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Top 11 League best top laners 2021

League of legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena video games in the world. It has a massive player base and community, but it can be hard to get into without playing with friends.

You want to play league of legends because you’ve heard how much fun it is, but you don’t have any friends who play so you’re left out in the cold.

We created this league best top laners guide so that anyone could learn everything they need to know about playing top lane champions in league of legends no matter their skill level or experience.

This guide will teach beginners how to pick which champion best suits them as well as advanced players how they can improve their game by learning new techniques for dealing with different situations on top lane.

If you follow our instructions step-by-step then we guarantee that within two weeks your win rate will increase dramatically and before long you’ll be climbing up the ranks faster than ever before!

Types of Top Laners


Hyper-carries are the opposite of Tanky DPS, they are looking for single target focus so their damage can be very high.

These champions would sit in top lane and constantly push since its further away from all lanes which makes them more susceptible to ganks.

Sometimes these champions may look for trades early on but that is not their main goal unless something drastically changes within a game or it’s necessary to do that constantly.

Their strength is having high damage output while being able to take some hits if needed, where as their weakness is they are usually squishy and easily killed without careful positioning by themselves or teammates nearby them.

Champions you want to watch out for are Darius, Fiora, Garen, Irelia, Jarvan IV, Jayce, Kayle, Olaf, Renekton, Riven.

Support-style Champions

Support-style Champions are strong at shielding, buffing, healing, etc. They’re designed to help the team more than themselves.

Solo laners are split into two sub-styles: Damage-dealers and Tanks/Bruisers. Tanks are typically better in a 2v1 lane and do not put out as much damage as solo laners but can withstand a lot of punishment and still remain standing.

Bruisers are somewhere in the middle between tanks and solo laners; they generally deal less damage than other solo laners but more than tanks and have an easier time surviving with fewer items.

The Top Lane itself contains a unique dynamic because it is so isolated from the rest of the map As such, many top lane champions are meant to be able to overpower their opponents 1v1 or at least hold their own without assistance from the jungler.


Top laners are usually classified into 3 main groups, each with their own general playstyle. The three categories are: Tank, Fighter, and Mage.

Tanks typically have a strong initiation or counter-initiation ultimate that can decide the outcome of a fight in one fell swoop.

Their primary aim is to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning by forcing them to avoid/dodge the initiation and focus somebody else instead.

Tanks also have a large health pool and will often need to dive into the back line of an enemy in order to peel for carries in the late game.

As a result they must take care not to initiate when it is not appropriate to do so as they may expose their teammates to unnecessary damage from the enemy team while their allies are out of position.



Camille is a very strong champion with her skillset. I feel like she can easily beat the enemy top laner if played right.

Her range and damage are good, so is her CC with the E+Q combo, which makes it easy to kill targets in lane under turret or gank other lanes.

She’s kind of new but already has proved herself as one of the best champions for solo q out there together with Jarvan IV who is number 1 on this list by the way.

Camille seems to be picked more mid then top though, at least recently in EUW solo queue games.


  • Powerful early/mid game damage with incredibly high sustained dps
  • Versatile build paths, allowing for both tank and dps builds equally as effective
  • Strong duelist, able to 1v1 any top laner consistently if even or ahead. Can also split push very effectively due to aoe aa’s and low downtime. Also snowballs extremely well into a dominant split push threat in the later stages of the game. If snowballing is already strong enough, she can opt to group up with her team too.
  • Ultimate has an invincibility aspect which allows Irelia to essentially ignore many forms of cc such as ultimate’s (specifically those that root you) and stuns which will cause her to go straight through it and not be disabled.
  • Weaknesses include mana issues, as Irelia requires a large amount of farm to function at her peak, as such if she is not able to snowball or gain an advantage prior to the teamfight phase where she is at her strongest she can enter this weaker than compared to most other top laners.
  • Irelia is also very weak vs ranged opponents until later points in the game when she has access to items such as Trinity Force and Sterak’s Gage.
  • As with almost all melee champions that lack hard cc Irelia can struggle against poke comps or those which have high amounts of disengage.



Renekton is one of the best top lane champions in the game because his abilities give him everything he needs to be extremely effective in any matchup.

His Q gives Renekton a damage boost, healing, and life steal so that when you harass your opponents with it you can sustain yourself well through minion waves while also dealing large amounts of damage.

The ability becomes exceptionally powerful when used at maximum fury which is built up by either attacking minions or champions.

Once reaching 100 fury using an empowered ability deals true damage along with splash damage which allows for devastating AOE harassment as well as last hitting multiple low health targets at once.

Another great thing about this ability is its cooldown which scales down from 8 seconds on rank 1 to 5 seconds on rank 5.

This means that not only can you harass your opponents more often, but the cooldown on his W is so low that it provides a point-and-click stun which can help set up ganks or turn the tide of a 1v1 fight as well as being able to escape from sticky situations.

The final ability Renekton’s kit is his E which makes him invulnerable to damage for a brief period of time and also slows surrounding enemies by 50% while giving Renekton a 40% movement speed boost at the same time.

This allows Renekton to close gaps easily with its long range and gives him a massive advantage during trades allowing you to dodge any skill shots coming from your opponent while dishing out decent damage yourself making it easy to turn around fights that would have been impossible without it.

Renekton’s strong damage and great survivability combine together to create a powerhouse top laner that is hard for opponents to deal with while having the tools needed to maintain a good laning phase while transitioning into being a solid team fighter.

