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Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items

Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items

Katarina URF is one of the most popular and powerful champions in League of Legends.

The problem with the katarina urf build is that it’s hard to play. You can’t just pick up a champion and start playing it well, especially when you’re trying to use a new set of runes and masteries for the first time.

Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items
Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items

We’ve made an easy to follow Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items on how to play this champion using our rune/mastery setup so you can get started right away! No more frustration or confusion about what items are best or where your points should go in order to maximize your effectiveness as a player.

Best Build for Katarina in URF

This game mode is a fan favorite and there are many reasons why! You don’t have to consume any mana or energy when casting spells, all champion abilities have 80% cooldown reduction on them. Additionally, they also get 25% tenacity (resistance against crowd control), 60 movement speed bonuses for melee champs vs ranged ones at 100%. Critical strikes deal an extra 25% damage as well so be sure not miss out this cool extra bonus feature in ULTRARAPID FIRE.

Today we will discuss the Might of Katarina, our favorite knife-wielding girl from Noxus. We’re going to be talking about viable rune and item sets that may help turn you into an unstoppable killing machine in URF!

Keystone Runes – Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items

Keystone Runes - Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items
Keystone Runes – Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items

Dark Harvest

With the Dark Harvest Keystone rune, Katarina’s Q is much more powerful and she can attack from range. This makes it easy to cut down an enemy champion without having them retaliate back on you with their own abilities!

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Katarina’s passive ability, Dark Harvest is a powerful attack that deals additional damage when her health bar is below fifty percent. She can also activate this skill at any time to gain five stacks for herself and increase the effectiveness on each hit of keystone rune which has an effect similar to Nidalee’s Leap Strike in terms of how much damage she does with just one cast-time animation! This makes Katarina quite dangerous if played correctly during team fights since you’ll be able get off some nasty strikes before times run out while still being sustainsible due oher high defense stats from Unseen Defender.


Electrocute can be useful if you’re looking to trade in short amounts of time. It’s also a great option for more aggressive players who want an escape or burst damage opener, and have confidence that it will kill opponents before they get the chance react. You should weave your abilities together so as not give enemies much chance when using this technique; then again with how quickly I’m doing all my stuff – there shouldn’t really ever need too many windows!


Conqueror is a rune that increases your trading capability, giving you bonus adaptive force which turns into ability power. At full stacks of this passive skill the user also heals with auto-attacks in combat! This can be quite empowering when fighting longer or more evenly matched fights but if going for bursty gameplay styles don’t bother stacking up on Conquerers at all since it could backfire by making you miss out on critical hits due to not having enough Magical Penetration percentage needed for applying skills like Frozen Mallet AP carry’s ultimate.

Phase Rush

Kwiksilver’s Katarina is an expert at escaping and dodge skillshots. She can use phase rush to gain 40%-60% additional movement speed, which will be helpful for getting away from slows or dodging attacks in fights while also providing 75%. This keystone gives her more opportunities that are less cooldown than other summoner spells allowing you take advantage by utilizing one whenever possible!

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Items – Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items

Items - Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items
Items – Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items

Hextech Gunblade

Katarina’s Hextech Gunblade is an excellent weapon for catching up to escaping enemies. The reduced cooldown allows her to use it often, and the ability heal off of any damage dealt in game modes makes Kat a bit more survivable too!

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap is a necessary item for Katarina as it provides 120 ability power and an additional 40% — this means that she will be able to dish out even more damage with her abilities.

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Sorcerers shoes are like an insurance policy for your carry. This little item provides some magic penetration that will help you get those first few hits off strong and maybe even surprise an opponent with its power! You can swap it out if the situation calls for more utility, but at six items this is likely unnecessary so keep a pair handy just in case.

Void Staff

Katarina’s Void Staff is an excellent item, with 70 ability power and 40% magic penetration. Remember that the more your opponent builds resistance to these types of abilities – like Diana’s skillset- the stronger this staff becomes!


The Morellonomicon is a good item for Katarina because it provides flat magic penetration and Grievous Wounds, which means that she will be able to deal with enemies much easier. With the high level healing in this game as well as sustain skills like Liandry’s amountsing them out quickly before they can do any significant damage villain healer of darius.

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya’s Hourglass is a great item for those who want to play it safe and not take any unnecessary risks, especially in close quarters combat. The ability power will help your basic attacks do more damage while also providing armor against enemy champions that have strong physical retaliation abilities like Katarina or Riven’s Disimpact Strike.

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Liandry’s Torment and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Liandry’s Torment and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter are also viable options. Still, if you only have space for one item it might be better to prioritize Liandry with its passive that increases damage the more stacks of madness she has active which would allow Katarina deal up to an additional 10% against slowed or immobilized enemies; this is where using a scepter such as Ryali will come handy since her whip can slow targets making them easier prey in combat while simultaneously dealing some pretty hefty blows!

If all other factors being equal then I personally choose my enchantments on ranged weapons over melee ones because doing significant amounts of reduced physical DPS but still having access through talents like Demolish (Q). Katarina doesn’t have any slows and other crowd control abilities in her kit, so you’ll need Rylai’s to fully bring out the power of Liandry’s Torment.

URF provides a rare chance to absolutely style on enemies with Katarina, and while the builds, in general, aren’t that much different – she still has some wacky uses for stats like armor or magic resistances.

Katarina is a champion that can be played in many different ways. Her skillset allows her to have high burst damage or sustained damage, depending on the player’s itemization and rune choice. It’s important to consider what type of game you want to play when picking up this champion so there are no surprises down the road. We hope Katarina URF Build Guide, Runes, Items will help you become just as fearsome with Katarina as she is!

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