubles all of his attacks when he uses an active one. This means that by using Press The Attack in combination with your other abilities or guns you will have quick and easy activation time while on-screen enemies are also hit hard from double hits!


When you’re in a rush to get back at it, Triumph can be your best friend. It restores 12% of missing health every time that string goes off and gives ARAM players an edge so they don’t have as much trouble when facing enemies alone or quickly dispatching opponents during team fights!

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Legend: Alacrity

Alacrity is a powerful rune that can boost Lucian’s attack speed. With enough stacks, it gives nearly as much value to purchase an item than getting all of them for free!

Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace is simply the best option in the last row of Precision runes. The 8% damage increase can be a huge buff that you take advantage from start to end, especially if your enemy team has lots and lots tanks on it!

Taste of Blood

For the secondary runes, Domination is a wise choice. Although Taste of Blood provides an increase in health recovery rates it also requires you to attack!

Ravenous Hunter

Ravenous Hunter is a must for any player that wants to stay alive in League of Legends. Not only does it provide the best healing, but with enough stacks you won’t have anything left to fear from enemy champions!


Lucian’s only viable build is the one with just an Attack Speed, Adaptive Force and Armor or Magic Resist depending on how things are going for him that day.

Best Items for Lucian in ARAM




Best Items for Lucian in ARAM
Best Items for Lucian in ARAM

Kraken Slayer

The Kraken Slayer is a mythic item for Lucian that gives him true damage hit on his third auto-attack. As we said earlier, this means he can obliterate any squishy or tank champion in League of Legends without limitations!

Berserker’s Greaves

The Berserker’s Greaves are your best boots options for Lucian in ARAM. They give 35% attack speed, which is insane and an 1100 gold purchase! You should always go with them as the second item upgrade when building a build specifically around him/her – they provide much needed power to unleash all those skill shots from range while staying safe at close range themselves thanks their strong defensive capabilities along with increased movement speed boosts.

Essence Reaver

Lucian’s ultimate, Essence Reaver is a powerful tool for dealing with Lucian’s mana problems. Whenever he hits an enemy with critical strike and marks them for death or assists in killing them, the revenant gains some much needed energy back! This will be easy as you build your kit around pumping up that chance to critically hit from all angles of attack – even utilizing his passive which provides him increased damage against slowed enemies when they have no stacks on himself yet (slowing down any champion who DARES challenge this man).

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Lucain’s abilities can prove difficult without enough resources such us Mana potions so play smart by making full use out-of skills like “Essence reave”

The Collector

A fourth purchase that provides additional damage and lethality, The Collector has a very interesting mechanic which instantly kills enemies below 5% HP. This is the item to go for if you’re looking to optimize Lucian’s DPS!

Navori Quickblades

Navori Quickblades is the fifth and final item in our list. This one isn’t just about providing you with some much needed Critical Chance, but it also has a Haste effect that increases your attack speed for each shot fired from this weapon! As if all these benefits weren’t enough already…the next time any of our abilities are on cooldown (Q/W/E) those timers will be reduced too- which means not only do we have increased damage output capability again throughout battle; but should an opponent get too close while trying to fight against us during their own downtime moments as well?! It might even force them out of combat completely.


And in the end, we have Bloodthirster. This item has really only one job – to give you the best self-healing possible for League of Legends (and it’s time Lucian checked this out). Together with taste of blood and ravenous Hunter, there are many benefits when catching these three consumables during your rotation!

The new runes system has been a game changer for many players. With the introduction of different tiers depending on your level, you can now tailor your rune page to be more effective in each stage of the game. If you’re struggling with how to build out your rune pages, we recommend consulting this handy guide by Lucian Build Aram. Whether it’s about figuring out which tier is right for you or what type of runes are best suited towards specific situations, he covers everything! Click here to check it out and start dominating ranked games today.


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