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Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench
Tahm Kench

He’s strong. Real strong. Real, real… super duper strong. He can swallow up enemies whole and later spit them out again so they suffer even more than before until death finally comes to ease their pain.

Despite his 1v9 potential he also has the ability to peel pretty well for carries so unless you bring your A-game against him, expect an unsatisfactory early game followed by a trip back to respawn as you watch him take over mid game with near impunity (or at least that’s what happens when I go up against him).

With the new Runes Reforged system coming out soon I think top lane will change drastically but if anything TK should stick around because of how brokenly difficult he is to deal with.



Fiora has been around for a long time now even though her popularity has dropped a bit. The reason I feel like she shouldn’t be in top 10 is because of the Fiora nerfs, especially the ulti nerf which doesn’t help you win trades at all.

Her E is very weak now and makes her job even harder once she’s behind. It used to give 100 on-hit damage on activation that would scale with bonus AD, but it got removed completely instead of toning it down by 50 or something like that.

Now Fiora can get poked really hard if she uses this ability while trading, which means no healing for meelee champions early game (Sad life of melee carries).

That’s why I feel like Fiora should be outside the top 10 list even though she’s still good at being a splitpusher, which is what you should be doing if you are melee anyways.



Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain is a tanky, support based champion that excels in killing tanks. He is one of best top laners at dealing with other tanks and can carry teamfights as well as 1v1 lanes.

His passive ability, Living Forge , lets him build items anywhere without having to return to base (which allows him to be able to buy time for his allies).

Also, his ultimate which creates an AoE damage zone makes it practically impossible to dive Ornn.

However, Ornn does not have many mobility options and will likely die if he gets caught by both enemy carries; this makes him more suited for countering other tanks and supporting other carries rather than carrying himself (although he can still carry if he manages to build some items).



Yorick is a champion that directly counters tanky melee top laners such as Renekton and Dr. Mundo.

His kit scales extremely well with levels which means he will be able to bully these tanks out of lane by spamming the ‘Q’ poke, create pressure by engaging on enemy laners with his ultimate, or stall out games by becoming a never-dying tank in the late game.

He is also one of the most oppressive picks against ranged top laners such as Irelia and Jax because he will be able to trade with them throughout the entire laning phase and all-in them at level 6.

Unfortunately for Yorick, his winrate in solo queue is very low because he has a limited playmaking ability on an island that usually spawns 2 tanks/fighters throughout the course of the game.

His roaming ability is lackluster unless he gets ahead and can use his ultimate to teleport across the map to create pressure. I personally believe that Yorick is a top tier pick because he fits into the current meta: lane bullies and enchanters (or “bruisers” in this meta).

He will be able to roam around the map when his laning opponent recalls or push out waves with his high mana sustain.

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Kled is a formidable champion in the top lane. His kit gives him great dueling capabilities alongside mild utility and mobility.

Kled is able to bring down singular targets at low health with his signature move, Joust! Additionally, since his kit includes CC reduction and movement speed boosts, he is able to jostle for position at all stages of teamfights, even if he has already gone in.

Kled’s kit allows for him to play several different styles. He can poke with his Q and use the movement speed granted by his W to get close or disengage accordingly. Because of Skaarl’s passive, Kled is also able to push waves quickly, which can open up opportunities to roam.



In the current meta, Singed is by far the best top laner.

His ability to push towers quickly makes him a valuable asset, and his tankiness means he can survive almost anything thrown at him. In addition, the recent buffs to poison means any champion who fights Singed will have a harder time killing him in teamfights – just look at how dangerous Singed is in the world finals.

Singed’s only weakness is his poor laning phase, but with jungle pressure he can easily become unstoppable.





Darius is a tank that turns into more of an assassin as the game progresses.

Darius is a really strong top laner, and can kill other champions easily with his ultimate. He also has decent burst damage.

Darius has less sustain than most other top laners, but also has excellent kill potential.

Darius is an option for teams looking for more of a tank. He doesn’t have too high of damage, but he can easily survive almost all 1v1s due to his passive ability.

Darius is an average top laner, his ganks are lack luster early game but he can be very dangerous due to his passive.


Who is the hardest top Laner in lol?

Fiora Fiora may be hard for newer players due her high mobility with Lunge/Riposte being able to dodge your CC , making your follow up useless. However she should be easy for any player after lvl 6 due to her melee range and shorter ult cooldown.

What are the best top laners in lol?

The best top laners in League of Legends are those who can farm, win their lane, and influence the map as a tank. They may not output as much damage as an assassin or fighter, but they can initiate teamfights, provide strong crowd control, and soak up tons of damage for their carries.

Top laners have some of the highest base stats and growth in the entire game, so they can often win trades and 1v1s against other lanes. However, success as a top laner requires an understanding of wave management and macro play that isn’t necessary for other roles.

Who is the most op top Laner?

The most op top laner is Teemo. His blind and move quick makes him unkillable and his shroom dealt tons of damages to the enemy. He’s very good against AD carries such as Vayne especially if he can slow her down with his poison so she cant run away.


It’s important to have a strong top laner if you want your team to succeed in League of Legends. We’ve compiled our list of the best top laners in the game today, so read on for more information about who is leading their respective region!
If there are any other players that we missed or should be added, let us know in the comments below. Remember- these are only opinions and subject to change based off solo queue performance.
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