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Best Equipment in KH3 and How To Get Them

KH3 has a ton of armour and accessories you can equip on Sora to make him the strongest good boy ever. Some of these items are making a return from previous titles in the series, but some are completely new and have abilities that make them worth tracking down. This list will help you decide which items you want to fill your equipment slots with. 

15. Hero’s Belt


This early-game armour can be found in Olympus by gathering up the five golden Hercules statues for the little boy in the Agora. It adds 3 defense points to your stats and grants a 20% boost in thunder, aero and water defenses, which isn’t bad for such an early find. It is also blessed with the ability Frontline Photographer, which means that if you get struck by an attack while using the camera, the Gummi phone won’t auto close. This enables you to get some really great action shots and this armour is the only way you can get this ability. 

Why Hero’s Belt is great: 

Early game defense boostFrontline Photographer abilityMultiple elemental defense boosts

A full breakdown of stats can be found here:”s_Belt

14. Master Medal


The Master Medal can be earned by getting either an A or B rank on the mini games in KH3. There are 12 unique types of Medals you can win, each with a different ability attached. Two of my personal favourites are Extra Cast, which can be found by getting an A rank in the Festival Dance mini game with Rapunzel, and Lucky Strike, which is gainedfrom winning an A rank in Verum Rex. As you can only find one Lucky Ring in the game with this ability, you’re definitely going to want to get a few of these if you plan on gathering synthesis materials for the stronger items later in the game. 

Why Master Medal is great:

Many different kinds can be found to suit your play styleRare abilities you can struggle to find anywhere elseYou can earn multiples of the same medal so some abilities will stack

A full list of the types of Medals can be seen here:

13. Soldier’s Earring


Another early-game piece of equipment, the Soldier’s Earring can be found in a chest in Toy Box, (specifically in the Action Figures section) or made with easy to obtain synthesis materials. This will give your strength a boost by 3, your magic by 1, and bestow the Defender ability on you, which is one of the earliest ways you can get this ability on Sora. It raises your defense in battles when your HP is dangerously low, which can make this accessory super important for early boss fights. 

Why Soldier’s Earring is great:

Early game defense boostDefender ability is 100% going to save your butt at some pointIt has a dragon on it, which looks amazing

A detailed summary can be found here:

12. Gourmand’s Ring


An accessory with rather unusual abilities, the Gourmand’s Ring is focused primarily on food (as if the name didn’t give it away.) There are two available in game, one for raising the Bistro to its first star rating, the other as a random postcard prize in Twilight Town. It gives a pretty solid AP boost of 8, and comes with Harvester and Chef Extraordinaire abilities attached. These allow you to collect an extra ingredient each time you gather one, and make the “excellent” ratings when cooking more easy to obtain. Which is a blessing, as I don’t know how many times I can tolerate Remy telling me I suck at cracking eggs. 

Why Gourmand’s Ring is great:

Tasty AP boostHarvester ability for more ingredientsChef Extraordinaire ability for easier cooking

A full stat breakdown can be seen here:

11. Divine Bandana 


The Divine Bandana can be found in a chest in the Central District of San Fransokyo. If you don’t fancy waiting that long though, you can get your hands on one earlier in the Caribbean as a possible reward for defeating a Heartless ship, or you could synthesise one from the Moogles for bringing them 28 different synthesis materials. However you decide to go about getting one, you’ll be glad you did, as this armour will boost your defense by 4, your water defense by 30% and grant you the Water Syphon ability, which recovers your MP each time you’re hit with a water attack. This is particularly useful against clusters of those pesky Water Core enemies. 

Why Divine Bandana is great: 

Defense boostHigh water defense boost Water Syphon ability

A detailed summary can be seen here: http://

10. Ribbon


Starting off the Top 10 we have the Ribbon. A classic Kingdom Hearts accessory, this little number can be found relatively early on by photographing 30 lucky emblems. I recommend getting your camera out and snapping each emblem you come across to get hold of this armour as soon as you can, as it grants a moderate boost in defense of 3, but most notably a 30% defense boost against all elements. These defenses stack too, meaning you can combine this with other accessories to give yourself a real advantage. 

Why Ribbon is great:

Found early to mid gameDecent defense boostDefends against all types of elemental damage

A full breakdown can be found here:

9. Cosmic Arts


Cosmic Arts is a silver charm adorned with stars and a moon, and is a solid all-rounder when it comes to stat boosting. This can be found inside a chest at Ship’s End in the Caribbean, and there’s a 20% chance a Black Ship will drop one upon defeat if you want more for your party. It boosts your strength and magic stats by 4 each, and increases your AP by 12. If this wasn’t enough of a reason to get hold of one of these, it also comes with Damage Syphon, an ability which restores MP when damage is taken. 

Why Cosmic Arts is great: 

Gives a large buff to both strength and defenseIncreases your AP Damage Syphon ability

A detailed information list can be seen here:

8. Orichalcum Ring


If you like Sora to pack a heavy punch then you’ll certainly want this accessory in your roster. The Orichalcum Ring can be synthesised at the Moogle Shop, or if you don’t want to grind materials you can obtain one for photographing 60 lucky emblems with your camera.

