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Kyle Thomas is a British social media influencer who first rose to popularity on the video-sharing platform TikTok. He has since grown to become one of the most-popular content creators in the United Kingdom. Kyle is best known for sharing informative videos and fun facts about his wide variety of rescue animals, from dogs to meerkats to hedgehogs.

Kyle Thomas was born on September 19, 2004 in Kent, England, UK. He grew up in Kent and took karate classes as a child. Not much is known about his close or extended family. Kyle has a plethora of unique and unusual rescue animals around the house as well. 

As of August 2021, Kyle has more than 1.4 million Instagram followers, 163,000 subscribers on YouTube and 29.5 million followers on TikTok. Kyle does not have a Twitter account. 

Kyle first grew to popularity on the video-sharing platform TikTok. He often posts about his wide variety of rescue animals, as well as lip sync videos and comedy videos. He shares videos of his monkey, Trish, meerkat Milo and hedgehog Simon, among other odd and unusual house animals the teenager has at his house. 

Since joining TikTok, he has quickly become one of the United Kingdom’s most-viewed users on the app. He has become known for his informative animal videos and quirky animal videos. One of his most-viewed videos on TikTok is a video of him explaining how to give a hedgehog a bath correctly. 

On YouTube, Kyle shares informative animal videos about the various rescue animals he owns, and how to care for them. For example, he posts videos about how to care for a hedgehog, assumptions people may have about him, and more. He has been on YouTube since 2018. 

Kyle also posts to his popular Instagram account. His content on Instagram includes a wide variety of content, including lifestyle photos, photos of himself, photos of his pets and more. 

Since becoming popular on TikTok, Kyle has launched his own line of merchandise featuring hoodies and t-shirts for his fans.

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