5 Best Buffets In Las Vegas Best Buffet 2015, Caesars Bacchanal Buffet, Las Vegas


Most buffets still rely on industrial-sized pans resting above heaters to serve food, but not Wicked Spoon. Instead, diners here will find different stations offering individual portions on single plates, which makes for tasteful presentation — and food. Plus, the single servings make it much easier to eat an appropriate amount, so you won’t leave feeling painfully bloated.

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Though you aren’t likely to find Wicked Spoon’s fare in the average buffet, the dishes are nonetheless quite familiar: prime rib, crab legs, and the like. A good bet is coming here for a filling lunch, which will only cost about $24 per person.

The Buffet at Aria

Recently renovated and absolutely stunning, the Buffet space in the Aria Hotel and Casino perfectly blends chic, modern American design with simple, delicious global cuisine. Aria has worked hard to provide some of the most diverse buffet stations on the Strip, and it has succeeded with flying International colors.

The Mediterranean bar offers tastes of Greece, Northern Africa, and the Middle East, and the Indian space has a traditional tandoor oven where naan bakes and kabobs sizzle just like they do on the streets of Chandigarh. Plus, kids will love the all-American diner section, where they can find superbly prepared favorites like meatloaf, grilled cheese, and tomato soup.

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On weeknights, you can have access to the marvelous dinner buffet for $34.99 per person, which is an unparalleled price for such quality cuisine.

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After you have visited every station twice, there is only one solution: dessert! One last food counter is waiting for you in the chocolate and candy wonderland that is the HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Las Vegas store. All day, every day, pastry chefs and confectioners toil to create new and improved versions of your favorite HERSHEY’S treats. At the bakery station, you’ll find dozens of fresh-baked goodies, from chocolate-dipped strawberries and a plethora of homemade fudge to brownies and cupcakes inspired by individual HERSHEY’S sweets.

During your visit, to help you digest all the edible goodies you’ve enjoyed during your Las Vegas vacation, you can delight in a number of unique HERSHEY’S experiences, like designing your own HERSHEY’s Chocolate Bar wrapper or understanding your perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate in a REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup. Bring a little HERSHEY’S Chocolate World Las Vegas back to your hotel by filling up bags with your favorite varieties of HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolates, JOLLY RANCHER candy, and any of the other 800 types of Hershey’s candy.

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When you visit Las Vegas, America’s headquarters for topnotch food, you want to sample as much as you can in the limited time you have. Buffets are one of the best ways to save money and maximize your exposure to the various cuisines of the city. Instead of missing out on any of your favorite foods during your dream vacation, you can have it all — at the perfect price — with amazing ambiance, too — at these amazing buffets.

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