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This ring will increase your strength by 6 and your AP by 10, giving you extra room to equip abilities, and comes with Cure Converter, a useful ability for late game which gives a chance to increase your situation command bar whenever you use cure magic. 

Why Orichalcum Ring is great: 

Can be found through photographing emblems so you don’t need to grindIncreases strength and AP significantlyHas Cure Converter, which stacks

A full stat breakdown can be found here:

7. Wisdom Ring


The Wisdom Ring is for all the magic users out there. It can be added to your collection once you photograph 45 lucky emblems, and you can synthesise it with the Moogles. It adds a solid 5 points to your magic stat and boosts your AP by 10, giving you room to maximise the magic boost by equipping some MP related abilities. It also comes with Wizard’s Ruse, a rare ability which sees Sora have the potential to recover HP when using MP in battle. This can be really useful for long haul boss fights, or if you’re attempting a Pro Code playthrough using the DLC. 

Why Wisdom Ring is great: 

Boosts your magic significantlyIncreases APWizard’s Ruse ability

A detailed summary can be seen here:

6. Royal Ribbon


The big brother to the aforementioned Ribbon, this armour increases your defense stat by 4 and your elemental defenses each by40%. Like the Ribbon, this stacks meaning you can keep the original equipped to further increase your elemental defenses, or replace it so you can give the Ribbon to a less defensive party member (looking at you, Donald). You can only find one of these in the game and that’s by photographing 70 lucky emblems, so you’d better get your Gummi Phone out if you want to make use of this key piece of equipment. 

Why Royal Ribbon is great: 

High and stackable elemental defenseGood defense boostNo need to synthesis grind

A complete stat breakdown can be found here:

5. Cosmic Belt+


If you aren’t struggling with elemental attacks and just want a boost in your regular defense, then this armour is for you. It does cover the bases with a 10% elemental defense boost, but it boasts a +6 in defense which is definitely going to give you an advantage in later boss fights. If you pair this with the Royal Ribbon, all your bases are well and truly covered. You can get your hands on it by photographing 65 lucky emblems and by defeating Battlegate 2, so make sure you pick up both for your party. 

Why Cosmic Belt+ is great:

Huge defense boostNo synthesis grindingYou can get two to cover your bases

A detailed stat page can be found here:

4. Flanniversary Badge


Not counting the fact that this accessory looks like a delicious bowl of pudding, the Flanniversary Badge has a variety of useful benefits. It has an increase to both strength and defense of 4, which is decent, but this accessory’s charm lies in its abilities. It has two; MP Thrift and MP Hastera, which allows Sora to recover spent MP quickly and reduce the cost of casting spells in the first place. This is awesome for a variety of situations, whether you’re firing off rapid magic attacks to combat swarms of enemies all at once, or using cure multiple times against a difficult boss fight. This accessory can be picked up after satisfying each of the Flantastic Seven to rank A.

Why Flanniversary Badge is great:

Has a decent strength and defense boostHas two abilities which will slow your MP depletion and restore it quickly once it runs outAgain, it looks like a delicious bowl of pudding. What’s not to love? 

A detailed stat breakdown can be seen here:

3. Breakthrough


A DLC exclusive, this accessory can be won by defeating one of the penultimate Data fights in the Re:Mind DLC. It has a huge strength bonus of 7, and boosts your AP by 15. It also comes equipped with Cure Converter, one of the most useful abilities if you’re going to be attempting hard hitting bosses. It’s definitely worth getting this accessory and pairing it with some defense boosting armour to increase your firepower. 

Why Breakthrough is great: 

It has an enormous strength boost and will make Sora hit harder than ever. Cure Converter gives you an edge during boss fightsThis is a difficult one to earn so the satisfaction after obtaining it is seriously sweet. 

A full stat page can be seen here:

2. Mickey Clasp 


The Mickey Clasp is obtained after photographing all 90 lucky emblems, meaning you won’t be getting this until late game. It’s worth it though, as in addition to the medium stat boosts in strength and magic, you get two incredibly powerful magic abilities. MP Hastega is the strongest MP replenishment ability in the game, and Endless Magic enables you to string together magic combos without finishing moves ending them. You can do some serious damage with this, and if you’re a magic user you’ll definitely want to pair this with some MP boosts for maximum effect. 

Why Mickey Clasp is great: 

Decent strength and magic boostsTwin magic abilities mean you’ll become a magic using machineNo synthesis grinding required

A complete stat guide can be seen here:

1.Crystal Regalia


The number one spot on this list is of course the Crystal Regalia. Only one of these in the game, it is found after defeating Battlegate 14. It adds a huge boost of 5 to both your strength and magic, and 16 AP. This is the largest boost across all stats in one accessory in the game, and if you have the DLC with the game then it gets even better. After defeating the final DLC boss, you get access to the Crystal Regalia+, which has an even higher strength and magic boost of 6 and an AP increase of a massive 25. Both versions of the Crystal Regalia come with MP Hastega, meaning you can put that heightened magic stat to good use and fire off spell after spell. 

Why Crystal Regalia is great: 

Has a large boost in strength and magic Adds a lot of AP for more abilitiesHas the rare MP Hastega ability

A full stat breakdown can be found here:

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