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Kaisa Manamune Build – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

Kaisa Manamune Build - A Complete Guide 2021 - Season 11

Kai’sa is a very strong champion in League of Legends. She has great mobility, damage output and survivability. But you have to play her right or she can be easily countered by a good team composition.

Kai’Sa is one of the most fun champions in LoL but it’s hard to master her kit because there are so many ways to build her that all depend on your playstyle and situation you’re playing against. We’ve put together this guide as an easy way for new players to learn how to build Kaisa Manamune correctly from the start without having too much trouble learning how she works. If you want more advanced builds check out our other guides!

Kaisa Manamune Build - A Complete Guide 2021 - Season 11
Kaisa Manamune Build – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

This guide will show you everything about Kaisa Manamune Build – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11, including runes, items, spells and abilities. You’ll also find tips on what matchups work well with each build strategy as well as some common mistakes that people.

How to play Manamune Kai’Sa?

The Manamune is an item that you should buy with the intention of getting it to stack as soon and far away from your Icathian Rain ability. Once stacked, Muramana will give incredible stats for a short period in which time makes even more killing machines than before!

Abilities of Manamune Kai’Sa?

Ability order: Killer Instinct (R) >Icathian Rain (Q) >Void Seeker (W) >Supercharge (E)

Going Hybrid is a great way to maximise your damage output and utility. Maxing Void Seeker (W) will allow you spam more spells without worrying about mana, while also dealing additional damage with the new Manamune enhancement! You’ll find that going this route helps greatly in situations where Killer Instinct isn’t available such as if enemies have crowd control or deal high amounts of magic damage against champions like Tryndamere who relies heavily on autoattacks for his kill pressure; but don’t worry because Rylai’s Crystal Scepter gives him some protection from these sources by slowing them down significantly allowing him time use items before dying again so he can get back into fighting shape quickly- all at no cost except maybe 20 minutes.

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Items of Kaisa Manamune – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

Items of Kaisa Manamune - A Complete Guide 2021 - Season 11
Items of Kaisa Manamune – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

The best items in League of Legends are all about being the most powerful. The Power-spikes allow you to jump higher than other players and with these four fantastic pickups, it’s hard for your enemies not be afraid of getting close enough! These will make sure that even when there is a fight going on around them or if they know someone else has taken up arms against their opponent first; characters can still get those sweet kills thanks to devastating power spikes like Zhonya’s Hourglass + Guardian Angel Combo which allows users immunity from dying–making them unkillable killing machines indeed!.

NOTE: One of the biggest mistakes that players do while playing Manamune build is going for Tear of Goddess as their first item. Kai’Sa’s goal is to evolve her ability faster and not stack on it, so going with Pickaxe instead will give you extra damage early on in order beat your enemies down before they can get too far ahead!

Runes of Kaisa Manamune – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

Runes of Kaisa Manamune - A Complete Guide 2021 - Season 11
Runes of Kaisa Manamune – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

Primary : Press the Attack >Triumph >Legend: Bloodline
Secondary : Magical Footwear & Biscuit Delivery
Stats: Armor helps with damage reduction and movement speed to help you stay away from Enemys’ Attacks for more hits on them! It’s great for tanking, but can also be used as a secondary weapon if your main one isn’t doing much damage.

Most of the best rune sets for Kai’Sa are currently PTA-based, giving you a high chance to proc Press The Attack and making it easy to output damage. Bloodline provides Life Steal that’s missing from her kit while Magical Footwear helps with boots building speedily in lane; Biscuit Delivery will keep your sustain up so she can stick around as long as possible!

The Hail of Blades rune page is perfect for when you want to win in the Early Game but it becomes completely useless towards late game. The Taste of Blood + Ravenous Hunter + Legend: Bloodline combination will help keep your health high and replenish any lost life steal, so that by then all hope isn’t lost!

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Press the Attack is a mid to late game rune and Hail of Blades is an early opener. The best way for you, as a player who wants their kit from day one be more powerful than others in lane phase but also have access to some crowd control abilities likeolation or stuns when needed can go with either Press-atk page which would give them pure damage output throughout all stages if there’s someone stronger than themselves out there that they need win against even earlier on during battles.

Stormrazor vs Manamune Kai’Sa

The answer to why Manamune is better than Stormrazor on Kai’Sa has a simple solution. It’s cheaper and helps you achieve your Icathian Rain (Q) evolve much faster with 800g of items, while still letting this happen when using the champion as well as any other champions in League without having an expensive item like that needed for SR-0s stats or cost effectiveness which would take away from what we want out of buying anything else but crit chance first if it isn’t even useful!

The reasoning behind choosing between two very different Items such as Ruby Ring vs Giant Axe comes down mostly how they correlate together inside game play: whether one will make us stronger early game against weaker enemies.

In a way, this is like getting an extra weapon for your champion. Not only are you able to choose from different builds but also because each evolution of Kai’Sa’s abilities boosts her power in different ways and at varying degrees depending on what type of build she opts into when evolving them – these changes can lead enemies players off guard as they might not expect the spikes coming out during any given round!

The Muramana items for Kai’Sa are better than Stormrazor in the late game because of their passive. The extra mana allows users to spam abilities freely without worrying about cost, which can be helpful when your team needs damage output fast and you’re not sure how much gold they have on hand yet!

Kai’Sa Synergies

Kai’Sa and Alistar

Kai’Sa and Alistar
Kai’Sa and Alistar

Alistar is one of the best supports to play with Kai’Sa because almost all his abilities apply her passive stack, making it much easier for Kai’sa burst into an opponent. Alistars CC also keeps enemies locked in place while giving you just enough time on your own attacks or combos against other players so that they don’t get away easily!

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Kai’Sa and Blitzcrank

Kai’Sa and Blitzcrank
Kai’Sa and Blitzcrank

Like Alistar, Blitzcrank too applies Kai’Sa’s Passive stacks with almost all of his abilities making it faster to proc her passive and burst enemies down. With a quick Hook + Chain you can easily take out one target before they know what hit them!

Kai’Sa and Sona

Kai’Sa and Sona
Kai’Sa and Sona

With a perfect mix of utility and damage, Sona is the best Support for Kai’Sa. With Q giving her even more strikes in combat to deal out while W providing invaluable support with healing capabilities that will keep you alive longer than ever before- not only this but R also makes landing all those abilities easy as pie!

Potential Pitfalls

Lower Early Game Damage

Kaids’ power falls off after about 20 minutes of not owning an item that synergizes with her kit.
Oftentimes, players will buy the pick axe for Manamune before getting Tear in order to give themselves some distance from their opponents who have better late game potential than earlier levels on Kai’s alpha Strike (attacks). However this relegates them as being weaker during those first few moments without a BF sword because most laners can easily outlast playing against someone armed only one-handed weapons like daggers or rapiers.

Weaker Single Item Power Spike

With the change to two power spikes in Stormrazor, it can be difficult for some players who are used to smashing down enemies with their early spike. Those who like playing more carefully might find themselves struggling a little bit before getting accustomed but eventually will get adjusted once they understand how much more skillful this new way of play actually is!

Overall, the Manamune build is a win-win situation for Kai’Sa and she definitely has the most potential upside in terms of damage. Kaisa Manamune Build is an excellent choice for players who are looking to get into the game. It will provide you with a good starting point and help introduce you to all of the different aspects that make this game so fun!

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