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Times have changed since you got caught for doodling that cute girl’s name on your desk in elementary school. Now you can mark your territory in a non-permanent electronic fashion with the LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti. This set of 20 different LEDs each has a battery and a magnet attached. Pull the tab to activate, then toss them on any ferrous metal surface… they stick and glow brightly announcing to everyone in the vicinity that you were indeed there. But make sure you stick the LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti on stuff you own, or are able to remove them later… because gone are the days when you can post funny battery powered LED signs all over Boston and get away with it.

In 2008 I spotted this “LED “Art Object” Kit” and since 2006 there have been many uses of LED throwies in music videos to commercial merchandise, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone claim they invented them.

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Maybe ThinkGeek added something like a pull tab, but that’s been there from the start too. I’m pretty sure the folks at GRL don’t care or don’t mind if someone sells these (it’s “open source”…) but I’d like to see ThinkGeek consider giving credit on the page somewhere and maybe reconsider the “Invented by ThinkGeek” claim. Lastly, I wonder if all the people who didn’t like when GRL made these will also be as vocal towards ThinkGeek or maybe they just didn’t like GRL. I’ve sent ThinkGeek an email and tweet’ed to them, I’ll post any comments they have here. I’ll continue to be a ThinkGeek customer too.

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Our apologies to the original geniuses at Graffiti Research Lab behindthe LED throwie! The problem is we currently have only one “Invented byThinkGeek” badge for the products that we manufacture. So while we madeimprovements in our LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti–like a specialbattery housing, and manufacturing the set for a reasonable price–weobviously we didn’t originate the concept.

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The good news is the LED throwie page on our site never sported the“Invented by ThinkGeek” logo, but unfortunately we can’t remove logosfrom print materials that are already out in the mail. (Let us know ifanyone invents that.)

Again, sorry for the mixup, and thanks for making us think hard abouthow we’ll use that logo! We’d never mean to take credit for such anawesome idea where it wasn’t due.

ThinkGeek also updated the product page with links to GRL and Instructables. Perfect job – thanks ThinkGeek!

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